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    Garden Delights!

    Cordelia Beaumont
    Cordelia Beaumont

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    Garden Delights! Empty Garden Delights!

    Post by Cordelia Beaumont 17th March 2021, 6:36 am

    Once you find your light, I'm sure it will lead you back here.
    Oh, Rose Garden was just so pretty!

    Cordelia was usually a big ball of excitement and astounded energy but now, it was like she had been dialed to eleven. The city of Rose Garden had been branded and marketed as a place for tourists to come visit and get a ‘crash course’ in what appealed to the people of Fiore. Now, Cordelia already had a pretty good idea of what Fiore was about -- she had done her reading of books and pamphlets and had even journeyed to a few places in her short time. But after she heard what Rose Garden was all about, she knew she had to go and see just how fun it could be! The girl’s big eyes grew to a new extent, wide as saucers as she took in the glittering colors, the cheerful sounds and the beautiful lights from every shop, stand and attraction.

    “Oh my gosh, this is so fun!” she said with a squeal, shaking her fists in front of her as she turned about the road. It was taking every single instinct in her to plant her feet and keep herself from running about like a crazy person. She had gone out of her way to invite Cassiti to meet her at Rose Garden, wanting the other woman to experience the city with her. While their time had been short together, Cordelia had a good feeling about Cassi, sure that they would grow to be great friends. In fact, she believed that with all of Meliora Vitae’s members but Cassi, in particular, seemed to resonate on a similar level as Cordelia.

    “I sure hope she gets here soon or else I’m going to explode!” Cordelia giggled as she stood by a bench, swaying back and forth. Since childhood, this had been a practice of hers, a sure sign that she was ready to get moving but understood that she had to stay put. This way, she could still release all her pent up energy without it sitting and brewing. Else she would jettison off like a rocket!
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