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    Ah Yes, Christmas Spirit


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    Ah Yes, Christmas Spirit Empty Ah Yes, Christmas Spirit

    Post by Imai-chi 3rd December 2020, 1:16 pm

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    Ah yes, Imai’s favorite season was upon him. Winter! And what better way to kickstart this cold, wintery season of snow and igloos than celebrating Imai’s favorite holiday? Yep, you preached it, Christmas has happened upon the merry people of this fancy town. Ace of Spades was growing colder and colder, and snow actually fell in dunes despite the desert-like geographic of the town. It was to be Imai’s first Christmas spent near his guild, for he used to celebrate back at home in Shirotsume with his parents-

    Oh shit, ye, he promised to visit his home for Christmas… but Mai was right here with him. Miss Luna was out on a mission and hadn’t returned yet, so Imai oversaw Mai’s actions in the Red Dragon Inn. That was when he remembered that he got shit to do in Shirotsume, so he rose up from the chair in the middle of the inn and rushed to the back of the building where a lac-phone post was located. He pressed the right numbers in haste and awaited the phone to be picked up by mama bear or papa bear back in Shirotsume…




    “*grab* H-Hello?”

    “Hey, ma, it’s me!”

    “Imai! Hello, sweetheart, and merry Christmas! So glad to hear from you again - are you coming to visit us soon? Your papa already finished decorating the house…!”

    “Oh, neat, I can sloth around! Did me a solid, papa! But anyway, uh… I-I’m actually bringing a guest!”

    “A guest? Do you mean from your guild, Sabertooth? Well, why don’t ya! They’re always welcome here - is it Miss Sabyn, perhaps? I could tell from first glance that she was a sweet angel, that dear~!”

    “Uh, actually, it’s Mai - the blonde, little one from the school performance! Do you remember her? She bit my head-“

    “Oh, you mean the little girl with curly hair? But what about her parents? Are they coming too?”

    “U-Uh… look, Mum, she’s dangerous to be left alone in the guild hall-“

    “W-What do you mean? Is she an orphan?”

    “… T-Technically, if you think about i-“

    “Oh my! B-But did you adopt her? Why haven’t you told me, then?! Are you even ready to have kids at all!?”

    “N-No, wait, no, the guild adopted her! Miss Luna, a member from the guild, is watching over her - I think she’s her mother, but I’m not really sure - kinda confused on that part. They look nothing alike each other-“

    “Oh, I see now… the guild is watching over her like a shelter, right? Tell ya what; Koguma would be joyous to have a playmate, y’know! She’s been so lonely without her big bro hanging about in the house, so meeting and making a new friend her own age would be so good for her!”

    “… T-That’s actually a genius idea, mama bear! That way, Mai can be distracted from bombing the house with her God Slayer Magic!”

    “… H-Her what?”

    And that was how Imai found himself in Shirotsume, packed up with gifts to his parents and Koguma in a suitcase. And how did he bring Mai along with him this time? Well, you see… he simply did the amazing technique of holding her under his arm like a rug. However, he had been considerate and, at the very least, bought her one of those cute full-body jackets for the winter; a flight suit, as it was also called.

    “Take a look, Mai; this is my hometown, Shirotsume!” Imai informed her before heading ahead on the main road that went through the small, feudal town - riiiiiiiiiiiiiiight next to a small contest. People were decorating Christmas trees with surprise stock boxes, and those who got to decorate the prettiest trees won peppermint sticks.

    “… Ohhh! Ooguma! Onii-guma! You’re home!” Koguma cried in joy as she ran up to hug her brother. She and her father, Guma, had been participating in the contest, but Koguma was too distracted by the arrival of her beloved brother to continue - much to Guma’s reeeeeeeee. “A-And, uh, you, you’re the girl from, from back then! I like your candies, do you have more? I have lots of candy, look! I won them from this contest - are you gonna contest with me too? We can build big, pretty Christmas tree, so Santa Claus can hide presents under it!”

    Koguma opened her flight suit to reveal tonnes of peppermint sticks, much to her father’s discomfort. “K-Koguma, close it, you’re gonna freeze… and merry Christmas, brat! Nice to see you back home aga-“ Unlike Koguma, Imai’s father Guma shivered by the sight of the girl who recklessly assaulted his son back in the school performance, sweating profusely.

    “… W-Why did you bring that…?”



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    Mai Stormschild
    Mai Stormschild

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    Ah Yes, Christmas Spirit Empty Re: Ah Yes, Christmas Spirit

    Post by Mai Stormschild 2nd January 2021, 7:29 pm

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    Truly, Imai was much more eviller than Mai could have ever thought! Mai was just minding her own business, playing with the action figures she had gotten for Christmas, pretending the toy of the cover girl for the most recent edition of Sorcerer's Magazine was her while the one of the leader of the Fairy Tail guild was Imai, with the one playing Mai obviously beating up the Imai replacement. Just Mai, her action figures, and an entire plate of fried eggs. Mai was just waiting for Miss Luna to return from a job when Imai just kidnapped her! Mai was so calm, having so much fun with her new literal toys when that evil meanie abducted her and so devilishly dressed her up in something that just had to be cursed or something! Mai just knew it! Mai was ready to keep struggling the entire time that Imai had kidnapped her but she managed to steal a gaming system he had with him and started a game of Container Creatures, or Connitures as people apparently called it, which Mai enjoyed playing, especially the lightning type Connitures, which reminded her of herself, especially the very cute yellow mouse Boomouse, though she at the time only knew the name from the show, considering her lack of reading prowess. Just before she was about to beat things up, Imai told her to stop and they arrived in some weird town that Mai probably had been in before. Mai soon saw the other small girl Imai was near that one time and the other familiar looking people from that one other time Imai kidnapped her. The girl talked to Mai for a bit before revealing that she had many candies under her jacket. Mai wiggled her way out of Imai's grasp, nearing the other girl hesitantly. "There's candies here, too?!" Mai exclaimed. Before even waiting for an answer, Mai dashed off towards the center of the town, now not only willing to escape from Imai as quickly as possible, but also to hunt for candies.

    She darted her eyes around the town, looking for spare candies, when a slightly see through woman showed up.

    "You have quite the intriguing past, 'Stormschild,' don't you?" the woman asked.

    Mai tilted her head at the weird see through woman. "I bet Imai told you my name!" she pouted..

    The woman looked slightly confused, before quickly replying once more with a "What? No, no. Here, allow me to show you..." The woman raised a hand as Mai was suddenly transported into some fancy looking building with some fancy looking humans. Mai pouted at them as they talked in very fancy, annoying, human accents about their two daughters. Mai knew what a daughter was! That was a word she recognized! Mai honestly did not pay any attention to what they were saying, only catching on that they were going to be passing by some jungle where there were a lot of thunderstorms. "Papa lived in a jungle with thunderstorms!" Mai chirped, remembering her Papa and punching the air. Suddenly, that scene faded and the slightly translucent woman was now laying on the ground. Mai was confused, but did not care, looking for more candies. She continued her search, unfettered by the quick distraction until an older looking woman with a weird deer showed up.

    "Unfazed by your past?" she asked.

    "I passed a really sparkly tree while I was heading over here and I didn't see it have a weird fuzzy hat..."

    Just like the transparent woman before, this one also seemed confused before she herself rose a hand and showed a village on fire from a thunderstorm. Mai recognized this place! It was somewhere that was right next to Sabertooth! Mai was confused for a moment until she saw the destitute people huddled in the middle of town, looking around and asking why this happened to them.

    "Look at what your actions have caused," the weird woman told her ominously.

    Mai tilted her head once more. "I did this?"

    The woman nodded her head. "Indeed. Your reckless actions and wanton disregard for the safety of people around you with the immense power of your magic has left this town in shambles. Many of these may not be able to recover, and it's all because of you."

    "I like wontons..." Mai said, slightly drooling. Are they humans?"

    The woman nodded again. "Yes. Just like-"

    Mai spun around and cheered. "Yay! I did a good thingy! They got boomed and crashed and powed!" At each boom, crash, and pow, she punched the air, boom being a punch to her right, crash in front of her, and pow being to her left, knocking the weird woman down. Mai was still incredibly confused but paid little mind to the weird things that just happened, instead continuing her search for candy.

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