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    Fun At The Festival (Event)


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    Fun At The Festival (Event) Empty Fun At The Festival (Event)

    Post by Shirayuki 29th July 2020, 4:06 am

    “Come on guys, I want to hear you!” Lena shouted at the top of her lungs, her hands smashing the paint drums around her with as much force as possible. The crowd was buzzing already and the vampire’s energetic display was only adding more fuel to it. She’d never played the instrument before but that didn’t stop her giving it a go and by now the entire area around her was covered with her elaborate work. The walls and floor were covered by neon coloured paint, a vibrant mish mash of colour that suited her so well. The audience seemed to love her work though and she’d been playing for the best part of half an hour now. Her pumped up fans just refused to let her leave, not that she minded. She adored being the centre of attention and had to admit that drumming was a great way for her to use up some of her boundless energy.

    The fact that she’d found the festival had been completely accidental but once she’d heard the music, the red haired vampire had been drawn like a moth to a flame. There was just so much going on that she just had to have a look around and after the success of her previous jobs, she felt like she was owed a break. Even her adventure through that mysterious portal had ended up in more work and the vampire was just a little tired of the grind. So, today would be a chance for her to just have some fun and forget all about that. Her desire for blood and carnage was satiated for the time being.

    As she continued to play, the usual drummer approached and almost had to yell in her ear that it was time for her to stop. Annoyed, Lena flashed him a scowl and the crowd instantly started to boo when the playing stopped. Still, she did as she said and stepped away from the drums, before climbing back down into the throng of people who’d been lapping up her performance. They quickly rallied around her and started complimenting her for her work, resulting in more than a few hard slaps to her back but she appreciated the gesture and eventually managed to get out of the crowd and began to explore the rest of the booths. Her curiosity had been piqued and the Elysium mage was eager to see just what else there was to do.

    Unfortunately, she didn’t get too far before she heard a large crashing sound and raising an eyebrow, the ginger haired vampire would soon come across a group of thugs, breaking windows and scaring some of the patrons away. Lena wasn’t quite sure whether to just let them do it or not but after a few moments of thought, she smirked, “Oi! Scumbags! What the hell are you doing? Stop ruining the party and fuck off.back to the shithole you came from.”

    A tall sword wielding figure turned to face her, dressed head to toe in a neon coloured set of armour. “Mind your own business, Red, or we’ll beat you to a bloody pulp. This festival is a complete rip off of what we have planned and we aren't just going to sit by and let it happen. We’re going to make a nice mess here and then run our own festival later. Now, go away before you get hurt.”

    “How about I rip your throat out and paint the ground with your blood instead?” Lena replied, her anger rising quickly due to the insult, “You’re not going to do a damn thing other than what I wish. I don’t normally give out warning so you should be fucking grateful. So, are you going to leave or am I going to slaughter you all?”

    “Hey Boomer! We’re not gonna listen to anything you say so run back to your momma before you get hurt,” a young member of the group suddenly said, a strange device in her had. “We’re not scared of you…”

    Without any further warning, Lena would suddenly vanish into water vapour, causing the gang to suddenly unleash their weapons. Spreading out across the area in preparation of the ginger woman’s attack. Moments would pass and nothing seemed to happen, before she’d suddenly reappear behind the mouthy teenager who’d talked smack to her. The girl was fairly slow to react, as were the other guild members and the vampire was easily able to strike the kid with a powerful water claw attack, knocking her head violently to the side and causing her to collapse in a heap.

    “So much for you, Boomer,” Lena mocked, tilting her head at the defeated teenager and chuckling.

    The gang didn’t seem to see the funny side though and with a wave of his hand, the leader would spawn a group of five rather odd looking creatures. They were like water elementals but were certainly unlike any type that the water slayer had come across before. Moving swiftly, they would begin to circle the mage, each one looking for a chance to attack. Rather than just sit there and wait for it, Lena would suddenly burst into action, spinning around in a circle and sending water blades in all directions. The creatures weren’t prepared for it and had to quickly dart and dive out of the way to avoid getting struck although two weren’t fast enough and ended up getting hit, causing pink liquid to burst from them. With a laugh, the vampire would quickly move in, the smell coming from the wounds setting off her blood lust. Leaping towards the first wounded elemental, she’d launch a powerful strike with her fist, surrounding it with her own water powers, causing it to crash heavily into the beast's head and hurl it back, causing it to tumble helplessly to the ground. Swiftly, she’d then turn around, leap into the air and dash towards the other wounded elemental, sending them both ploughing into a third creature. Hands turning to ice, she’d then pummel them both with blows, ending them then and their. The last two, seemingly angered by the defeats of their friends, quickly charged towards her in an attempt to take her out. The vampire was ready though and ducked underneath the first of them, scoring with a powerful pair of ice enhanced punches, before creating a blade of ice on her foot and delivering an all mighty roundhouse kick to the second one, striking it firmly and ending the creatures fighting for the day. All that would be left were five bodies on the ground, oozing plasma from each one.

    Rotating her shoulders, the vampire glanced around at the bodies before once more returning her gaze to the leader, his expression impossible to see due to his armour. “Not bad, mage but don’t think that this is the end of it. The PL4GUE gang aren't so easy to get rid of and all you’ve done is make yourself an enemy of us. A stupid move that will only result in your death.”

    Lena just laughed, “Spare me your pathetic threats. I’ve fought tougher opponents than your mob in my sleep. I know you still have a few more minions just waiting to be slaughtered so let’s stop with the foolish talk and just get on with the killing, yeah?”

    Having seemingly made her point, the leader would beckon two larger figures to his side. They looked rather more dangerous than her previous foes, wearing armour from head to toe with a strange almost instrument like device in their chests that made them seem like a walking musical box. Lena was somewhat more wary though and as the two of them came towards her, she’d surround her body with water, causing her defensive strength to increase. Together, her enemies would unleash a pulse of musical notes towards her, forcing Lena to have to create a shield of water in order to defend the blast. The spells met in a massive spray of liquid and the music was potent enough to cause a ringing sensation in the vampires' ears, even though the attack didn’t actually connect.

    Forced to react quickly, the ginger haired mage would begin to charge a spell, causing her foot to turn black before she slammed into the ground. From the place her foot struck, jet black tendrils would appear and fly towards her foes. One of the armoured enemies was shrewd enough to get out of the way but the other wasn’t so swift, being struck directly and causing the tendril to wrap around him. As the darkness magic seeped through his armour and started to affect his mind, he’d start to scream with terror, placing his hands on either side of his head as fear began to completely take control of his mind. In blind panic, he’d suddenly start firing barrages of music in all directions, most notably in the direction of his partner. What followed would be a desperate battle between the two armoured figures, one consumed by fear and the other confused by what was happening. As for Lena, she’d simply laugh as the two fought against each other, cheering them on while the leader of the gang remained stoic In the end, they did so much damage to one another that it was easy for the vampire to handle them. She’d simply tap into her magic once again and unleash a wave of water that sent the two crashing into one of the festival booths, with neither of them standing up again.

    That left only the leader, who drew his sword as soon as he saw her wave hit his men. Charging forwards, he would summon another group of the liquid elementals to his side and the final battle would begin and what a fight it was. The leader wielded the blade expertly, causing the vampire to be rather more careful about handling him. As for the elementals, they were more of a hindrance to him than a help and Lena was able to deliver a few blows to them as time went by, slowly dwindling their number and what’s more, the leader actually killed a couple himself, due to the ferocity and range of his attacks. It would soon come down to a one versus one, a battle of fire, water and ice. Due to her water slayer abilities, she was able to douse his flames and as time wore on, she took the advantage. Her attacks would begin to strike his armour and her fear abilities were starting to cause doubt in his mind.

    Ducking underneath a mighty swing of his sword, Lena would strike him twice with a powerful pair of ice enhanced body blows, knocking him backwards and winding him. With a laugh, she’d then create a pair of magical whips, one of water and one of fear, before starting to bring the pain. Her lashes were brutal in their intensity and soon enough, he buckled underneath the ferocity. Tumbling to the ground, his armour beginning to break, he’d groan in pain as the vampire unleashed her final barrage, losing count of just how many times her whips struck his body. By the time it was all over, he had long stopped groaning. The gang was defeated and Lena had won the day once again.

    The runners of the festival, while appalled by the violence, were at least appreciative of the slayer’s work and were quick to reward her. Everything during the festival was decreed on the house for her and with a wide grin, she’d swiftly head for the nearest bar, planning on drinking so much that she wouldn’t be able to stand. The fight may have been over but the fun was just beginning for the vampire, much to her delight. She’d definitely have to attend these things more often in the future and that was her final thought before her mind would become scrambled by the sweet influence of alcohol.

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