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    Champion of Fate (W.I.P)

    Gilderoy D. Portgas
    Gilderoy D. Portgas

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    Champion of Fate (W.I.P) Empty Champion of Fate (W.I.P)

    Post by Gilderoy D. Portgas 1st May 2021, 6:49 pm

    Champion of Fate

    Wielder: Nicolas Protogenoi 
    Purchase Proof: (link to scroll purchase or trade)

    Centuries ago, when history was only recorded by those of heavenly or damned origins, there was a brief period in ancient history when the borders between different dimensions was extremely weak and nearly non-existent; during this period, the Gods battled with various monsters and demons to protect Earth-Land from foreign and alien entities. However, not all were contempt with the Gods rule, and the Primordial waged war with the Gods for control over Earth-land. The Primordials thought that the Gods were not fit to be the guardians of Earth-Land and sought to take back the world that was stolen from them. This war distracted the Gods and Primordials and allowed demons and monsters to roam Earth-Land nearly unchecked. That would be until a powerful human sorcerer, dedicated to the protection of humans and the pursuit of peace, rose from the turmoil and struggle of this dark age. The sorcerer would fight back against the hordes of unchecked demons and monsters, and brokered peace between the Gods and Primordials. This action would catch the attention of Chronos, the Protogenoi of time, and upon the sorcerer’s death; Chronos allowed him entry to his personal realm, where the sorcerer would observe the flow of history. Once every other century, or whenever the balance of the world has been upset, Chronos would allow the sorcerer to reincarnate into the mortal realm and bring balance and order to a chaotic world. The wielder of this lineage is the reincarnation of this once great and powerful sorcerer, destined to maintain the balance of the world and to pursue peace no matter the cost.

    -Inheritor of the Ancient Will: As the reincarnation of this ancient sorcerer, the wielder is able to gain access to the rare and ancient magical type that the ancient sorcerer once possessed. The user gains access to a new magic type called “Ancient Will” and can use this “Ancient Will” to make different types of magic. The increase in power and duration granted by this “Ancient Will” does not stack with other magic types that may have a similar ability to this magic. Likewise, the user’s primary magic must revolve around one of the following themes: time, space, the cosmos, the heavens, or divine (light) magic. The benefit levels for “Ancient Wil” is charted below: 

    • Solitary: +100% to spell speed and spell range+3 to max spell duration
    • Primary: +50% to spell speed and spell range. +2 to max spell duration
    • Auxiliary: +25% to spell speed and spell range. +1 to max spell duration.  


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