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    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith]

    Noctis Rose
    Noctis Rose

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    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Empty Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith]

    Post by Noctis Rose 6th April 2021, 8:05 pm

    3 weeks ago...

    One of Natalia's servants had caught wind of an underground laboratory, there were whispers of unethical human experiments. On top of that there were reported missing children from near by cities and towns. Upon receiving this report Natalia, ordered one of her familiars to accompany her servant to further investigate the rumors. A week later the Natalia's servant returned with her familiar, they two had gathered intelligence about the underground lab and presented their findings to their master.

    "Upon our investigation we discovered that there was a pattern to the reports of the missing children... The ages of the missing children's are consistently from the ages of  9-12 years old, all of which have been noted to have a strong affinity for mage craft... these all children coincidentally are all orphans, no families, no relatives... we believe that these children were abducted as human livestock for human experimentations..." Natalia listened intently as a man in his 40's, his white hair slick back a deep scar on his left cheek. The man wore similar clothes to Natalia, white dress shirt, blacks tie, black slacks, black shoes, and matching black trench coat.

    "If you would turn your attention here my lady... the disappearance of the children were reported here.... and here... and here..." The man unrolled a map and began circling points on the map. Natalia watched silently with her golden gaze. "If we were to triangulate these sites.... they are all in equal distance here..." The man then began drawing lines from the circle meeting at one point. the map indicated that center was in the middle of a forest away from civilization. He moved his hand away preparing himself to continue on with his hypothesis, but before he could say a word Natalia spoke up.

    "And you believe at this convergence is where the laboratory is hidden..." Natalia calmly spoke her words, her cold gaze lifting from the map in order to meet the eyes of her servant.

    "Yes mam... I could not have said it better myself... so what are our orders?" Natalia's employee inquired as he folded his arms and patiently awaited for Natalia's commands.

    "Set the bait and the rats will come out...." Natalia mused as she walked around the table, her fingers tracing the smooth polished wood. Her hand stopped at a letter opener, her delicate fingers wrapped around the blade and lifted it up. Natalia gazed at the blades sheen as she made her way around back to the map.

    "I shall summon one of my servants... he will take the appearance of a child around the age of 10... I need you to forge his documents... make a history for him... include in his medical records his high aptitude with the arcane... leave him in an orphanage at one of sites where there were abductions..." Natalia began to explain as she fiddled with the letter opener, she snapped her fingers and the shadows behind her began to writhe and move about. From the darkness a blood shot eye opened, then another eye opened then another then another, the shadows curved revealing countless of smiling mouths all sporting a sadistic grin adorned with razor sharp teeth.

    "I'll have my summon... display his ... magical abilities... we wait.... once he's abducted... anonymously send a portion of the information gathered to the orphanage... make sure they report this... then once this requests reaches my guild, I will then personally take this job... I want this done asap Jackal" Natalia began to unfold her plan as a smile curled upon her lips enhancing her unsettling and unworldly beauty. The shadows shifted like amass of black centipedes. The countless eyes and mouths blinked and chuckled.

    Jackal, the one reporting to Natalia ran his fingers through his white slick back hair unshaken by the frightening visage manifesting behind his master. "Consider it done my lady..." Jackal nodded. "If I may... I assume that all of this is so your summon can easily infiltrate the organization and gather intelligence from the inside..." Jackal mused clearly impressed by his masters insight.

    "Precisely... plus it would save us time from searching where their hidden base is... as our great founder once said... knowing is half the battle" Natalia raised the letter opener above the center point of the map. "Once all the pieces have been placed..." as she slowly raised the blade over the map, the shadows began to whisper louder and louder in a incomprehensible ancient language. The dissonant whispers of the eldritch entity was woven with madness and insanity, its cursed whispered only grew louder in volume the higher Natalia raised the blade. Her gaze locked with Jackals. "We then strike... erase them..." upon finishing her sentence she brought the blade down causing the letter opener to stab a few inches into the center of the map.

    A loud thud of the blade as it pierced into the wooden table echoed through the room. The whispers immediately silenced. For a few seconds there was nothing... when the shadows jerked forward. The shadows contorting. and compressing as if it was some sort of living sludge. The countless eyes darting around, the mouths grinning manically. Jackal blinked once and upon opening his eyes. There beside Natalia, stood a young boy with black hair, his iris' were darker than a starless sky. The child reached out to take Natalia's hand and looked up to her.

    "Is it my turn to play big sis?" The child's mouth grinned the same manically grin presented by the horrendous shadow before. Natalia looked down at the child and smiled sweetly as if she was speaking to her own flesh and blood.

    "Yes my dear... the time for play has come... but you must play the rules of the game..." Natalia explained in a warm manner. "But first go with Jackal... he will take you to where the game will start... I will tell you the rest of the rules then..." Natalia looked over to Jackal as she gestured to him to take the child.

    "Alrighty! I'll wait and listen!" The boy laughed as he ran to Jackals side. Natalia gave a nod of approval as she watched the too leave the room. Once she was alone she looked over the gather intelligence humming to herself a somber sea shanty as she began to review her plans...

    Present Day...

    Natalia's golden iris' stared at a piece of parchment explaining the details of the mission objective. Everything was all moving according to plan. Jackal was able to successfully place Natalia's summon in an select orphanage under the alias Eliot Vayne. Natalia had commanded her summon to pretend as if he had lost control of his mana causing a commotion at the orphanage. A few of the children at the orphanage were caught up in the display of power, but none were fatally wounded. Natalia simply had Jackal pay for the hospital bills for the children using her own funds. She noted to herself that she would reprimand her summon later.

    Sure enough "Eliot" was captured and brought to the secret lab shortly after the incident. After a two weeks of gather information and relaying it telepathically to Natalia. Once Natalia felt the information was enough, she prompted Jackal to anonymously provide the gathered intel to the orphanage.

    Sure enough the Job request from the orphanage reached Dies Irae. Natalia promptly signed up for the job. Everything was in place. All Natalia was waiting for was her guild mate that would be tasked to assist her in locating and destroying the laboratory.

    For now Natalia waited patiently at the entrance of the guild hall singing softly to herself "What should we do with the drunken whaler? What should we do with the drunken whaler?" She hummed the rest of the sea shanty as she fidgeted with her silver zippo lighter.
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    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Vanneh10

    The Demon Agaric

    The Demon Agaric

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    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Empty Re: Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith]

    Post by aerith 7th April 2021, 11:00 am

    a e r i t h a g a r i c

    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Dak3nu0-65b1b105-2822-493e-bf58-b664f2f36778.png?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvZjhmYzVhYWQtMmVmNS00N2QyLThmNDYtYWIzMWFjMGJhNTMxXC9kYWszbnUwLTY1YjFiMTA1LTI4MjItNDkzZS1iZjU4LWI2NjRmMmYzNjc3OC5wbmcifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ

    Flowing alongside the pink colors of the sunrise that began to dissipate into the azure sky, the unholy witch would steadily keep her balance as the black exceed that called himself her companion would steer her mushroom witchtree broom, his red wings fluttering with the gentle breeze. On their way back to the Throne Hall of Dies Irae from Talonia, the home of a new tattoo and magical rose-flavored hookah bar that the elvish demon spent the last few hours; below the crimson guild mark that now spanned across the middle of her upper back now sat what appeared to be a demon of a thousand wretched eyes, forming the shape of a wavering crescent moon. Fully visible in the sunlight that was glistening across the skyline in millions of pure, golden fragments, Aerith would suit a form-fitting knitted black sweater-dress that would be low cut upon her rear and showcase tiny red and white mushrooms made of yarn, in addition to an extreme amount of demon-like tattoos and darkened rose quartz piercings upon her ears and nose. The tattoo would look to be fresh, and would pulsate a dull pink against her pale white skin- it was graced upon her shell with her magical needle gun made entirely of obsidian demonscales of the demon dragvandil, and would represent the most recent wretched soul that she happened to harvest. ♡

    ♡  It was early morning in the middle of the week, and the gothic princess would find herself zipping across the sky to her area of work in order to accompany another guild member upon a major contract elusive to the guild of virtue; it was detailed to deal with that of a dark mage that was deemed to be a major threat to the other legal guilds within Ishgar, something that Aerith had found herself dealing with quite a lot as of recently. It was something that made her feel truly at potential, as it was difficult to find evil souls to harvest while not aligned with a guild that had similar goals as her previously to retaining the mark of a wavering cross. While she had been restricting herself to wielding only the unholy cutlass of the maiden, Lilith, outside of the planet Kyoka, she had been itching to utilize the full extent to her magic and the cards that sat within the lockbox on her belt. The divine renaissance of her demon heart, which harnessed the unholy powers of what she did not know to be her mother or her origin- the demon agaric mushroom. Gliding her hands across the blackened box that was chained to her belt, she would tap upon the ruby and rose mushroom sigil that sat under the chains, nearing closer and closer to the illustrious home of Dies Irae. The pink-haired demon progeny would hope that one day she would be able to showcase her true magic to those of her guild members, and wished that it would be able to be soon. ♡

    "Begin descent, mush mush," she would quietly begin to speak as Mr. Toadstool would quickly cause the giant mushroom to lower towards the stone walkways near the entrance of the guild, her long hair fluttering against the wind alongside her oversized black witch hat- pulling what appeared to be a long, red and black blazer of the guild's uniform out of the mouth of her mushroom plushie, if anyone were to spot the descending elf she would appear to suit a black choker and matching heeled boots. Her ruby eyes on set on the top of the stairs near the entrance of the guild, Aerith would accompany her companion in steering the magical mushroom, soon nearing her desired destination; upon hovering about ten feet off the ground from the surface of the stone, she would hop down from the broom and delicately land on the ground, followed by her cat. Looking toward her surroundings as she would grip her mushroom stuffy, her eyes would glisten in the sunlight as she would marvel upon another member of her guild in which she had never seen before, which looked to flicker a silver lighter upon the doors of the Throne Room. Appearing to potentially be waiting, it was apparent to the summoner that this may be the individual that she was to accompany on the contract- the killing of a vile being. ♡

    ♡ Walking up the steps of cobblestone that led toward the entrance of the Throne Hall with the gentle clacks of her heels, it appeared to the elf as if the girl was singing a sea shanty to herself, that of which had a similar-sounding rhythm to that of one that she heard in Talonia earlier that morning. If the stranger were to be acquainted with the sensory of demonic entities, the strange quirks that come with them would potentially be able to be picked up by the nearing of the pink-haired elf- this being the existence of her demon heart, which would make her appear as much paler than the average mage- however, this pale skin would be drenched in the dark arts of demon and mushroom depictions and would show on her legs and neck. Followed behind her by a floating giant mushroom and her companion exceed sitting on its cap, Aerith would align her eyes with the other girl's if she were to look as she would approach, soon followed in a proper curtsey and the squeezing of her plush that resided within her hands. ♡

    "Good morning," the mushroom witch would quietly say as she would come up from her royal bow, her eyes drifting away to quietly and quickly observe her surroundings as she would begin to speak to the stranger, "I am Lady Aerith Agaric, Heir to the Mushroom Throne and the last of the Agaric Demon Hunters, and I was informed that I am to accompany another party in the execution of a contract. Do you happen to be that which I am to escort?"

    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Dcpafiv-dd4028ff-4c1c-4e52-9964-f3b59decf3fe.gif?token=eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiJ9.eyJzdWIiOiJ1cm46YXBwOiIsImlzcyI6InVybjphcHA6Iiwib2JqIjpbW3sicGF0aCI6IlwvZlwvY2YyODM2Y2ItNTg5My00YTZjLWIxNTYtNWE4OWQ5NGZjNzIxXC9kY3BhZml2LWRkNDAyOGZmLTRjMWMtNGU1Mi05OTY0LWYzYjU5ZGVjZjNmZS5naWYifV1dLCJhdWQiOlsidXJuOnNlcnZpY2U6ZmlsZS5kb3dubG9hZCJdfQ

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    Black List [A-Rank Job With Aerith] Yv3ELwG

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