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    True Name in Reflection


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    Completed True Name in Reflection

    Post by MoRueran 30th December 2020, 1:15 pm

    Two weeks have passed yet reconstruction has only just begun, Magnolia lay in ruins still and the guildhall was nothing more than splinters, rocks, and scrap metal. The condition of whatever was present at the lower levels beneath where the building should be was unknown due to being buried in a hill of debris that was slowly being cleared away due in no small part to the possibility of activating remnant safeguards the guildhall had prior to its sudden destruction. Martian Moonie wandered about and through the broken thoroughfares of the ruined town, memories of living here and the people who also made their lives here were passing by like ghosts. There were still some parts of the battle that escaped his memory, mainly due to the fact that he sustained injuries that caused enough blood loss for him to experience delirium. It was still quite a feat that he managed to survive the encounter with a dark guild as they were invading.

    Down the cracked and fractured streets, Mars made his way to where the bakery should have been only to see that the once small bread store was completely obliterated. Walking through its rubble, he could almost smell the various bread still baking in the oven. "If you're going to be living here then you'll have to work for me". Turning around, he saw Billiam hard at work kneading dough, this was when he first started working in the bakery. "If you want things in life you have to work your butt off to get them, now put on an apron and start beating that pile of dough over there." That was many months ago when he first started living in Magnolia, and it wasn't long until Martian was taught from his boss and big brother figure another form of strength. The two didn't get along in the beginning as Martian saw Billi as someone weaker than himself and didn't heed his instructions most of the time, but that began changing one fateful day.

    A puppy had been injured due to the careless rough-housing among a group of kids playing a game of saints-and-warlords. There were a great number of things that Mars could have used his strength for, crushing rock to dust and rip through powerful magical attacks as though they were nothing, but he could neither heal the wounds of the small creature he carried nor ease the whimpering little animal of its suffering. Having brought it to Billiam, the baker handled the small dog deftly as he applied what aid he could with great care and with as much gentleness as possible. Throughout it all, Mars watched as the little critter was stroked and rocked slowly to soothe it until it fell asleep. "Luckily his injuries weren't that bad... after he's had a bit of rest, let's take him to the vet nearby to get him checked." There was more to strength than simply violence, it could be used to uphold order, to protect those who aren't strong, and to inspire and leave a legacy. 

    Martian, feeling drowsy, decided to sit down and plop onto a spot that had remnants of a wall where he could lean his back against. There he sunk into the world of dreams, away from the waking world and down to the very murky depths of lost memories. Voices echoed as though far away, faces obscured as though a veil was placed over his eyes. Then, like a boulder crashing through, the scents of smoke, the searing heat of blazing flames. His home was burning, crumbling, and would be reduced to ashes, the small child that he was crying out in fear reaching frantically for his parents. In a flash, he found himself being carried, still crying, by a man who wore red running through a vibrant and colorful forest. His face covered in shadow but Mars almost thought he knew who it was his, savior's identity just out of his reach. Then, in another jarring transition of events that had no rhyme or reason, two strangers looked down on him, their faces also blurred, they cradled the small child with their firm and loving hands. Around him were the smells of home, saturated in the compassion of a mother and father for their little one. 

    "Rest now, little slope... rest and grow big and strong... sleep and dream sweet dreams... wake up with the courage of a mountain and stand tall... rest now, MoRueran..." Ringing clear was his true name. MoRueran, the little slope, the mountain yet to be.

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