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    Post by Brianna Tano Sun 14 Apr 2019 - 11:46

    It was a lovely little village and if it were not for her need to constantly be on the move then perhaps Leliana would have made a home here. However, as it was, her stay there would only be a short time for her to recharge her batteries, before returning to the trail again. Taking on so many jobs so quickly had taken its toll on her magic reserves and she was a little worn out to be honest. Sure, she loved taking on tasks and helping people but there was only so much that she could do before her limits were reached and given her rather gaunt frame, she was actually surprised that she had not had to stop sooner. Life on the road was not always as easy as she made it out to me and the girl had never been that physically fit. The long of hours of walking soon began to sting after a while.

    So there she was, sitting on a bridge with her legs hanging over the side, watching the water as it passed underneath her. The place was quiet and there was no one who bothered her, leaving her with just her thoughts for company. She was in a fairly good mood though and and the mage had a grip on her more negative thoughts for now, being able to push them aside when they tried to take hold. Oh, how she wished that she could just wipe her mind of them but that was just a dream, one that she would never be able to accomplish. Today, she was just simply thinking back over the various jobs that she had completed and reminding herself of the good that she had done. It helped keep her focus and kept her in a positive mindset.

    "You have been busy, Mistress," uttered a voice all of a sudden, making the mage almost jump out of her skin. Turning to her left, she found herself looking in to the icy blue gaze of Ninetails.

    "I've told you guys a thousand times not to do that," Leliana replied with a groan, a frown crossing her features, "You made me jump."

    "Well, if you were not such an easy target then we would not do it," the Vixen answered, a playful look in her eye. She then laid down beside the mage, resting her head gracefully in Leliana's lap.

    "Thanks, that's just what I wanted to hear," the petite girl replied, "Is that what you came here for? To try and get me to fall in the river?"

    "No, it is not," came the honest reply, "I just came to check on you, since you have not summoned us for a couple of days. It is not like you and I was becoming worried. You do tend to brood and I wanted to make sure that you were not thinking of doing something stupid."

    "Like what?"

    "Jumping in the river yourself," the vixen said gently, lifting her head up from Leliana's lap and looking the mage in the eye, "I know what you are like, Leliana."

    "I was not thinking of anything of the kind," Leliana retorted, "I was actually just thinking about those that we have been helping recently. We have done a lot of good, you know."

    "Yes, it would seem so," Ninetails quipped, "I am glad that you are at least seeing the bright side of things anyway. You have a chance here to change the world for the better, do not waste it."

    "It's not just me and you guys do most of the work anyway," Leliana said humbly, partly taking back what she had just said, "It's wrong of me to say that I helped those people in truth and you guys should be getting the credit."

    "If it were not for you then we would just be living in the dark, mindless, feral and without any goal or reason," Ninetails eventually said after falling silent for some time, "You are the heart that guides us, mistress. Never forget that fact and know that we appreciate the time that we spend with you more than anything. Our realm, where we come from, is little more than dust, destroyed by a cataclysm. It is only by our connection with you that we are able to feel the sun on our backs, the grass underfoot and even the taste of water. By letting us in to your world, we can experience what it is like to truly live again and for that, we will always be grateful. Every one of us thinks the same."

    Leliana briefly looked away, something that Ninetails certainly noticed.

    "Yes, he does too, even if he does not show it openly. He has gone through more than the rest of us combined and I am sure that he can understand what you have been through more than any of us. Try speaking to him, Leliana, do not be afraid of him."

    The pair then fell silent for a while, with the icy fox laying back down and resting her head on her mistress again. Of all of her spirits, Ninetails was by far the most graceful and beautiful of them and with a smile, Leliana soon started to scratch her behind the ears. The vixen certainly enjoyed that and closed her eyes in pleasure. It was hard to argue with her spirit's words and it was the first time that any of her spirits had truly mentioned their own world to her although it sounded like a horrible place in her opinion. What had caused it to turn in to such a inhospitable place and why? A war? Disease? A natural disaster? It certainly made the mage ponder to herself but she decided not to speak of it any further and was content with just spending time with her spirit. The pair would soon head out and back on the road but for now at least, they simply stayed where they were, enjoying each others company while they had it.

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