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    MYTHICAL SOUL: Phoenix

    Gilderoy D. Portgas
    Gilderoy D. Portgas

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    MYTHICAL SOUL: Phoenix Empty MYTHICAL SOUL: Phoenix

    Post by Gilderoy D. Portgas 30th April 2021, 12:05 pm

    MYTHICAL SOUL: Phoenix

    MYTHICAL SOUL: Phoenix 75effeeabdeca359b6c8db95a6ead917d40d734dd0ffae94ac7ccab5f820551f

    Magic Name: Mythical Soul- Phoenix
    Magic Type: ???
    Description:  Mythical Soul: Phoenix, is an ancient takeover magic that allows the user to transform into a phoenix partially or fully, while also granting the user the powers and abilities both magical and physical of one. The Phoenix can be found in various mythologies across the world and have been depicted and reinterpreted as many times as the famous mythological dragon. In a lot of cultures, the phoenix is associated with the sun and would combust upon its death, before being born again. In other cultures, the phoenix was known by other names and represented a multitude of different aspects and contained various spheres of influences. As the Fenghuang and Hō-ō, the phoenix was associated with fire, the sun, justice, obedience, fidelity, and the southern star constellation. The creature was considered to be the King of Birds, and resemble a combination of different avian animals namely- the head of a pheasant, the body of a mandarin duck, the tail of a peacock, the legs of a crane, the mouth of a parrot, and the wings of a swallow. Whatever the case, this magic grants the user the ability to assume the form of a phoenix shrouded in golden and blue flames known as the flames of retribution. The Flames of Retribution, continuously shrouds the user while assuming a partial or full transformation, almost like the feather of the phoenix are made from this mystical flame. The divine flame is said to judge those who touch it, and can hinder and aid those who are wicked and those who are good- meaning, it grants the user the ability to heal allies and burn opponents. Unfortunately, the transformations provided by this magic occasionally robs the user of function hands, for that reason, Nicolas has created a unique way of fighting that combines spell-casting with kick boxing.

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