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    Coat Drive!


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    Coat Drive! Empty Coat Drive!

    Post by Nadarr 2nd October 2020, 11:01 am

    Finally a day in her community service where she actually didn't mind it as much as the others as she was at a clothing Drive. To her fashion and such meant more to her than picking up trash or sitting at a booth as people start to bring her clothes for the poor citizens of the Capitol who were less fortunate and needy or something of that nature. Felicia has never been in that boat she's ever been that poor or needy as she usually just in fine clothing or clothing that you didn't mind getting ruined but still looks rather nice. She was surprised home cuz and her day she's no fool even cheap clothes can be turned into nice things and she was no stranger to finding that article of clothing that was what's then reputable in turning into something amazing and that's exactly what was happening today as people lined up she would take boxed up the box of clothes that will either hand me downs or something quite nice that would probably make someone very happy. Don't you lower glasses that she saw someone shifting to a boxing stealing something signs she shook her head leaving her poster meant to walk over her heels clacking to the ground actually look down to what appeared to be a teenager Awards teenager but a teenager don't know us trying to hide a nice fur coat.  She shook her head and how old are her hand expecting me to the kid.

    "Kid stealing wrong, hand over the coat" she gave a deep sigh as a kid whimpered for a second before handing her the coat and she gave a small but genuine smile reaching down ruffling the kids are sending the code aside from kneeling down. She wasn't a fool these worthy needy kids that they were trying to help but they didn't want to lose inventory unmarked so she knelt down beach in her bag and pulled out enough fuel to get a similar coat. "Look kid white fur isn't you, go get a brown one kay" she said what a small smile heading the kid the money before standing up shaking her head not knowing she had Ann Lookers who were just smiling stupidly at her as if saying awwww. The kid just smiled and then hug her waist making her very uncomfortable for the second but then patting his head one more time before running off to go do what she said she shook her head before returning to a post several eyes glaring as all she did was roll her eyes on her sunglasses with a small smile eventually though people go back to their past after getting a few comments on how she did the right thing and that was very nice for all things you would normally brush off it's something she didn't enjoy being nice she just didn't feel something so small deserve such praise however to her surprise it did and to her surprise she got it. She want to say no to the praise she just felt it wasn't necessary but oh no she felt good about what she did especially knowing that kid would like to have a coat that match them.  Bearing that in mind she looked on to the next person and just smiled a bit. "Next box please…" she sighed happily.

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