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    Spy Criminal Watch

    Teresa Sinclair
    Teresa Sinclair

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    Spy Criminal Watch Empty Spy Criminal Watch

    Post by Teresa Sinclair 17th October 2020, 3:34 am

    Teresa was slowly walking through the dark corridor, making sure to keep her distance from the target. She was hired by someone to follow a certain character. The description had been a bit vague. Apparently every time someone left the house with jewels he would end up losing them. To be honest it boggled Teresa why the man would not simply use a magical purse, rather them keep the jewels directly on him and she could not help but wonder whether he might just actually be spending them. Perhaps this was all a ruse to throw a suspicious wife, partner or parent on the wrong scent.

    A job was a job though and to be fair, the person he was following now was actually acting rather suspicious. So far she had followed the man in the black cloak through several small alleys, meeting with different people and he seemed to be awkwardly good into bumping into people. Now of course she was no fool and she realized that most likely the man was a thieve and a pick pocket.

    What she did not seem to understand though why the man would continue to steal from the same noble or how he got away with it. As Teresa had been following him, she had observed quite a few things. For one that the man stood out quite a bit. Aside from the dirty black cape, he had the nose the size of a hippo and a smile that could scare away even the most desperate lady of the flesh. Not only that, but it seemed like the thieve was not particularly skilled. Even from the distance she was keeping, she could see the “moves” of the thieve and she was most certainly not impressed.

    Drawing another cigarette from her pocket she scratched her head for a moment, before she put it in her mouth and lit it by pressing the tip of her finger against it. Some fire magic did the rest. As smoke filled her lungs, she watched as the thieve suddenly stopped in the middle of the street and knocked on a inconspicuous black door.

    Quickly she stopped and veered off to the right to hide in the shadows of a nearby doorway. It was not perfect, but it seemed the thief did not notice her. A moment later the door was opened and she observed an exchange or hand off of sorts. To her surprise Theresa recognized the man that was opening the door and suddenly she noticed the sign on the door. Ah so that is what it was. She thought to herself as a faint smile appeared on her face and she abruptly turned around. There was no longer any need to follow the thief anyway. The next few days she followed the thief again, always with the same result.

    A few hours later she walked past he mission board and placed a little note on the original mission plaque without anyone noticing.

    “Hi Anonymous,

    Next time you hire someone to investigate, you should make sure there are no ties to you. I could not help but notice that the man in black does a drop off at a house. Now I am sure this might be a coincidence, but your butler does need a better disguise. Anyway unless I am completely wrong, I would recommend you leaving the required payment tonight near the bench at the far east corner of the park. Now since you hired me and we Silver Wolves are proffesionals I will leave it at that. No bonus or blackmail, just the fee you promised. I did do the job after all.

    A very serious lady.

    PS: If my hunch is not correct, then I will go with this information and evidence to the gendarme and solve this case that way.

    With a grin on her face she sat down a few tables away from the board and ordered a large gold. Now she did honestly miss the message and job disappearing, but she could not help but let out a chuckle. She loved it when a job was well done.

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