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    Setting Sail


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    Setting Sail Empty Setting Sail

    Post by Believer 4th August 2021, 8:48 am

    This wasn't really Tad's idea of a fun job, but since arriving in Hargeon Town, he was a bit short on cash and this seemed like a rather easy job. Sure, it was menial labor and any scrub could do it, but if Tad wanted to eat tonight, this was the easiest and quickest job he could find. He squatted next to a wooden crate and placed his hands near the bottom, before standing up. The ship's captain had told him to lift with his legs, so that's what Tad was doing. It was pretty heavy, he had to admit, but he was also fully aware that he wasn't the strongest mage. His combat tactics usually revolved around speed and his knives, not physically out powering his opponents. He waddled, at least it felt like waddling with how he had to walk while the crate hindered his legs' movements, into the ship's cargo bay and set the crate next to the others. He stood back up, wiping the sweat from his forehead. It had only been like 20 feet from the cart onto the ship, but the ship also blocked the winds from the sea.

    "You better pick up the pace or you'll get a smaller cut!" said one of the other people who'd answered the ad for workers. He had already carried three crates in and didn't seem to be slowing down in the least bit, meanwhile Tad was taking a breather after just one crate. But one thing he had pride in about himself was his speed and this guy had just insulted his pace, so this meant war.

    "Worry about yourself," he spat out as he began rushing back to the crates. Utilizing his Boosty Boots as well as his magic's ability to move at higher speeds allowed him to move faster than most people. The crates were still heavy, but Tad was moving much quicker than the other workers. He shook his arms on each return trip to the crates, but he managed to keep up with the others in a suitable fashion.

    Once all the crates were loaded, the workers all hopped aboard the ship as it set sail for River Village. "After that first crate, I didn't think you were going to make it," the middle aged man said to Tad as he smacked him on the back. "Pleasantly surprised to find out I was wrong," he added with a friendly smile.

    "Not gonna lie, that was the hardest work I've done in ages." The two laughed, as they attempted to regain some of their strength before they arrived and had to unload all the crates that they'd just loaded. Luckily, it was a decent distance which gave Tad a decent chance to rest.

    A couple hours later, with his jacket removed and his sleeves rolled up, Tad and the other workers were back in the cargo bay moving crates out to another cart. This time, Tad had to lift the crates up to a man on a cart, who then pulled the crate high enough and secured them to the cart. It was back breaking work, but after an hour, they were all done.
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