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    Faded Memories

    Morgana Primrose
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    Faded Memories Empty Faded Memories

    Post by Morgana Primrose 3rd March 2021, 12:38 pm

    "Come on...Where would you put something?" Illya uttered to herself, her hands flinging open drawer after drawer. She had somehow managed to get the permission of "her" parents to come home for the weekend. While they had been tepid to really being stuck as her girlfriend in her parents home who still thought she had always been Illya, she was lucky enough for them to finally come around. On the first day there, she had faked not feeling well for them to leave on a trip through Magnolia one day, instead opting to do a thorough sweep of the house. Once the door had closed, Illya sprung up and got to work. The scenario had made her feel so very young again, recalling the times she faked being sick to skip out on school or the occasional family trip. Unfortunately she had not taken into the account of the lapse in her memory and spent the time rummaging around through her close friend's belongings. Drawers were opened with their contents laid bare before them. Papers were strewn across the floor, from legal papers and bills to drawings or sketches made when she was young many years prior. Yet none of them had any sort of name on them, let alone her own. She combed through every single one for a shred of her old name before giving up. In a fit of anger, she threw the papers against the wall and moved on towards a more hopeful sort of place where she might find something.

    "Something's gotta be here that can help me. Just one kind of thing that'll help jog my memory." she mumbled to herself, tossing aside a book on the popular fables of Earthland. She moved over towards the shelves filled with the various toys and collectables that had lined the walls here. The first few moments were spent moving things around and pushing away plushies, stuffed animals and figures of the popular mages of Earthland every now and again, with the mage furrowing her brows in thought. "Why do I have so much crap again? Ugh, when I get back to normal, I'm going to just throw everything in a dumpster." Her angry little fingers opened the bins and dug through legions of her toys from when she was little. Dolls that she hadn't seen in a decade or so since putting them away, old toys that she had recalled loving as a baby. A weathered, old stuffed dark blue elephant would a chunk of its trunk missing had come up from the depths as she held it in her hands. A feel of warm nostalgia washed over her, as Illya would simply hug it against her now smaller, petite chest. She took a moment to rest and reflect back on her progress so far. There wasn't anything that was coming here so far, and her confidence in the ability to find something was quickly waning. The small mage set the hug buddy plush onto the bed for later and closed the bins that she had spent so long in. It had been twenty minutes since Illya's parents had left on their walk, which meant that she had about ten or twenty more. There were few other places to check, as she moved towards the closet and opened it wide.

    She was met with a lot of more conservative clothing than she had in her own closet before the incident. For being so timid and meek, Illya certainly had a good amount of dresses and blouses that showed a lot of her figure. In fact, she blushed in embarrassment at never having seen some of these on her. A hand traced along a beautiful ruby colored dress that gave her the impression of a prom queen. "You thought you could just keep this from me, Illi?" she asked, smirking to herself as she imagined her former girlfriend in the dress. "When we get back to normal, you'll be wearing this out for a night on the town." She pushed the dress away while scouring through the rest of her closet in a refreshed spirit. The blouses were pushed away with nothing else to really go through, and the socks and skirts, as colorful as they were, wasn't worth much of anything else. Illya huffed and closed the closet behind her while then looking over the mess she had made. The clock read that her parents would be due back in five minutes or so. Illya began to fix everything up to how it was supposed to be. Toys placed back in their appropriate bins, the figures quickly put back on the shelf in their appropriate places and then followed by the stuffed animals on the shelf on top. It was when she was quickly placing the books back on the shelf that she would take a look at the book of childhood fables that she had seen and heard Illya read about a thousand times over. She picked the book up, her finger resting on the cover while taking in the front illustration. The title would read: Fables of Old - Trials and Tribulations of Mages' Past.

    Out of curiosity, Illya opened to the first page as folded up pages would tumble out into her awaiting palm. The first was a pictures of the two of them, causing her heart to pause at the sight of her old body. She recalled the day it was taken, their first date together. But not only that, it had a name. One that would stand out among Illya's, the one she hadn't heard for so long. One that she had remained so deaf to since awakening. "Katalina..." she said, feeling a warmth spread throughout her. A dull throbbing sensation came to her head as some images burned themselves into her mind. She could recall herself, but meeting somebody, though they couldn't make out a face. Instead, it was shrouded in a thein veil of blurred colors. But they handed her something wrapped in a package of cloth. Illya recovered from such a memory and flipped the photograph over to reveal a stained piece of parchment in a lavender color with a note written on top: "11:20. The bakery roof. Do not be late - Q" Confused as to the meaning of this, she would stuff the book into her bag resting by the counter and return to her bed just as the doors opened up. She smiled to herself. One step closer to figuring out this mystery.

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