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    What the Girls Want

    Vandrad Ragnos
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    What the Girls Want Empty What the Girls Want

    Post by Vandrad Ragnos 13th March 2019, 9:41 pm

    Laws exist only for those who cannot live without clinging to them.

    You must think you’re real clever – calling yourself God, Ogimen chuckled from deep within Kido’s soul.

    "Least likely person to have a Hell Knight within his soul if you ask me,” the younger man explained, his voice lowered so others couldn’t hear him.

    Aye, I suppose. I wouldn’t have thought of that.

    "Of course you wouldn’t have – that’s why you’re with me in the first place. You’re the brawn, I’m the brains.” Even before he finished his words, he could feel the Hell Knight’s anger brimming deep within him. He’d offended the brutish demon, clearly. He held up a finger before the furious thoughts could plague his mind. "Remember, this is for the benefit of the both of us. Together we’ll gain more power than we could ever do so apart. So do me a favor and quell that anger – I haven’t the time to listen to you prattle on.”

    The heat of the demon’s anger resonated deep for a few more solid seconds before it slowly began to fade. Mouthy little punk, aren’t you?

    "I speak because I know I’m right,” Kido brushed away the insult without much consideration. He was just passing by a small alleyway when he spotted something that gave him pause. He glanced off in the direction of dark valley between the buildings, his eyes resting on a piece of parchment nailed to the brick. He wouldn’t have noticed it were it not for the bright pink paper. Glancing in each direction, he adjusted his direction and walked down the alleyway until he was standing before the letter. He pulled it down and flipped it open, breezing over the words swiftly.

    Unholy Alliance of Angry Ex-Girlfriends. What a pile of shit, the Hell Knight grumbled, shaking his spiritual head.

    "Yes, the name is certainly leaving much to be desired but… this is an opportunity,” Kido said as he folded the paper up and pocketed it.


    "The chance to earn some quick jewel. Though we can’t exactly go around doing such heinous acts without some semblance of surreptitiousness.” Even as he spoke, Kido was mentally preparing his route. The letter had asked whoever stumbled upon it to beat up and slander their ex-boyfriend; a man who had slept around and caused them all heartache. While Kido felt no remorse for their damaged love lives, he knew that to get anywhere in Fiore, he would need jewel. The address of the ex had been printed right on the letter for him, and he was quickly moving to the streets, where he asked the nearest storekeeper where he could find the location.

    As he continued on his way, Ogimen spoke up. What does that word mean, surrepti- serridio-

    "Furtive. Clandestine. Covert,” Kido listed off the synonyms, dumbing it down for his demonic roommate.

    Oh. Stealthy shit. I was never a fan of that.

    "Imagine my surprise,” Kido remarked, the barest hints of a smirk on his face.

    So you want to… what, hide in the shadows and take him from behind?

    "That and keep my features hidden. Last thing we need is the man detailing my face and bounty hunters connecting it to Kido Gaho.” He passed by a small stall outside a store, advertising scarves on sale due to the approaching spring. With a quick glance and some swift handwork, he managed to pull off a plain black one without the notice of the shopkeeper in the window and kept on.

    Why not just kill him?

    "Letter explicitly demands that he not be killed. And doing so will also attract attention, both from the disappearance and the confessions of the lovelorn women. Best to abide by the rules,” Kido turned the corner and found the apartment he was looking for, sitting on top of a store. He dipped back behind the corner as he spotted a man fitting the letter’s description standing at the base of the apartment, talking on some device. In the midst of his conversation, he turned and walked down the alleyway between the two buildings, which was dark and seemingly abandoned.

    Kido moved quick. In one swift motion, he wrapped the scarf around his face, hiding his features save for his eyes. He dashed across the street, his Midian training allowing him to move without any utterance of sound. He came upon the man’s back, grabbing him by the head and slamming his entire body into the brick of the building beside him. The phone crunched loudly against the wall and the man’s ear, his mouth opening to cry out in pain. But Kido’s other hand came around and slammed over his mouth, muting the pained scream from any ears nearby. He stepped forward and then kicked back, snapping the man’s leg in the opposite, wrong direction. Three punches were placed along his side, damaging the ex-boyfriend’s liver and cracking two ribs. He then slammed the ex into the wall once more, knocking him out cold.

    A broken leg, a few broken ribs, plastic chunks ripping up his ear and certainly a concussion. That would equate to beating him up. Kido took hold of the man and dragged him toward the end of the alleyway, while also grabbing a garbage can as he passed by it. He placed the can and pulled out the bag of trash while also setting the man so he leaning up against the empty canister. One easy rip later and the trash came crashing down on the unconscious man, covering him in filth. The final touch was taking a used condom that had fallen out from the bag and placing it directly on his nose.

    You know… death would have been a kinder punishment. Ogimen said as he observed the scene. And for once, Kido allowed himself a small smirk as he walked down the alley, leaving the man there to be discovered.




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