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    Pick a Dorm!


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    Pick a Dorm! Empty Pick a Dorm!

    Post by Lyretich 18th October 2020, 10:30 am

    i never told a lie, and that makes me a liar.
    S.S Endeavor is an enormous airship, floating over the lands of Earthland, rarely docking on the grounds due to its unimaginable scale. It is the home to the proud members of the Meliora Vitae guild. Because of its huge size, the airship has almost, if not everything anyone could imagine. From the usual things, any ship might have, such as mechanical rooms, the docks, cockpit, etc to a huge Arborium that covers most of the exterior of the airship. Members of the guild can easily spend most of their days on the deck of the aircraft, because of how convenient it is, if there was no need to go and actually do jobs to earn ones living hood, no one would actually go off the premises of S.S Endeavor. The comfort it provides is first class, befitting the glorious flying monster.

    The airship consisted of many floors but the main ones were, the very upper level - the command center, the Arborium, the first floor that has a lounge, meeting rooms, cafeteria, and some technical rooms,  the second floor - which contains the dorm rooms if the guild members choose to live aborad on the ship, the third floor containing the Rehabilitation & Research branch's headquarters, the fourth floor - the place were the captured creatures are being held before the relocation or so-called headquarters of the Relocation & Dispatch branch, and the fifth floor is the home to the massive docks.

    Lyretich had decided to use the guilds dorms, as his accommodation, since he joined the guild. The rooms were nice, members were allowed to choose their own, as long as it was free, even the decoration of the said area was left entirely to the one residing inside it. To be fully honest, not many would pass this chance. It was a better deal than anything that was available on the land. The rooms with the windows were absolutely stunning. The lovely youth could already imagine waking up every morning, high up in the sky, being met directly with the sunlight shining into his room, or spending his free days looking out thru it, while being high up in the clouds.

    Overall there were four hallways, with six rooms in each, the outermost rooms were the ones with windows and as such direct targets of the young male. Obviously, Lyre chose one of the rooms that had windows. Woah! The room is so nice! The place was already furnished with some simple furniture - bed, storage shelves and cabinets, a couch, coffee table, and even a private restroom. It was for sure a great choice to stay on the ship, probably the quality of the dorms was well-matched with a three or four-star hotel room. "Hm... is there anything I want to change?" the question itself was utterly rhetorical, as the only person in the room was Lyretich himself, and there was no way anyone else could give him an answer to that. While scanning, at the moment, the simple room some ideas popped up in the mind of the fifteen-year-old adolescent, as to how he fished to make it more his own nest. But that was a concern for another day, moving in was tiring by itself and it was already the evening, Lyretich decided to unpack some things, that would be necessary for the night and morning, taking a quick shower before heading to the bed, which, luckily, already had some bedsheets and required covers. The sleep took over Lyre as his heavy eyelids slowly closed for the night.

    -The Next Day-

    As Lyretich had expected, the morning Sun that was shining thru the windows peaked into his room and woke up the young male with its warm touch. The sleep was as comfortable as it could get, really feels even better than the time I stayed in that supposed grand hotel, slowly opening his still heavy eyelids, Lyre moved his slender arms for a good stretch, before moving to the bathroom for a wake-up shower.

    After a hearty breakfast, Lyretich decided to finally go shopping for some furniture and decorations, thankfully, thanks to magic everything arrived in a short span of a few hours, directly into the room of Lyre. After moving, the already existing things, rearranging them, adding new things, and finally finishing unpacking, the room was now projecting the character of its owner. Lyretich liked his things to be organized, especially his brand clothes, accessories, and similar items. Because of that, his room was simple but aesthetically pleasing.

    The flooring and walls were changed to a nice shade of futuristic light gray color. The room itself was already slightly spared in a slight rise, thanks to the small stairs, that led to the two big windows, that worked as screens, which could produce an image on them and windows at the same time. The king-sized bed was moved to the middle, right above the stairs. Behind the bed, there is some more space for storing items, while on both sides of the raised room part, Lyretich decided to place table and chairs, that were in the same color as the most of the room, and across on the other side, he decided to place, the different kind of shelves he had. As the room looked a little bit plain, even for someone like Lyre, for an accent he decided to add a red armchair and a green tree-like plant. Yeah... this is looking very nice, he smiled to himself as his two brownish orbs scanned the masterpiece he had created. For some, the room might be too simple, or even monotone, but it indeed did reflect the owner's mindset. Clean and simple, yet aesthetically pleasing.

    All the furnishing and unpacking made the young male, very hungry as he was going on about this for the most part of the day. As a reward for a well-done job, he decided to head to the cafeteria for a nice dinner, and maybe a chance to meet someone there who he could invite to his room to brag about it. After all, most of the items in the room were brand ones, and Lyretich did like to show off the finer things he had in his possession.

    - E N D -
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