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    First piece of iron


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    First piece of iron Empty First piece of iron

    Post by cimbaman 19th December 2020, 5:41 pm

    After the awe-inspiring lecture in Pergranti Haru received from professor Vladimir, he was ready for his job. It was a long way from Fiore to the Pergrande, but Haru traveled quickly ready for new adventures. There was some object in the Pergrande that had fallen from space. It was as weird as it sounded. Being a part of the magic investigation guild and a magic surveyor himself, Haru was very happy. It was on such rare occasions that he had a chance to see and feel new magic, be it in items or used by mages.
    Haru was happy, but the unknown country had unknown obstacles, that he needed to overcome, and that is why he learned the language.
    Walking the streets of Silagrad, Haru heard much chatter, most he did not understand. There weren't many people on the streets, and those that were, were actively trying to avoid Haru. The information he got was sufficient to guide him to the part of the town that the space object was located in, but nothing more. He needed local directions, and those were hard to come by.

    Haru realized that if the object had literally fallen from the sky people would act differently, so he followed his gut, which led him to a street seller.
    "Сколько?" Haru asked about the price of an item he saw that was for sale.
    The seller had a questioning look on his face, he narrowed his eyes.
    "Ты не отсюда? У тебя странный акцент."
    Haru understood nothing the man said and came out clean.
    "Сожалею? Я не понимаю? Я хочу найти объект, упавший с неба."
    The man got a smile on his face, pointed at Haru and whistled.
    "Ты не получишь его, но умрешь."
    Even with a smile, Haru understood the threat, so he got his sword ready for a fight.
    Three man came out of the building behind the stand. All three were bigger than Haru and all three looked ready to fight, but unaware of the advantage Haru had over them. His body was like iron, smithed in fires of many fights and cooled in the waters of friendship and loyalty. There wasn't much effort on Haru's part to win the fight, and with a few quick and swift moves, the situation was returned to the one before the fight, man and Haru talking, only this time the man was afraid and Haru knew it.
    As the three men were lying on the ground Haru extended his palm. It was clear that the seller had the object, and the fear in his eyes told that he was willing to part with it.
    Taking the magical piece Haru could feel the smell of iron and rust emitting from it. The piece came from the Ironlands, and that brought a smile to his face. His pupils turned from circles to omega symbols, a side effect of prolonged exposure to Ironland dimension, and that scared the seller even more.
    Haru walked away not concerning himself with the mess he just left behind.

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