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    Unlocking ancient techniques

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Unlocking ancient techniques Empty Unlocking ancient techniques

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 23rd October 2020, 2:35 am

    With a soft thud Teresa closed the door to the little arena she had borrowed for the test. It had been a long time since she had to work seriously. The silver eyed witch was no slouch at magic and usually her requiping magic and basic sword skills were enough to survive. It had been at least twenty years since she was in a serious fight so she had never not needed it in a long time. That was a known problem of her magic. If she did not use it in a long time it tended to lock itself up to preserve power. The longer she thought about it, the longer it seemed since she had last used it. In fact… she could not remember the last time she had last used her shield or sword magic.

    That was why she had asked to lend the little arena. It was completely sealed and the walls shielded. A bit ironic, but it was needed to prevent doing damage. To activate her shield magic, she needed to inflict a lot of damage. So just for that she had borrowed a lot of equipment from the guild. There were lightning pylons, free bots and several dozens of other toys. Especially the baseball cannons were a pain.

    It had taken her well over thirty six hours to set it all up properly. Perhaps in the past she would not have needed this, but the older she got, the harder it was to unlock her powers again. Or perhaps it had to do with the fact that she no longer felt like fighting much.

    However since joining the guild she had been taking jobs again and her last mission was already tough enough. If she really wanted to help her guild and earn her place in it. The last mission was only ranked B and to really count she should at the very least be able to handle the ten year old quests by herself. She figured she would need to at least reacquire the proper use of her kekkai magic again. It was her primary weapon after all. By extending her senses all the way around her, she could sense the magic and draw it in to form barriers. Of course the stronger ones required to be infused with her own magic.

    If she was remembering correct she had build up quite an arsenal. It would however be a while until she could use all again. In fact for the first time in literally centuries she had developed a trainings schedule to get back into shape.

    Though if she was honest, she wondered if she would ever be able to rival Leona. Or even approach her…

    The other day she had finally figured out why she could not sense the mistress energy. Some part of her still could not believe it, but she had confirmed it six times. She had been trying to sense how big a dessert was while she was focused on the few feet around her. The mistress energy field was simply so massive it had appeared like the background radiation. Imagine looking for a glass of water, only to learn you are surrounded by a massive lake. When she finally sensed it, it was the ultimate aphrodisiac, resulting in nipples that could cut glass and a desperate need to change her underwear.

    Such incredible, massive, beautiful power. Teresa wanted to feel that, she could only imagine how beautiful it would be when Leona would actively use her magic. If she would be completely honest, she would like to duel Leona and ‘taste’ her magic first hand.

    It was so unique… she could not remember ever having met such a distinguished magic.

    That would mean though she would need to learn how to control her power once more and maybe grow stronger than she had ever been. She was not entire sure about that last one. If recalled correctly Teresa had been mind shatteringly strong when she was roughly four hundred years old.

    “I guess I will actually have to start trying I suppose.” She finally said with a sigh as she flicked another cigarette away into the corner where already quite a few were piling up. “Okay Claud, start it up and remember, no matter what I say keep going.” The silver eyed witch said with a serene calmness in her voice and eyes as she made her way into the center of the ring. Swirls of energy began to arise around her and slowly the color of her eyes began to grow a bit warmer from the usual cold silver.

    As she clenched her firsts and began to emit a kind of throat humming, more and more energy was released, causing the ground to shake a bit.

    More and more energy was released from her and just in time did her eyes completely change to their copper form, signaling she was battle ready. A moment later the baseball cannons began spitting out balls, aiming directly at Teresa.

    With a sigh Teresa inhaled deeply and drew in all the energy around her. She could sense the air moving around her and she knew exactly where the balls were. Without looking her fingers twitched and the air began to shimmer as she tried to erect a field around herself. For a moment it seemed to work, only to cut out with a soft sparkling noise. “Damnit!” She said softly to herself as she quickly tried to jump backwards to avoid the balls.

    Sadly not in time though as a moment later one of the balls scraped past her upper arm, cutting through her body suit and into an arm, drawing droplets of blood that flew through the air.

    There was no time to rest though as a moment later the lightning pylon released and Teresa extended both hands to form a clumsy shield. For a moment it even appeared, but it was so weak it could not even slow down the lightning. Pain soared through her body as she cried out. Luckily her body shield provided some protection, but nonetheless she was left standing with a severe burn mark on her hands and a tingling sensation in her arms. Before she could think about what went wrong, she already felt the ice and fire magics building up in the pylons.

    This whole arena was set-up to keep bombarding her with attacks until either she was unconscious or she able to ‘disable’ all the devices with her expanding kekkai shield.

    That was one of the advantages of having a body that refused to die. When she emerged several days later, she appeared unharmed, but in fact she had been knocked out at least seven times due to injuries or extreme strain.

    “Well that took longer then expected.” She said with a deep sigh as she lit a cigarette using a zippo to light it. With a grin she inhaled deeply, allowing the delicious smoke seep deep into her lungs. Teresa then continued to throw the lighter in the air. “It is not perfect yet, but it will do for now.” She said with a faint smile as she tiredly extended her arm towards it and quickly formed a tiny, but solid barrier around it.

    “See, now we can get a crack on.” She said with a smile to Claude, the guild technician that had helped her, before sinking through her legs and fainting due to shear exhaustion.

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