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    Solitary PMC


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    Solitary PMC Empty Solitary PMC

    Post by Nadarr 30th September 2020, 6:04 pm


    Magic Name: Solitary PMC
    Magic Type: Primary Summoning/Auxiliary ReEquip
    Description: solitary PMC magic is a very unique magic that Felicia had made from scratch to fit her unique style of combat, while she is a very capable combatant she found that working with others can sometimes be a hard task while she's not opposed to it she figured why not work with you self bus developing a magic to not only clone herself but equip Weapon made to her clones and yourself too much any situation she might need to be in. In theory this magic is very strong as I can create multiple columns very quickly and flood the enemy out with bodies and gunfire, however this magic is not without its drawbacks as each clone while a solid copy of the original isn't as durable as a normal person. The more clowns that are made the weaker each one becomes durability wise and are more easily defeated in this instance. The other downpour her magic is they have no way to communicate with each other once they are made while they all think similarly so they will generally do the same action there's no way for them all to communicate without equipment.

    In combat the way her magic works is but she will summon a squatter to of clones to her side and equip them with whatever weapon she deems necessary at the time for the situation and command them and move in with them as they complete their various tasks. Having a partition mind they all think similarly so there knowledge and experience are shared together as one. If being tactical is less of an option at the moment she will then resort to Drowning out her enemy with bodies sending out clones one after the other two try to make them either way so magic or find a way out as a each gains experience every time.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Ability 1:Partitioned Mind: These are not just copies of the user but actual clones of her, thus All Summons have access to her spells and abilities. All spells used by a the summons can only be of the summon's rank or lower, that the user still has to pay the MP cost of the spell being cast, and that spells used still adhere to durations
    • Ability 2:
    • Ability 3:


    Summoning Magic:

    Re Equip Magic:
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    Solitary PMC Empty Re: Solitary PMC

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 10th October 2020, 7:11 am

    Hello Nadarr, looks like I'll be your grader today. As usual, you will be able to find all of my edits in this color. Any questions or comments you would like to raise will have to be posted in this thread. That said, let's jump right into the grading



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