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    Celestial Warrior Magic (WIP)


    Celestial Warrior Magic (WIP) Empty Celestial Warrior Magic (WIP)

    Post by Guest 16th January 2021, 11:38 am


    Magic Name: Celestial Warrior Magic
    Magic Type: Summoning - Solitary (Up To 4 Summons At Once)
    Description: Celestial Warrior Magic is a type of summoning whereby the user is able to form contracts with a group of combatants from a distant world in order to fight for her. They are a varied bunch although many of them have an elemental theme to them such as fire, water etc. Elara doesn't always treat them as well as she probably should but regardless of that, they serve her willingly. With the right combination of spirits, Elara is able to handle almost any situation, with her spirits doing the heavy lifting when it comes to dishing out the damage.

    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1: Celestial Flight: Elara is able to use celestial energy in order to grant herself flight at any time.
    • Ability 2: Celestial Escape: Once per post, Elara is able to teleport herself a short distance in order to get out of trouble.


    A Rank Spells:

    Advanced Spells:

    Signature Spells:

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