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    On the Next Episode of Mauricio! (Open)

    Gisen Ceostra
    Gisen Ceostra

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    On the Next Episode of Mauricio! (Open) Empty On the Next Episode of Mauricio! (Open)

    Post by Gisen Ceostra 18th January 2021, 3:33 pm

    The concept of time was not something of Gisen’s forte... or even what the word forte meant. Hearing it would most likely make her think someone was talking about a part of her body or maybe personality, which the former wouldn’t be too far off. However written, she’d probably believe it to be a typo for the word fort or maybe fourth depending on how she tried to read it. A complicated issue for a somewhat simple being like Gisen wasn’t so much the elementals fault, a long past incident led into such a predicament that she had begun to make progress working to correct, however became unable to do much of with. A sad endeavor to be frank about. Months and months of time spent, leaning back to the days when she led Lamia Scale. Though comparatively between now and then, there were many differences in her capabilities.

    The real shame came about when she had come back to Fiore from her last job. International jobs for her were few and far between, much less her needed to be away for much longer because of the travel and need to investigate. However, the bunny girl was met with much more than simply hunting while she was away. Those she passed whom hadn’t seen her in the months since her departure looked like they had seen a ghost. Others seemed to be shocked by the sight they had seen with the brunette making her way to the hall. It wasn’t as though she done anything bad, nor was it something she ever sought to have had happen. But it did and quite frankly, she herself was surprised it could even happen to a being like herself. After all, how could an elemental of all things created from the sheer witchcraft and magic come to bare children?

    A trek up to the guild hall had been nothing but a leisurely walk for the elemental, but it took a little longer than expected to get through the door. It wasn’t like she was alone though. Moving in the door with her was a rather uncomfortable looking designed stroller. What made it look this was had been the materials used to craft it. The frame of it was made of smooth marble rock, the seating itself seeming like it was made from hand woven cotton. A rather prehistoric looking at first glance, but it served a purpose. A double-wide stroller seating a pair of sleeping infant bunny children made the entry way go silent. Was it because of her absence? The children? Or was there something on her shirt she didn’t see.

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