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    Town's Finest (Solo Job)


    Town's Finest (Solo Job) Empty Town's Finest (Solo Job)

    Post by Guest 16th December 2017, 6:04 pm


    Diana was never a fan of wine. Her parents drank it, her father drank it, but she was personally never into it. A hand in that might have been the fact that her mother was also a raging drunk and whenever she drank it would spell trouble out for Diana and her father.

    Anyways, this was relevant to today as she had taken a job offer that had just required her to test out some wine. Why would she take this offer if she had hated wine, you might be asking. Well that’s because she was short on money. Actually, short would be an overstatement. She was dead broke, and needed some cash quickly and was willing to cast aside her preferences to get paid. And hey, it was free for her.

    So it was roughly noon when Diana had shown up to the restaurant listed on the flyer. By just looking at the place, it was obvious that someone like her should not have been here. The place was fancy and over the top, with Diana looking ragidy and poor. Well, that last part was true, but still, it was place that she didn’t feel like she belonged. And despite that fact, she opened the front door without hesitation.

    The establishment was closed; them being catered to breakfast and dinner meals so there was no reason for them to be open and thus there were no people there. The front section that one would see when they first enter the dining room, a giant room with a bunch of empty table and seats, with a small section in the front where a hostess would normally be, but wasn’t. The lights were off so the entire place was somewhat dark, but was countered by the light coming from the back and the sun beaming through the large glass windows that lined the two front walls. Slowly, Diana approached the source of light coming from inside the building, seemingly coming from the kitchen.

    Inside was a very large man, round like a ball, sporting no hair on his head and a quite hefty sized moustache. He was large in a height sense, looking to be about 6 to 7 feet tall and had a very muscular build. His brown eyes met with Diana’s as she entered the room.

    “Ah! You must be the mage! How do I know? You have a very magical look to you.” He grinned as he finished his sentence. His voice was loud and booming, causing the whole room to shake whenever he talked. Diana stared at him in awe before waving and nodding, showing that his assumption was correct.

    “You look smaller than I imagined you to be, but what the hell! I’m the runner of this fine establishment, Daino. You know what you’re here for.” He takes a step to his right and gestures to the 5 glasses behind him, all filled to the brim with wine. All of them were a different color, some clear while another is a bright red. Knowing what she had to do, Diana slowly started drinking the wine and giving out her verdict on each.
    “The first one is strong, very strong. The second…. Is a tad bitter, the flavor hits you way too hard.” The man nodded and scribbled some notes down on a piece of paper. “Third is too weak, can barely taste the alcohol, hell I don’t even know if you put some in or not. Number four is mediocre, and five….. five is great!” The man nodded in agreement and pride when Diana finally finished  to last of the batch. It was true, the last cup tasted amazing, or at least by her standards.

    Anyways, since she was basically done with her job, Diana decided to take her leave, saying goodbye to the man who ran the place before walking out of the front door.

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