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    Girls Night Out of Their Minds [Vera]


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    Girls Night Out of Their Minds [Vera] Empty Girls Night Out of Their Minds [Vera]

    Post by Dela 10th June 2021, 5:12 am

    "That elephant looks particularly threatening," Dela said as if it was the most normal thing to say in the world. Her voice was light and almost musical. Her eyes were large with blown out pupils, like a cat about to murder some sparkly Christmas lights.

    The street she and Vera were walking was basically Nightlife Alley, filled with tons of people looking for a good time. The neon lights were largely contained within the clubs themselves, but the blonde was seeing them outside in the streets, rimming every single source of light. They also shined on the strangely ominous elephant crafted of neon pink and green tubes floating somewhere over her head.

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