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    Finding Mari - first step


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    Finding Mari - first step Empty Finding Mari - first step

    Post by Smrt 21st November 2020, 12:13 pm

    Smrt remembered the party, he remembered it was in Rose Garden, but nothing more than that. His next memory was in the ground, and that scared him. Not knowing what had happened, not knowing how it happened, and not being able to defend himself enough to not die, was too much of a trauma for Smrt, so he was eager to find out more. Smrt came to Rose Garden looking for clues for it all.
    He came to the place he remembered last, the restaurant, now only a carcass of what it once was. The part of the city, where it was, still thrived but this building looked like it was destroyed intentionally and that people were afraid to do anything about it. Wanting to know more, Smrt asked a homeless person sitting in front.
    "Sorry for the bother. Can you tell me what had happened to this place?
    As his eyes slowly moved from the ground, over Smrt's body to Smrt's head, the homeless person's face made a shape of disgust.
    "Wh't happ'ned? Rich mages! As always they come and using their magic terrorize the place." there was something familiar about the man but Smrt couldn't put his finger on it at that moment.
    "Dark mages? Smrt probed more.
    "If they were dark, I wouldn't have lost the place, someone would have stopped them, but they were registered, legal." the man's eyes narrowed into a slip. "You look familiar."
    It is then when it hit Smrt, he knew that man. That man was the greeter at the weeding that happened two years ago.
    "When was the restaurant destroyed? Was it two years ago? Smrt almost grabbed the man by the collar, and shook him, but he was much better at controlling himself than he thought he would be.
    The man's eyes widened like he realized something but then turned and put his lower lip over his upper and raised his eyebrows.
    "What year is today?" he started turning in place like he was looking for something on the ground. The behavior surprised Smrt, and he followed the man's eyes trying to find what he was looking for. Nothing was there and the behavior was even more random.
    There was something more to it, but at that moment Smrt could not put his finger on it.

    Smrt looked around. There were no people directly staring at his, so he deemed it safe to enter the burned restaurant. He moved the yellow hazard ribbon just enough to crawl under it, and move quickly so no one would notice he was inside. The building still looked high-end. The structure was solid, and he knew that it was just destroyed on the surface. The yard was enormous, just that was enough reason for the restaurant to be restored, but it wasn't, so Smrt's suspicion grew. He walked around, looking, searching for any clue, no matter how small. But it all looked untouched, there were spider webs, but no dust. No human has stepped inside in a long time. He moved though the ruble, walking from room to room. He went to the table where Mari was sitting two years ago, expecting memories to emerge. Nothing, emptiness. He was about to give up when he saw a turned over table. Usually that wouldn't be strange, but being suspicious of wrong doing Smrt thought more into it.
    "This is a high-end restaurant. It had enough money to pay not only legal mages, but dark mages and even give them a cover. At any moment, it had security that the only way for a table to be overturned would be on purpose, and to stay that way was because it happened around the time of the fire. This was definitely arson."
    Smrt felt angry. He clenched his fist and his jaw. He took a big breath, trying to calm down, but the anger was overwhelming, and he wanted to kill someone.
    "Deep breath in... and breath out... and in... and out... Think only on your breath... nothing else... Deep breath in... and breath out... And in and out..." the tension slowly started to realize Smrt continued though the remains of a one beautiful place.

    He returned to the street, wanting to speak with the homeless man. There were two new figures sitting there, next to the man, dressed similarly, talking with him. Smrt could feel magical presence from them, but was not sure what to do. Knowing the circumstances, he proceeded with caution.
    "Hi. Sorry to bother you people. Can you tell me what had happened to this here place?"
    The two men lifted their faces smiled at Smrt.
    "Sorry friend. We really do not know."
    "Sorry friend. We really do not know."
    Both of them said in unison, which was the proof Smrt needed to know that they were a part of it all, and that they were there to check on the restaurant owner.
    "Oh, I am so sorry but maybe the owner of the restaurant knows something." Smrt said with a smile to the man.
    "So you know." "So we must kill you."
    "The darkness rises." "And you will fall."
    In a moment a surge of magical energy came towards Smrt. He felt it hitting him in the chest, and blinding him. He felt another hit, and then the magic he felt disappeared, as two men teleported away.

    After a few moments his vision was no longer obstructed, and he looked at the homeless owner of the restaurant sitting in confusion and smiling, there was not a trace of worry on his face. His eyes moved rapidly left and right, as his jaw was slowly dropping like he was seeing the world for the first time. He looked even more empty-headed now and Smrt knew that the man was under a very strong memory spell. One that could have maybe destroyed all traces of the man's true thoughts. Smrt was very disappointed as he realized that, sadly two years have passed and real clues were missing, lost in time. If he wanted to find out what had happened he would need to dig deep, much deeper than he though when this all started.

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