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    Hot-Spring Spring Cleaning

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Hot-Spring Spring Cleaning Empty Hot-Spring Spring Cleaning

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 6th November 2020, 3:02 pm

    Did Teresa mind doing chores? Well not in the most definite sense. If people asked her to do stuff and they were willing to pay for it, she would do almost anything. From searching for a lost dog, to killing a mutant death rabbit, as long as it paid the bills and helped her settle her bar tab, she was game. There was only one thing she really did not like to do and it was cleaning. It was like a pavlov reaction. Usually if she so much as saw a broom or mop, she suddenly found herself three cities in a bar drinking. Now normally this is not unusual and it can’t be used as a fool-proof method to conclude it was pavlovian, but it was definitely more then a coincidence that it happened 100% of the time.

    Imagine her surprised -read horrified disgust- when she was called the other day to the front desk at the HQ. Before she could run away she was told that as the grunt in the guild, she was expected to help with the spring cleaning. Since she really like the spa and everything regarding it, she grudgingly agreed.

    With a group of other new people, two of which she had actually bonded with on top the phoenix mountains, she had begun in the morning cleaning the springs. They had temporarily drained them -luckily one of them was a water mage- gave them a good scrubbing and cleaned up the outside. For a place which was supposed to be a place of relaxation, it was also obviously used as a place of ‘relaxation’. At least judging by the number of items they found in the bushes that were all used. With a set of very thick gloves and averting their eyes they had managed to clear hem out.

    Still that was not the ideal way to start the morning. During lunch though most of it was forgotten as the topics of discussion were already shifting to having a drink after this. By the looks of it, some of the people at the table would not mind recreating the mess they had just cleaned up.

    “Okay so after this, we will still need to clean-up the garden, quickly pain the fence and then what?” She asked, hoping to divert the general attention away from the plans for tonight. That and she really had to make it so the area was better supervised. It was not that she was opposed to the practices, but this guild actually had children in it. Good mages, but definetely not ready to walk into such things while trying to take a quick dip into the springs.

    Sadly she did not like the answer she got either. Apparently they were supposed to clean up the locker rooms as well and restock the store. Luckily the two big guys offered to paint the fence and another had actually experience with gardening, so she would take care of that. That left the five of them and two were send to buy supplies for the shop. The little girl went on to clean the shop so she was left all alone with some random guy, she hardly knew. “Look before you get any idea’s, you will clean the men’s lockers and I will clean the woman’s.” She said determined before grabbing the mob and bucket and thrash can and bags and gloves and and and… did she already mention how much she hated cleaning?

    Now one might suspect girls are cleaner then guys, but that is a myth and by the time Teresa was done cleaning the locker room she was so nauseous she even skipped dinner and went straight to the bar.

    “Perhaps if I drink enough, maybe I can forget it all…” She said as she almost crashed down onto one of the bar chairs, exhausted and dirty, before ordering a whole bottle of tequila and asked the bartender to keep them coming.

    But at the very least, the springs were clean again. Her soul tainted, but the springs were clean!

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