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Cosmos Above


Cosmos Above Empty Cosmos Above

Post by viv 4th June 2021, 2:33 pm

Cosmos Above 2reNBAS

In the country of Ransei, a region nearly destroyed by the Catastrophe, Pokémon and human alike wonder just what is in store for their future. Will they rebuild with their newfound hybridizations or will they take this as an opportunity for adventure? Either way, they must contend with sinister forces and themselves if they want to make it in this altered world.

Cosmos Above is a 16+ Pokémon site built on personal stories and growth. We take a more RPG approach to mechanics, favoring story over canon game accuracy. Check out our [URL="http://cosmosabove.rf.gd/pages.php?page=guidebook"]guidebook[/url] or [URL="https://discord.gg/cnvyN3ZRDf"]Discord[/url] if you're interested!

[URL="http://cosmosabove.rf.gd"]home[/url] • [URL="http://cosmosabove.rf.gd/pages.php?page=guidebook"]guidebook[/url] • [URL="http://cosmosabove.rf.gd/showthread.php?tid=9"]advertisements[/url] • [URL="https://discord.gg/cnvyN3ZRDf"]discord[/url]
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