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    Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls bring heaven to you~


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    Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls bring heaven to you~ Empty Good girls go to heaven, Bad girls bring heaven to you~

    Post by Lilith 29th November 2019, 6:02 am

    I can be your sugar when you're fiendin' for that sweet spot
    Put me in your mouth, baby, and eat it 'til your teeth rot
    Lilith Kadokawa

    Sex was her weapon.

    She knew it, they knew it. Her skills were seductive, manipulative, an enticing combination of her body and her abilities. She could get people to talk, collect information, gather secrets. Which is why when she specialised in the Rune Knights, she had chosen the Spec Ops. It seemed to be the perfect place to make use of her skills, and yet here she was on her first mission for them.

    Dressed as a fucking nun.

    Not a sexy nun either, the only skin showing was her face and hands. The rest of her smooth, oh-so-biteable skin covered by black and white fabric. Concealed. On top of which, she had been placed under strict instructions not to flirt with any members of the clergy. It was ridiculous. It was like her superiors didn't even know who she was, how she worked, how her magic worked. She had all these skills in her arsenal, and she couldn't even use them. It was frustrating, how was she supposed to show her superiors what she was really capable of when she was being reduced to a fucking normie. Needless to say, she was pissed.

    But still, she had at least enough acting ability to hide it convincingly, smiling in the most innocent and polite way she could manage as one of her fellow 'sisters' introduced her to the vicar. She bowed her head, "Blessed to make your acquaintance Father." Her voice was soft, civil and in not way playful. He looked down at her speculatively, the lines of his face deepening slightly as he scowled. It was a small compensation, but at least the people here weren't especially attractive so she wasn't missing out on that front either. Lili's emerald eyes darted over to the various clergymen and women, attempting to pick up on anything particularly useful. Amongst the individuals, was a predator, perhaps even more than one of them. Victims tended to be young women, virginal and pure. Lili wondered if this had been the reason they'd told her not to flirt, to appear innocent. Although she wasn't exactly within the right age bracket of the targets preferred victims. She was likely eight to ten years too old for them, but still, she had a young face. Maybe they would settle for her, it was one way to lure them out. But first, she needed to develop trust, and settle in first. One of the older nuns gently placed her hand on her shoulder, "Come Sister Lily, let me show you your living quarters."


    Four days had passed, and Lilith had settled into quite the routine. Wake at six, morning prayer with the sisters, get washed up and dressed, breakfast with the clergy, followed by morning service and daily communion. This was followed by a small tea break, before the late morning service, after which there was a meeting which involved counting the collection and discussing matters of the church. Then they were allowed a recess, some sisters would get lunch, read or even indulge in a little television. Although the programming was severe strict, only shows or movies certified by the senior pastor. There was also a time during the day where visitors would come to the church and the nuns would have to be readily available to aid them, these tasks were quite diverse. Talking to grieving families, praying for those who were struggling, providing council, feeding the hungry, looking after children whilst their folks went off for some work. Then there was dinner, followed by evening service. Which went on until finally, washing up for the evening, prayer with the other sister and bed. It was all very pure and charitable work.

    And incredibly dull.

    Lilith hadn't noticed anything out of the ordinary since coming here, the nuns were sickeningly good and devote to their following of god. The senior pastor was actually kind of gruff and standoffish, the assistant pastor was pretty friendly, although not at all inappropriate and some of the others she barely had spoken to. Normally in such cases with a case, Lili got the impression it was usually the priest or pastor involved, but Lilith didn't get that feeling here. They were pretty strict about such things, she had been watching and listening yet not once had she heard one 'suspicious' conversation. Although she did learn that one of the younger nuns had a secret phone and was flirting with the village baker in secret, although that was hardly a scandal worthy of the Rune Knights knowledge. There was however one angle she could play, the church's custodian. Jacob was a nice guy, in his late thirties, single and shy. Lili had occasionally caught him watching her, admiring her. It wasn't much, but perhaps she could get him to talk somehow, to give something away.

    At noon, she headed out into the church grounds, their meeting was over and everyone had been dismissed. Meaning she had some free time before the nuns would wonder where she was. She hurried over the flowerbeds, he would be passing through here shortly to tend to the flowers as he always did. She kneeled down amongst the tulips, sitting as though in quiet reflection. She felt better outside, for some reason she always felt a little on edge in the church. She wasn't sure what it was, but she had a feeling it had something to do with it being incompatible with her magic. It didn't feel great on the grounds, but at least she felt like she could breathe better. On cue, he rounded the corner, garden shears in hand. He froze when he saw her, taken aback. She looked up at him, smiling sweetly. "Blessed day Jacob." He looked around for a moment, an action she didn't miss. Was he not supposed to interact with her? After which he looked back at her, offering an awkward smile. "B-blessed day S-sister." She nodded before turning her gaze to the tulips.

    "They are wonderful aren't they, such pretty colours. I have such a fascination with beautiful things." She told him, reaching out, and touching one of the bright buds of the purple tulip. Jacob stepped closer, "Yeah, M-me too." She didn't realise he had a stutter, he was more skittish than she expected, his eyes glancing around once more, his fingers twitching slightly. It made her curious. She moved her hand across the flower patch, finding the empty space that had yet to be filled.

    "I wonder what's going to go here, I just love watching flowers come into bloom. There little buds peeking out, shut tight, waiting to blossom and become something ... magnificent." She breathed the last part, her emerald eyes looking up to meet his. She would catch it, His gaze. She knew it well; hungry. She said nothing, staring up at him with her innocent facade. Was Jacob the predator? That look, that need. He wanted something. Something he wasn't supposed to want. "I can show you...." He said it, quietly, barely louder than a whisper. She didn't miss that, no stutter there.

    "Show me?" She asked, feigning uncertainty. He kneeled down moving in closer, whispering now, as though talking about something entirely inappropriate. "The buds, we're growing them in the toolshed before we plant them, you can see them....if you like." She blinked, hiding her excitement. Was this it? Was the toolshed where it happened?

    "That would be wonderful." She replied ina earnest tone, before climbing to her feet. Jacob would stand too, and together the two of them would stroll across the grounds towards the tool shed. Lilith glanced out of the corner of her eye, noticed Jacob had pulled out his phone. She tried to read the message but he had the phone at an angle, putting it quickly back in his pocket as the message was sent. As they arrive, Jacob would open the door.  "After you." She nodded, stepping inside, she glanced around the dusty wooden shack. Just as she expected, not a bud in sight. She whirled around quickly.

    Just in time for the shovel to smash into her skull.


    Her eyelids peeled open, she wheezed on the dust that filled her throat. Coughing slightly, she tried to straighten up. But quickly found the chains that bound her wrists and legs wouldn't allow that. Her eyes flew open, taking in where she was. She was tied down on a concrete slab in little more than her underwear, she glanced down at her stomach. Fortunately, the magic she'd used to conceal her Rune Knights emblem was still active, but this didn't change the fact she was chained to a rock table. As she looked around she determined that she was underground, perhaps in the church basement. She could also sense that she still had access to her magic, which meant that Jacob hadn't figured out she was a mage. This worked greatly in her favour. "She's a little older than they prefer." The voice came from outside the room, definately not Jacob's voice either, it was muffled but she still recognised it as one of the sisters she'd spent quite some time with over the past few days. "It's fine, our customers will enjoy her all the same. Good work Jacob?" There was another voice that wasn't Jacobs, the assistant pastor Eddie. Then finally Jacob spoke, his nervous stutter back. "Thanks Ed,  I-i-i wouldn't mind at-turn too. I have some s-savings-"

    "Yes Jacob, of course, but perhaps after we've auctioned off her virginity. That's what our customers ask for, then you're more than welcome to pay for a turn." He said, it was baffling to listen to. Eddie was such an all-around nice guy, yet here he was talking about sex trafficking so casually. Lilith quickly put it together in her head, so it wasn't just one person but several. This wasn't a simple 'sexual abuse' case, but an organised crime involving the kidnapping of young women who were virgins. From the sound of it, they were selling their innocence. It was gross but there must of been a market for perverts who took pleasure in popping cherries, alot of which were probably of the pedophilic nature. "Are you sure Pastor John didn't see you take her? You know he's already suspicious what with the other girls having gone missing, and I feel like Sister Sophia might have let something slip to him." The sister asked nervously, this told Lili what she hadn't known. The tip to the Rune Knights had been anonymous, it must have come from the head pastor.  "It's fine, he is as clueless as ever. Come, we need to get some snapshots of her to show our customers," Lili quickly relaxed against the slab, pretending to still be unconscious as the three entered the room once more. "Hmm, she certainly is attractive, it's just a shame she isn't more childlike." In her head, Lilith was screaming, but she held back, her magic waiting to spring into action any second now. She felt them come closer, adjusting her arms and legs to put her in a more appealing position for the photo. She allowed her body to remain floppy, like an unconcious person, hoping none of them would pick up the fact she was actually awake."Are you certain she's a virgin?"

    "I-i think so..." Jacob replied, the sister let out a loud sigh of frustration,  "I'll check." Lili could hear her approach,she could only imagine what this 'checking' would entail after a moment the woman's calloused fingers were at the hemline of her underwear. It was at this point, she couldn't wait any longer. Her magic activated and chains of shadow suddenly burst forth from Lilith's body, wrapping themselves around each of the three in the room. "Whew, that was close, lemme tell ya when I took this job I didn't sign up to play finger puppet to some nasty crone." She droned, in her normal voice, a wave of magic burst from Lilith's body, causing the chains binding her to disintegrate. She sat upon the slab, crossing one leg over another, she beamed at the assistant pastor. "Sooo, aunctioning off nuns virginities huh? How does one get into that line of work? Aren't you guys supposed to be in service to god right? I don't remember anywhere in the bible saying something like, 'thou shall selleth virginal snatch' then again I didn't read alot of the bible. Or any of it actually, always gives me a migraine."

    "Imposter, this isn't a nun!" Eddie hissed at Jacob, trying to yank free of the magical chains only to wince as they tightened. "Yeah I'm not, not a virgin either. So your buddy really misread that one. Oh are those a bit tight, doesn't feel nice, does it? I can't imagine all the innocent girls you've chained up in here enjoyed it either. So you're going to tell me, exactly how many victims have fallen to your little scheme, how many of the clergy are involved and all the names of your clients." She listed off each one with her fingers, smiling at him quite casually as she did so.  She glanced at the others, who said nothing, they glanced at each other, clearly trying to figure out a way out of this situation. "Oh did I forget to mention that if you don't tell me what I need to know these chains are going to keep getting tighter and tighter. you'll either suffocate or have your heads torn completely off, I haven't got the best handle on them just yet sooo..." She added with a playful giggle.

    About an hour later, Lilith was dressed once more, no longer in the underground basement of the church, but standing outside the church whilst her fellow Rune Knights took away the perps she had arrested. She had gotten a confession without really trying that hard, a little squeeze and all of them had sung like birds. She stood next to the Senior Pastor, who finally looked happy about something since she'd got there. "Thank you, Lily, for putting a stop to this, it sickens me to know that this was happening under the roof of our lord. I only wish I could've done something myself." Lilith shrugged, she understood why he hadn't gotten involved, "You did the right thing, if you had involved yourself they could have trapped you underground and then this would've gone on unpunished. At least this way, there won't be any more victims and you can focus on reforming your church and filling it with you know, good people. Now, if you excuse me, I'm getting out of here. I'd say being a nun was nice, but that would be lying and if I'm going to sin I'd rather not do it here." She said with a wave she stalked away from the church, wondering that if doing this good thing for god would offer her a free pass for all the sinning she planned to do tonight. Probably not, but it was a nice thought.

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