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    The pirate sets sail

    Julius Seas
    Julius Seas

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    The pirate sets sail Empty The pirate sets sail

    Post by Julius Seas on 8th November 2016, 8:17 am


    Julius packed his final belongings. A tear rolled down his cheek but he quickly wiped it away with the sleeve of his pirate coat. He looked at the time with his pocket watch. squable landed in front of Julius. Julius-kun... We don't have to leave... Julius is sorry Squable... But Julius has to do this. Julius walked to the door of his room and looked at it one final time. Are you coming along Squable? Julius asked. The parrot flew towards him and rested on his shoulder. He closed his door an locked it leaving the key in the lock.

    On the way to the hall Julius still had troubles with navigating. When he finally arrived downstairs he looked at the tavern like hall and noticed that it was as loud and joyful like always. Julius walked up to the bar and gave a letter to one of the waitresses and asked if she could give it the guildmaster. With that being done Julius walked to the entrance and tears became to roll down his cheeks.


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