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    Chapter 3: Home Visit


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    Chapter 3: Home Visit Empty Chapter 3: Home Visit

    Post by Rainer 25th August 2020, 1:47 pm

    God, it felt nice to get out of that monkey suit. Rainer had never been a fancy guy, so having to dress so formally all the time was getting to him. But to get money he would do anything. Sometimes you had to look like money to get some. And now that he had some, it was time for a trip home to check on his family.

    He'd been sending the jewel home by deposits to the bank, but he felt like he needed to do a check up to make sure the carer he hired was doing her job and that his mother and sister were comfortable and had what they needed. Food was scarce and expensive to have brought in to this little, down on its luck granite mining town. Even more expensive and hard to get was the medicine they needed to just survive. It'd never help them get better, as far as he knew. Just prolong the inevitable and let them go peacefully.

    No, that was not acceptable to the brash man, walking into the run down town for the first time in months. He needed even more jewel. He was gonna move them out of this sty and into somewhere nice and clean, closer to medical care. He would find the best medical care. Surely one of these big brains could find a cure for their diseases. Rainer acted like he didn't care, but even he knew that was to protect himself. He cared very much about his family, and the thought of them dying felt like hands around his throat.

    He stood for a while at the front door of their little hovel, trying to get his head on straight. He hated his place. It was such a burden it threatened to suck the life out of him. He'd allowed himself to feel too comfortable at WFTC and forgotten a little what a depressing place this was. After a sigh, he set his normal scowl into place and opened the door.

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