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    Hellfire Panther Takeover


    Hellfire Panther Takeover Empty Hellfire Panther Takeover

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    So gather ye demons, it seems it's your day
    I sin but I've paid more than ten thousand graves

    Secondary Magic: Hellfire Panther Takeover
    Caster or Holder: Caster
    Evidence of Accomplishment: N/a

    • Hellfire flames are inextinguishable, which can be troublesome for both the user and the targeted opponent, but mostly the targeted opponent, resulting in a natural 50% damage increase
    • Natural water sources, including Water magic, are not capable of extinguishing the flames of the eternal fire, making it resistance to natural water entirely
    • Since Hellfire is a form of natural fire, but it is more volatile and stronger than natural fire, it has a natural immunity to its kindred flames


    • Hellfire flames are often considered uncontrollable, even for the one who wields it, and as such, the user is often dealt 50% backlash when using actives during takeovers
    • As Hellfire is a destructive and monumental power, the user must be careful when using it around allies or their allies may receive damage as well
    • Holy magic, whether it be water or a simplistic item, deals 75% more in damage to the Hellfire the user controls
    • The user is capable of only wielding Hellfire, meaning they cannot manipulate natural fire found on Earthland, or consume it

    Conqueror's Courage:
    Conqueror's Courage
    Description: There once was a nameless conqueror who sought to rule the world. However, in his days much land was left unexplored and filled with dangerous creatures man had never faced before. The nameless conqueror was the first to gather a large group of followers and to lead a conquest into those dark lands. Until long ago many people were still unsure about how he managed to convince so many men to follow him. Most believed he had used some form of magic. The only one who ever came back from the conquest was the conqueror's son who explained that all other conquerors had been killed. The conqueror's son eventually joined the military and showed that he possessed the same leader skills as his father, his war cries and morale boosts had resulted in many victories. The descendants of these conquerors today also retain the same abilities as their ancestors. To boost the morale of their companions, and to resist the war-cries of the enemies.
    Ability: Can deliver war cries. Gains a signature spell of user’s rank (max A-rank) and a spell of their rank (max S-rank) that always affects all allies within at least 100 meters of any other ally. These war cries are magically enhanced and can heal, boost ability, encourage regeneration, etc... They're always supportive and can't cause harm to anyone directly.
    Usage: Gains a signature spell slot (max A-rank) to make a war cry and a spell of their rank (max S-rank) to make another war cry. War cries are dependent on spell creation.
    Unique Abilities:

    • Hellfire Burn: Hellfire is an intense, indestructible version of Earthland's natural fire and as such, the inferno blazes hotter than normal. Due to the intensity of the heat, each active that the user casts during either their partial or full takeover leaves a 10% burn. This status effect lasts for a total of five turns on the opponent's side, maxing at 50% extra damage to the target. However, the status can only stack up to 3x on a single target, totaling to an extra 1.5x spell rank damage on them. Damage the burn deals is dependent on the rank of the takeover that is used (i.e. S rank takeover deals 100HP; burn status will deal 50HP over 5 posts). Actives that have additional damage, such as having an extra .75x spell rank damage, are not able to have the burn stacked. Meaning, if the active deals 175HP on the initial hit, the burn status cannot add up to another 150HP, it can only deal an extra 50HP.
    • Hellfire Blitz: Known for its unpredictability and inability to be effectively controlled by the user, actives of either partial or full takeovers can go into a frenzy. This means that the fire becomes uncontrollable to those around it, including the one who is able to wield the fire. As a result, the surrounding vicinity may catch fire, burning it to the ground and basically causing a desolate landscape (30m at C-rank; +15 for every rank after C). If this occurs during combat, it is known as a "Hellfire Blitz," in which an AoE takes place after the active has been used. Damage is dependent on the rank of the takeover that is used (i.e. B rank deals 60HP, so the AoE will deal 60HP at epicenter). Like an AoE, damage at the epicenter is full spell rank damage, with anything outside of the epicenter receiving 75% of that. It can only occur once every 5 posts, so not all actives are capable of causing the Hellfire Blitz to happen when used.

    ”Wouldn't want to keep all those angry souls waiting, now would you?”

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Hellfireclaws

    Name: Claws of the Panther
    Rank: D
    Type: Partial Takeover, Feline, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 4 posts
    Cooldown: 5 posts
    Description: Upon activating the partial takeover, the user inherits the sharp claws of the Hellfire Panther in return for their own. When accessed, these claws appear in a blaze of fire until the fire dies down to simply flares on each individual finger. These claws are thin and thorn-like, meant to prick and prod at a prey's flesh, tearing it open with their sharpness. They are dark in color, mimicking the nighttime and are mostly used for stealth and dealing what is known as "killing blows." While they are thin and sharp, they are also long and massive, around 5" in length and a good 1" in width. With these claws, the user is able to grasp onto opponents better than they would if they had their natural nails. Essentially, they can be used to climb trees and help the user through daily life should the user access it outside of combat. Durability is 25%.
    Bolt of Hellfire:
    Name: Bolt of Hellfire
    Rank: D
    Type: Instant, Hellfire, Unholy, Bolt
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 2 posts
    Description: When the partial takeover is accessed, the user can combine the flames of each individual finger to create a bolt of Hellfire. This bolt, when fired off, reaches a length of 1m, a width of .5m, and travels at a rate of 7.5mps over a range of 15m. Upon contact with an opponent, the bolt deals 1x spell rank damage and leaves a status effect known as "Hellfire Burn." After which, the user is not able to combine the flares again until two posts of their turn have come and gone. Opponents may easily dodge the bolt of Hellfire, as it goes in a straight line, but travels at a faster rate than normal. Those who choose to dodge the attack may attempt to sidestep it, though may be grazed, negate it with a negation spell, or otherwise. While it is difficult in order to stop or extinguish the Hellfire Bolt, many magi are capable of finding a way to reduce its damage or avoid altogether.

    • The bolt travels at half the speed of the total length, making it rather difficult for the opponent to dodge easily
    • Once the bolt has struck the opponent, it leaves a status effect known as a Hellfire Burn that burns for 5 posts
    • A quick and easy spell that the user may cast at any post during the takeover, allowing for either one or two uses


    • Hellfire cannot be extinguished by natural means, so if an opponent dodges, it is possible for the surroundings to catch fire
    • Holy Water is capable of extinguishing the flames, as Holy magic itself deals an extra 75% in damage to Hellfire
    • The bolt travels in a singular line, meaning the user is not capable of changing the direction the bolt is going
    • Hellfire is an unholy type of fire, so not all Fire Slayers are capable of consuming the magic, rather just God Slayers

    Whenever the Hellfire Bolt is cast and the bolt strikes an opponent, 10% of the health that is drained is given back to the user. Ultimately, this means that 20% of the total health can be restored to the user throughout the entire partial takeover's duration.
    Demonic Rush:
    As the user has taken on a part of the demonic feline that's embedded into their nature, their speed is boosted. In this partial takeover, their reaction speed, a.k.a reflexes, is increased by 29% for the duration of the takeover.

    • These claws are nimble parts of the user's body, making it so that they are easy to swipe through the air with ease
    • Sharp nails means that the user is capable of dealing better damage to an opponent whether spell or melee attack
    • The claws are able to grasp onto and hold things with more ease, making it difficult for an opponent to escape quicker


    • While used for better combat, these claws are still capable of breaking if too much pressure is placed on them
    • When in this form, despite it only being a partial takeover, holy attacks still deal an extra 75% in damage to the user
    • Claws are not efficient in long range combat, meaning if the user wants to use them, they have to fight close combat
    • If the active form of the takeover is not used, the claws deal only melee damage and the fire does not leave a burn

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Hellfirefangs

    Name: Fangs of the Panther
    Rank: C
    Type: Partial Takeover, Feline, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: The user's canines may already be prominent in the case of accessing this partial takeover, resulting in the canines simply growing longer. Their face will shift and change so that their mouth is capable of holding canines that are far too large for them. These fangs will grow until they are as long as a Smilodon Populator's, reaching to as long as 11" in length. They are made for bearing down on a victim, sinking these massive canines into the flesh of a piece of prey and snapping bones. Most notably, they are used to grab at the scruff of any creature they deem to be prey and quickly snap its neck for a swift death. While they can be used for other means, every action must be taken with precaution unless the user plans to kill. Likewise, these canines are very large, which means they are a target for opponents who want to break them. Durability is 25%.
    Flame Tempest:
    Name: Flame Tempest
    Rank: C
    Type: Damage Over Time, Hellfire, Unholy, Firestorm
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: Upon activation, the user summons a firestorm in a vicinity of 20 meters, affecting all who are caught within it. 50% of the initial damage is dealt in the first post, then for the next four posts, 50% of damage is dealt with the opponent. Evidently, if left going for too long, this spell is capable of dealing 2.5x its rank in damage to all opponents. Those outside of the epicenter of attack are only dealt 75% of the 50% in damage, but still receive the 50% damage per post. Likewise, the Hellfire burn that is often applied to spells in which major flares of fire occur cannot happen with this spell. As this spell deals well over its normal amount of damage for an average spell, adding the burn status defeats its purpose. While it is difficult to avoid the terrain of fire that now envelops everyone, it isn't impossible to escape from.

    • As Hellfire is inextinguishable by natural means, the fire can continue to blaze for longer than the duration of the takeover
    • Damage dealt with an opponent is lowered in order to increase the amount of damage dealt over the next posts
    • Natural fire will only fuel the ongoing Hellfire, resulting in a bigger mess than what the opponent would be expecting


    • As fire only fuels the unholy flames, the fire may become uncontrollable and cause a forest fire to essentially happen
    • As all parts of this magic, Holy magic deals an extra 75% in damage to any spell or body part of the user
    • Not all damage is dealt in the first post; in fact, the initial damage is lowered in order to have a higher DoT
    • The AoE range is lowered in order to help boost the damage of the AoE as a whole, making avoidance of it easier

    The active of this partial takeover, once used, can cause another set of status effects known as "Soultap." Over the duration of the active, the flames of the firestorm can lick and burn at an opponent, dealing damage to their MP. For each post that the firestorm is active, 3% of the opponent's MP is taken away and restored back to the user, maxing at 15%.
    Fiery Flash:
    When in this takeover, the user's reaction speed, a.k.a reflexes, is enhanced by 29% for the duration of the takeover. So, the user is capable of dodging attacks faster, as well as working their way around the battlefield at a much faster pace.

    • These canines were meant to be used in a way that captures prey, holds them against their will, and makes for a quick death
    • The grip of these canines matches that of saltwater crocodiles, biting down with a force of 3,700psi or 16,460 newtons
    • They can leave large, gauging holes in opponents in which the user wishes to impale and tear apart


    • While the bite grip of the canines matches that of a saltwater crocodile's, it has the weakness of having zero opening force
    • As a target for opponents, these canines are quite easy to break and can leave the user in agony and pain afterward
    • They get in the way of being able to work properly, so speech of the user is muddled or often indistinguishable by others
    • Because the partial takeover is unholy, even the canines of the beast take 75% more in damage from holy magic

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Hellfireeyes

    Name: Eyes of the Panther
    Rank: B
    Type: Partial Takeover, Feline, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 6 posts
    Cooldown: 7 posts
    Description: Activating the eyes of the Hellfire Panther, the user's facial appearance changes around the eyes and near the ears. The eyes gain slitted pupils, but if the user already has slitted pupils, then they simply gain black fur around their eyes. This fur extends out in a straight line on their face from right to left, crossing over the bridge of their nose and stopping at their ears. They also gain what looks to be makeup around their eyes, but is actually just different shades of fur to mimic it. Likewise, the color of their eyes may change from their natural-born color to that of a demonic red hue. In the darkness, these eyes gain a glow to them, one that mimics the bright red of their irises, but is lighter in color. These eyes allow for the user to be able to see through the dark, though not any magically created darkness. Durability is 25%.
    Hellfire Assault:
    Name: Hellfire Assault
    Rank: B
    Type: Damage Over Time, Area of Effect, Unholy, Hellfire
    Duration: 5 posts
    Cooldown: 6 posts
    Description: During any point of the partial takeover, the user is able to activate a spell that rains down Hellfire on an opponent. The Hellfire Assualt creates a large area of 50 meters that affects all who are caught within the radius of attack. Those who are at the epicenter of the attack receive the full 50% damage on the initial blow versus those outside of the epicenter only receiving 75% of the 50%. Everyone gains the 50% DoT that extends over the next post and deals damage up to 2x its rank for the duration. This means that the spell will total to a natural 2.5x spell rank damage over the 5 posts in which it is meant to play out. However, the rain of Hellfire cannot be extinguished and results in the terrain around the user and opponents to be completely burnt. Magi may escape the attack, but it is up to them how they decide they want to take their course of action to get out.

    • Damage is half of the natural amount a spell should deal, allowing for more damage to be dealt over a set amount of posts
    • First, second, or third-degree burns can occur from the fire raining down on the user, the allies, and the opponents
    • A 50-meter range makes escape from the attack difficult, but it is not impossible to get free of the rain


    • The fire becomes uncontrollable when released upon a target, burning anything that may be in its way, including the territory
    • Allies may be caught in the ring of terror, being dealt damage as well as the opponents being dealt damage
    • The user receives an extra 25% in backlash from the spell if they are the epicenter in which the spell is cast
    • Holy magic, including holy water (whether magical or not) deals 75% extra in damage to the Hellfire

    Flare of Horror:
    This passive simply means that the fire that rains down upon the targeted opponents becomes wild and unpredictable. Versus simply attacking the opponents, the fire now destroys the terrain in a 50-meter radius and has the potential of hurting allies.
    Infernal Flux:
    Residing inside of the Hellfire Panther, the user is given an extra 50% strength increase to physical combat. Meaning, instead of dealing their natural amount of unarmed melee damage, the user now deals an extra 50% (e.g. 10HP melee damage + 50% = 15HP).

    • They are beautiful eyes to look at! Someone could get lost in the prettiness of their red color and mesmerizing glow!
    • The eyes give the user access in summoning a rain of fire down on their opponents if they've angered the user enough
    • The user is capable of seeing in the dark, given that these cat eyes can see in the dark, and cats are able to see in the dark


    • Well, for one, an opponent can simply get into close-range combat with the user and just. . . poke the eyes
    • The active can only be used one during the entire partial takeover, but is still capable of dealing immense damage
    • The takeover active requires vision, so if the eyes are not able to see, the user cannot cast the active
    • Holy magic deals an extra 75% in damage to the partial takeover, just like it deals 75% to every other takeover part

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Hellfiretail

    Name: Tail of the Panther
    Rank: A
    Type: Partial Takeover, Feline, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 9 posts
    Cooldown: 10 posts
    Description: Slithering from the shadows of the dust that creeps upward when the user shifts from their natural form to the takeover, a tail comes to life. This tail is boney and does not contain flesh or muscle that would naturally cover the body of the panther they take form of. As such, it is brittle and easily breakable, but the user is not able to feel whether this tail is injured or not. Even though the tail is a simple part of their body and one that can dodge many things that come its way, it holds the highest amount of the user's health. The durability of this slender and elusive limb double the amount of what the rest of the partial takeovers' durabilities are, 50%. Once 50% of the user's health has been removed, the tail goes into cooldown and cannot be used for the rest of the thread. At this point, it's quite easy what the takeover of the user is, even with the separate parts of their body.
    Name: Pyromania
    Rank: A
    Type: Area of Effect, Hellfire, Unholy, Wildfire
    Duration: 3 posts
    Cooldown: 4 posts
    Description: When the user accesses the form of the tail, they are capable of lashing their tail every four posts and sending out a wildfire. This wildfire will hit one of the targeted opponents for a full amount of user's rank in damage, then extend outward. In a 75-meter radius, anyone who is caught in the wildfire will be dealt only 75% of the total damage of the spell. However, everyone that is caught in the active will be given a status effect, known as the Hellfire burn, that lasts fo an extra five posts. The initial opponent must be in a range of 15 meters for the wildfire to be able to take its effect on the opponents. If an opponent already has a Hellfire Burn on them that hasn't worn off yet, they cannot have the damage stacked on them. Unfortunately, this active is capable of hurting allies if the user's allies manage to get caught in the crossfire of the wildfire.

    • The active has a large range of effect after striking the first opponent with an initial range of 75 meters
    • If an opponent doesn't already have the Hellfire Burn on them, the status effect will take effect for the next 5 posts
    • Anyone caught in the 75-meter radius of the wildfire are dealt 75% of the initial damage the spell causes


    • Allies of the user are capable of being dealt the 75% in damage if they are caught inside of the wildfire
    • If an opponent already has the Hellfire Burn on them and hasn't had it worn off yet, the status effect does not apply to them
    • If the user does not escape the 75-meter radius that encompasses the initial target, they may be damaged as well
    • Holy water is capable of reducing the damage or negating the effects of the spell entirely if someone were to cast a spell that involves holistic water

    Soul Draining:
    When the active of the partial takeover begins its duration and damage is dealt to the opponent, it sets in a Soul Drain. The Soul Drain steals 4% of the opponent's MP and returns it to the user, maxing at 16% of MP after the active's duration is over.
    Fiery Rocket:
    While in this partial takeover, the user is given a 50% increase to their reaction speed, making it easier to dodge spells and move. The increase is only given during the partial takeover, but can be accessed during the full takeover as it involves part of the takeover.

    • The tail is 2 meters in length, and thins out near the tip in a whiplike formation that can cause melee damage
    • As the length of the tail is sufficient, the user can use it to wrap around things, such as tripping an opponent
    • Flesh and muscle do not exist on the tail and thus, the user is not capable of feeling pain on the tail at all


    • As the user is not capable of feeling pain on the tail, they may not know when its durability is over until it's too late
    • The tail is capable of being caught on this and broken if the user is not careful on where they place the tail
    • Despite how opposable the tail looks, the user is not able to grab hold of things with it, only trip people and have it get stepped on
    • If 50% of the user's health cannot be accessed by this takeover, the user is not able to take the tail's form

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Hellfirepanther

    Name: Hellfire Panther
    Rank: S
    Type: Full Takeover, Feline, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 15 posts
    Cooldown: 20 posts
    Description: At a single given time, the user is capable of accessing the complete form of the Hellfire Panther for a duration of 15 posts. Instead of an estranged anthropomorphic creature, the user shifts their entire form into that of a massive jaguar. This jaguar is pitch black in color, the markings of its species almost never seen except for when the sunlight glistens on them. It stands at an astounding size of 30ft in height at the shoulders, with a body length of 50ft from muzzle to tail tip. The fangs of this creature elongate to around 20in in length and 6in in width, meant to gouge holes into their target. When not in combat, the user is capable of summoning a saddle that allows for a total of 3 people on their back. Unfortunately, when in this form, the durability of the takeover is around 75% of their total health and cannot be accessed if 75% can't be used.
    Nether Rupture:
    Name: Nether Rupture
    Rank: S
    Type: Damage Over Time, Area of Effect, Hellfire, Unholy
    Duration: 15 posts
    Cooldown: 20 posts
    Pyro Rain:
    During the active's duration, a rain of fire begins dripping down on those in a 100-meter radius for the entirety of the active. It's mostly cosmetic and does not deal damage to anyone who may get stuck in the rain of fire, but it does increase the damage of the active by 25%.
    Fire Ward:
    During the full takeover, the user is given a 17% increase to their endurance (HP) for the entirety of the takeover. Once that endurance buff has been used up, the user reverts back to their natural amount of HP and take damage from there.

    Hellfire Panther Takeover Z5shoon

    Name: Deception of the Sun
    Rank: S
    Type: Instant, Hellfire, Unholy, "Roar"
    Duration: Instant
    Cooldown: 1 use per post
    Description: This spell can only be accessed in the full takeover and mimics that of a Dragon Slayer's roar by casting out a beam of Hellfire. The Hellfire used to create the roar is designed to scorch and burn anything in its path, no matter who is in the way. Upon activation, the roar will start out as a simple roar that mimics the strength of a jaguar's natural roar, where a ball of Hellfire forms in the mouth's opening. Seconds later, a blast of Hellfire will stretch and cone out, reaching an astounding length of 100m in front of the user and 50m wide. Anyone who is caught in the roar will suffer third-degree burns over the entirety of their body and become crisped. It deals a total of 1x spell rank damage to any and all who are caught in the crossfire of the roar. Due to the intensity of the heat, the Hellfire leaves a status effect, known as the "Hellfire Burn," that can stack up to three times.

    • Reaching the max length of the S-rank spell's range, the "roar" has the ability to scorch multiple people in the vicinity
    • Due to the intensity of the Hellfire's heat, this signature spell has the ability to leave a status effect, known as "Hellfire Burn"
    • It's pretty and made of fire, but because it's made of Unholy fire Dragon and Demon Slayers are not capable of eating it


    • Like all parts of this magic, Holy magic deals 75% more in damage to the user and any spell that they cast
    • The roar only goes in a straight line from where it was cast so the user is not capable of manipulating its direction
    • It has potential of dealing damage to allies if they are caught within the range of the roar and do not get out
    • Backlash from the spell is increased by 25% due to the flames raging and becoming wild, able to lash back at the user

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