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    Candy Phobia

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Candy Phobia Empty Candy Phobia

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 19th October 2020, 5:52 am

    Exhausted and nauseous she finally managed to reached the top of the cliff and hoisted herself back up. Out of breath and green in the face she rolled on her back and tried desperately to catch her breath while not throwing up. “I guess Theo was not *BRAAAAAAAAPPPPP*… kidding!” She said, her nose wrinkling from the disgustingly sweet smell that came out of her mouth.

    Now Teresa had never been overly indulgent with sweets. She loved them, especially chocolates, but she never had allowed herself to overdo it. At most she would eat a with breakfast and then sometimes a bag of something during the day. She never went on a sweet rampage though and in general she preferred heartier snacks, like chips or dried beef jerky.

    That had not been an option however. Since the moment she jumped down and her nostrils almost shut tight because of the ridiculously delicious sweet smell, it had gone downhill. It all looked so delicious she could barely contain herself and even before she met the little people her entire attire was covered with crumbs. She had tried to refuse the banquette, but the friendly folks of hill 111, were relentless. Rivers of chocolate, hills of jelly, mountains of cookies, and every other landscape, she would never be able to fondly remember anymore, where devoured before the little folks were finally willing to give up their artifact. No matter how much she begged or green she looked, they just had kept feeding her. And bringing out more candy. And more. And more. And the chocolate mi-


    Heaving heavily Terese wiped the corners of her mouth and spat several times, trying to get the taste out of her mouth. At the very least it was better then that eternal sweet taste she had not been able to get out of her mouth at all.

    Still nauseous, but at least three shades less green, Teresa finally pushed herself back up and began to make her way back to the guild. The artifact was secure in her spatial bag and although she doubted it was powerful enough to turn entire continents into candy, she was sure she had the right one. “I actually wonder what it can do. Perhaps Theo can figure that out.” She muttered to herself as she tried to ignore the slight tremor in her legs as she continued to tread on.

    In the end she had never found out what the artifact actually did. She could sense the magic coming from it, but had not found out what it was supposed to do or activate it. Perhaps that was for the best though, as she doubted she could handle anymore sweets for a while. Even the thought of sweets… “BRUEEUUEEERRE”

    By the time she walked back into the headquarters her skin color had almost returned to normal and her tummy did no longer look like she had swallowed an elephant whole. At most only a soccer ball.

    Teresa still felt nothing but waves of nausea. She was tired and shivery and all she wanted to do was curl up into her nice and cozy bed. A cup of strong black tea next to her, a book in her hand and her fat cat Awol at her feet. Sadly Teo was currently not there, so she simply walked to the reception desk. As she pulled out the artifact from the spatial bag, she could feel the sickly sweet magic emanating from it. “Please give this to Teo and tell him I will never eat candy again.” She tried to say with a faint smile as she placed the artifact on the desk.

    Before the clerk could respond though the artifact pulsed for a moment brightly, before a sizzling sound could be heard. “NO! NO! NO!” Teresa cried out loudly in panic as very slowly the wood underneath the artifact began to turn into sweet milk chocolate. The ones with nuts in them she used to love so much. “NYAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” She exclaimed as she threw her hands in the air and ran! Ran like the wind till she could no longer stand.

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