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    Fish Fish Fish [Solo D-Rank Freeform]


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    Fish Fish Fish [Solo D-Rank Freeform] Empty Fish Fish Fish [Solo D-Rank Freeform]

    Post by Luka 5th December 2020, 5:27 pm

    As always with her swords at her waist, Luka was today to be found straight at the harbor as she had accpeted a job both acting as a fisher aswell as a sort of bodyguard. Her job was essentially to assist Captain Peters in his fishing trip while also keep anything dangerous away from the boat. The wolf girl had gathered that there shouldn't be much difficulty in getting rid of anything close to the harbor that could pop out of the water, but that might be because she was trained in all sorts of combat. At the very least she was confident aslong as she had her swords for whatever that was worth. Her target was already readying the boat when she arrived. He was a little on the older side and from the job info she knew that he looked for a one time replacement for his sick son. Staring at the man with her grey eyes as he was checking over the sail she made her presence known, I'm here for the job, you should have been notified." The man turned around to show his weathered face and almost fully grey beard. "Ahoi lassie, yes I got the message and am glad you want to help. Have you ever handled a sail or a net though?" He asked getting straight to the point as he waved towards a huge net meant for catching fish. Luka truhfully replied, eyes still on the net, "Well, I've had plenty opportunities to learn about sailing, but I'm more of a hunter on land then in the water so if you could shortly explain it... Strength shouldn't be a problem..." She nodded her head towards the ropes and nets on board and quietly listened to a quick explanation on what to pay attention for when throwing out and hauling in the nets.

    As she was a mage and atleast appeared more capable then just any hotshot little girl, the old man didn't feel too bad about taking her in for this one ride and they quickly found themselves out on the see, harbour barely visible to the naked eye. There really wasn't much out here though and Luka found herself in her mind asking what made people love the ocean. All she did out here was throw out nets and upon judgement of the captain pulled them in when fish had gotten cuaght in said nets. At one point the captain was panicked a little and reeady to fire a harpoon when a shar suddenly bit into the net and was threatening to pull the boat over sideways, but Luka was faster and had rammed two of her swords in its snout which made it turn away and retreat in pain. Aside from that, this was another valuable lesson for Luka to experience as she was taught about a few of the fish and how to bait them. When late afternoon came they turned back to the harbout as it wasn't wise to fish in the dark. And so Luka was able to leave with a contented smile as she left with a monetary reward and a free fish to go that the old guy had given her for her hard work and attentiveness.

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