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    Requiems and Reunions [Exam C - B]

    Serena von Edelweiss
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    Requiems and Reunions [Exam C - B] Empty Requiems and Reunions [Exam C - B]

    Post by Serena von Edelweiss 9th January 2021, 4:01 pm

    Requiems and Reunions [Exam C - B] Grave

    Some people are born to forge their own greatness. This form of greatness is a product of their own volition, a culmination of one's hard work, a testimony to one's will and determination. There are others who do not have that luxury. There are people who did not have a choice when greatness was seared into their souls. This form of greatness is a mark of slavery. Those cursed with such a fate are damned to that very greatness. These people are branded by the expectations and pressures of the world. These people are the ones crucified to the hopes and dreams of others. This form of greatness is made not by one's free will but by the sacrifice of one's soul. Natalia Vanhellsing is an individual whos body and soul was sold to attain such a cursed greatness. Being the eldest daughter of the Vanhellsing family, Natalia was destined to uphold her families legacy. The Vanhellsing family is a long line of paladins form Pergrande whos main purpose was to slay demonic threats, monstrosities and supernatural aberrations. However the Vanhellsing legacy of noble paladins eventually came to it's end after Natalia's father passed away....

    18 years ago...

    Dark clouds filled the heavens, the rain fell down from the weeping clouds on a group of children standing over two fresh graves. All of the children wore black, the eldest was a young girl around the age of ten, in her arms she held a baby girl in her arms, on child's right side stood a crying girl by the age of five. On her right was a young boy fighting back to hold back his tears, this boy was around the age of 5 years old as well. The girls had light red hair, while the boys had dark black hair. All of the siblings all had beautiful golden colored eyes. These children were the offspring of Victor Vanhellsing and Alura Vanhellsing.

    A young teenager around 15 years old approached the children holding an umbrella. The young man had raven black hair, crimson red eyes. The attire of the young man wore was a formal black suit with a black tie, he wore black fingerless gloves. He looked down at the children with pity as he held the umbrella over the children to shelter them from the rain. The eldest looked up at him with a blank soulless expression before looking down at her parents grave stones. The young man paused trying to figure out what to say to the grieving children.

    "Hey guys... lets get you out of the rain... you might catch a cold... you guys haven't eaten anything yet... lets get you all something to eat... c'mon I'll get you guys anything you want... it's on me." The young man gave his best smile in hopes to lift the children's spirits. The young five year old girl spoke through her tears... "I want mommy and daddy back..."

    The young man's heart grew heavy, he felt so powerless and useless for he knew there was nothing he could do to ease the pain of the children before him. The eldest of the children smiled doing her best to return the warmth that was given to her. Her eyes was filled with pain and sorrow yet she carried on, her voice unwavering and sympathetic as if the young man who was grieving. The young girl pat her sister on the back in attempts to comfort her.

    "Thank you big brother... maybe we should get out of the rain... come now lets go..." the young girl nodded to the young man, signaling to him that they were ready to leave. Vincent was almost shocked at the sheer emotional strength of the young girl.

    "R-right... I'm sorry Natalia...I'm sorry guys..." The young man knelt down dropping the umbrella embracing the children. The young teen tried to keep his voice calm and steady as he tried to comfort the children. He forced himself to speak despite the lump in his throat. "Don't worry guys.... I'm here for you... I promise..." at that moment, the eldest child, Natalia began to cry as she and her siblings were embraced by the young teen. An older man in his late forties standing at the grave yard entrance.

    "Vincent... it is time to go... gather the children..." The man spoke in a cold tone, his crimson eyes staring at the young man named Vincent.

    "Y-yes father..." Replied Vincent as he led to kids toward the the man who called out to him....

    Present Day

    Natalia opened her eyes she took a deep breath and stretched her arms, she then glanced over the piles of paper work before standing up. She walked towards the window and reminisced about the dream she had. The memory was should have been a sorrowful one, yet she felt nothing. the memory quickly began to fade as her attention returned back to the paper work on her desk. She blinked for a few times before returning to her desk to resume her duties. She diligently began to read documents that were signed to the Vanhellsing family. She began signing papers, placing hot wax and sealing it with her signet ring. Upon pressing the ring onto the wax an intricate design revealed a capital letter V in the center.

    The shadows of the corner of the room began to coalesce. The lights began to flicker and dim, from the darkness V emerged. His crimson red eyes glowing like hot coals. V gave a kind smile to his master, this warmth in his smile reflected lights as they returned to their normal brightness.

    "My lady... did you rest well?" V inquired as he walked over to his mistress. Natalia did not look up but continued signing the paperwork that was in front of her. V happily waited patiently as he watched his master swiftly read and sign documents. Once Natalia finished signing a document she eventually looked up to her butler to reply.

    "Yes it was." Natalia responded coldly as she reached in her coat pocket to produce a cigarette. V reached in coat pocket and took out a zippo lighter, he then leaned forward to light his masters cigarette. Natalia closed her eyes and exhaled the smoke, Natalia then removed the cigarette form her mouth before thanking V "Thank you...."

    "My lady... might i ask what were you dreaming about" Inquired V as he placed an ash tray before his master to use. Natalia took a few more puffs from her cigarette before answering.

    "Nothing but distant memories from the past V....." Natalia paused before pulling out a letter from her desks drawer. The letter was sealed with the Vanhellsing insignia. "We've been summoned to the Vanhellsing estate... we leave by noon...." V graciously took the letter, opened it and began to read it silently.

    "I see... I will prepare everything we need for our journey my lady..." V replied as he gave a proper bow, the light began to flicker and dim as V vanished into the shadows once more. The brightness of the lights soon returned leaving Natalia alone in her office.

    "A family reunion it seems... I cannot wait to see you my dear uncle..." Natalia smiled as she exhaled the smoke from her lungs before snuffling the embers of her cigarette...

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