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    To Catch a Panther [Job/Velvet]


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    To Catch a Panther [Job/Velvet] Empty To Catch a Panther [Job/Velvet]

    Post by Renji 29th August 2020, 2:04 am

    To catch a predator:
    Job Title: To catch a predator
    Rank: C
    Job Location: Sakuramori
    Solo Word Count: 1500
    Group Word Count: 3000
    Additional Requirements: Legal
    Job Description: Though it may be related to improper control over animal population or simply be because the animal in question decided to venture out of its territory, something has been on a bit of a killing spree on the road heading through Sakuramori that connects the Beanstalk village and Hosenka. As it is a road often used by people moving from the beanstalk and hunting villages in order to sell their goods and wares either in Hosenka or Cedar, the beast likely saw it as a bit of a two for one situation as all of the edible goods have gone missing along with many of the traveling traders and merchants. While the scenes of these attacks can be gnarly, C ranked mages and above have been requested for this task as the families from the villages did not save up the money for a reward just to lure young mages into an early death.
    Enemies: The predator involved in the attacks can be anything from a roaming wolf or bear to some kind of solitary monster that has taken to attacking along the forest roads. Whatever it is, it is violent, though it isn't entirely certain what it might be. However, you will undoubtedly figure out what it is and deal with it, if you want to claim the reward that is.
    Reward: 20k Jewels and Rank exp

    ~Credit to Vetis.

    Sakuramori, a place that was best described to Renji as a forest of paradise, and yet there were some ill rumors that suggested otherwise. To some folk, Sakuramori sounded like a vacation, and to others seemed to process that it was more sacred than just resort. Frankly, Renji was one of those latter people. Still when his amber eyes laid on the job board, the offer to go there was right on the board and it offered a reward too. Some beast was going around and attacking trade routes in Sakuramori. A problem for sure, and from the sounds of it Renji gambled that he might struggle against it. Fortunately, Renji was part of the guild of Sabertooth, and as he learned not long ago that there were other people willing to lend a hand from time to time.

    So he reached out to one of his acquaintances, Velvet Skydancer, a fellow guild member and an experienced mage as well. He might not have known her that well given their one encounter so far, but Renji is confident that with Velvet’s support this job would be a breeze so to speak. Plus Renji knew of his skill set to be more of an offensive player that can be a backup healer if needed. As for Velvet, Renji wasn’t entirely sure as he had never witnessed her fight yet.

    At any rate, the train took them as close to the beautiful forest as it could, but unfortunately the pair had quite the trek just to get into the vast forest itself. Renji couldn’t help except to chuckle at the inconvenience that was thrown at them. As they approached the edge of the forest, Renji spotted a trail of what he assumed to be one of the trade routes that connects to the village. The teen turned his attention over to his companion before he spoke to her, unbeknownst to him that she can’t see, but even if he did know Renji would still look at her when he spoke. It was just a basic sense of respect and equality in his opinion.

    ”Well, at least we have more time to appreciate the forest here. I don’t know if it’s just me though, but there is some heavy magic coming from there.” Renji commented to Velvet as he referred to how the Sakuramori is thick with magic energies. Frankly he wasn’t sure if it was the magic itself, or if it was actually the increased humidity. But Renji could feel his skin tingled with moisture.

    ”Unfortunately I have never been here before, but I do see what I believe is one of those trade routes a short walk away from here. Do you want to follow the trail and hope we find our culprit, or are you confident to track it down without the trail?” After all, he wouldn’t hazard a guess that Velvet didn’t know anything about Sakuramori, and frankly she could have a whole tracking method for all Renji knew.

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