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    The Vampire and the Magma Men


    The Vampire and the Magma Men Empty The Vampire and the Magma Men

    Post by Guest 28th July 2020, 5:36 am

    As she happily glided over the forest below, the red haired woman was at somewhat of a loss about what she should be doing. Normally, she just went from job to job but she just didn’t feel like working at the moment. She’d earned a break from the endless grind and helping out the cowardly and greedy. What she needed now was just a few days where she could just have a bit of fun although she wasn’t sure just where the best place for that was. Maybe she could find a lovely lady to share some quality time with perhaps or scare up a little trouble in one of the towns. The former sounded more fun than the latter today as beating up a bunch of weaklings was what she tended to do anyway while working. As her powers grew, she was finding less and less worthy opposition for her which made it harder to get her blood pumping. It was kind of annoying really but she guessed that she shouldn’t be surprised. They were only mortals, after all.

    “Hey! Red! You busy?” giggled a voice from above, causing Lena’s head to tilt upwards. Flying above the woman was another female, wearing a green coloured dress, a pair of large fairy wings keeping her in the air. Her large green eyes were full of mischief and without a word, she’d dart down towards the slayer and block her path, forcing the red haired woman to stop. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to attack you or anything. I just wanted to know if you fancied visiting somewhere with me. My name’s Roselia and I’d love to get to know you better.”

    “You hitting on me?” Lena chuckled in return, getting a little closer to her new admirer, a smirk crossing her features. She was a very pretty fairy and it was hard for the vampire to keep her eyes from drifting away from Roselia’s face. “I’m Lena and I’d love to spend some time with you. I don’t know much about this land so you’ll have to tell me where the best places are, unless you wanna just roll around up here for a bit.”

    “Oh my! You really have a gutter for a mind, y’know,” Roselia answered cheekily, “There’s this new place that opened up recently and it’s got the nicest facilities that you can imagine. I was actually heading there anyway and I’m sure it’ll be a lot more fun if we go together. It’s a bit out of the way but I promise that you won’t regret it. You’ll come?”

    “Sure, just show me the way, Rosie,” the slayer quipped, following the blonde haired fairy as she led them towards this secret place.

    As it so happened, the so-called lovely place turned out to be a rather dark and dank cave, with a large portal lurking in the centre of it. Lena had already encountered such things before and as Rosie landed beside it and nodded her head towards it, the slayer didn’t move at first and put her hands on her hips, “Why is this lovely place hidden behind a portal? I don’t trust these things as you never know where you’ll end up. You luring me into a trap or something?”

    “Huh? ‘Course not, it’s just that we’re going in a different land to ours, that’s all,” Roselia answered sweetly, “There’s no need to get jumpy, just follow me through here and we’ll be at the spa. Oops, I spoiled the…”

    “A spa?!” the red haired woman said happily, her red eyes lighting up, a grin crossing her face and a few dirty images crossing her mind, “Say no more, Rosie, let’s go!”

    Chuckling, the fairy turned to the portal and placed a hand on it, causing the large black hole like object to open, before saying, “After you, Ci...Eek!”

    The fairy was rather rudely cut off as the vampire tackled her, giggling like crazy and sending them both through the portal, causing it to briefly crackle with magical power briefly and then becoming silent again. Meanwhile, the two women would travel through the long dark passages of the void, arms locked around each other as they headed for their destination and hopefully a good time.

    “You could have let me finish!” Roselia snapped although she couldn’t keep a smile from her face, “Tch, you have no manners! You know that!”

    “I have other bad habits too,” Lena replied tartly, as her hands briefly began to move up the fairies back.

    “Oh, you’re going to be a handful…”

    “So are you but I think I can handle it.”

    Laughing together, the pair would smirk as they continued on their way.

    A flash of bright light would briefly engulf them before the pair would find themselves flying out of the portal, still in each other’s arms while flying in mid air. Their location couldn’t be any more different though as they were now looking down on an island, with a massive volcano in the centre of it. It was a lovely sight in a way although Lena wasn’t entirely sure why Rosie would have wanted to bring her here. It didn’t seem too exciting and the red haired woman wondered if perhaps there was something else behind this choice of location.

    “This is the place,” Rosie said with a giggle, “You see that beautiful building at the foot of the volcano? That’s a brand new resort that the rich and famous like to use. It has everything you could want when looking for a good time and it just so happens that I am friends with the owner, so we can get in for free. Doesn’t that sound fun?”

    “Hmm, I hope that they have a private spa,” the redhead replied, gently tightening her grip on the fairy, giggling wickedly, “I wouldn’t want us to be interrupted.”

    “Oh honestly, is your mind always in the gutter?” The fairy joked although the look in her eyes was only encouraging the slayer further, “There’s plenty of time for that so how about we check in first and then we can…”

    A sudden explosion would cut Roselia off as the volcano would begin to spit with ash and smoke, while the ground would shudder. The pair would watch as figures could suddenly be seen fleeing the resort, seemingly in panic, some simply wearing towels. Apparently the builders hadn’t considered the chance of the volcano becoming active, which was kind of silly when the slayer thought about it. Who’d build such a lavish place there anyway?

    “What the heck are they?” The fairy would continue, pointing at a group of other creatures that were starting to walk and fly towards the resort.

    “Let’s take a closer look,” Lena curiously said, before letting the fairy go and leading her down towards the chaos.

    They were strange to say the least and as the duo flew down, they could soon feel the intense heat coming from the creatures. They seemed to be made of magma, with lava dripping from them. Some looked human and others were simply blobs but they were all heading in the same direction, towards the resort. They weren't pretty by any means but the power that they wielded was obvious, as anywhere they touched was scorched and burnt. They were clearly after the resort although Lena wasn’t all that sure if she should even bother trying to help. She wasn’t interested in charity and she certainly didn’t care about protecting the buildings or guests. Perhaps she should just let them get on with their task.

    “What a weird looking group,” she chuckled, “Should we maybe just sit back and watch?”

    “We can’t let people get hurt,” Roselia snapped, “You’re a powerful mage, right? You’ve got to save them and defend the resort.”

    “Why should I do that? If they are stupid enough to come to a resort near a volcano then they deserve everything they get. Let them burn,” the slayer smirked.

    “How can you even say that? Don’t you care about anyone but yourself? You want all those people’s lives on your conscience?” Roselia said in surprise and shock

    “I won’t lose a moment of sleep about their deaths. I don’t know them,” Lena shrugged, “I’m going home.”

    Turning away, Lena turned around and started to fly back towards the portal, slightly miffed at having her time wasted. Thankfully, the large jet black abomination was still there and the slayer gleefully prepared herself for the trip back. However, before she could reach it, Roselia would latch onto her from behind, wrapping her arms and legs around the red haired woman’s body, refusing to let her go. “Please! I’m begging you! You can’t just let these people die! I’ll do whatever you want afterwards and I promise that you’ll be paid well for your time and effort. I don’t care why you do it, just please, put a stop to this."

    The redhead stopped fighting as she listened, her mind turning as the thought of payment and more was mentioned. That was a far more persuasive argument and the woman started to smile with desire and greed at the thought. “Let me go, Rosie,” she uttered, her voice solid and firm, “I’ll do it but you’d better live up to your end of the bargain.”

    “Don’t worry, your reward will be more than worth your while,” the fairy stated, followed by a sigh of relief, “Just please solve this, I’ll make it up to you later.” She then released the slayer and took a few steps back, breathing heavily from having to hold Lena back. “I don’t have the magic power to back you up but know that I’ll be here cheering you on. Is there anything I can do…!”

    Roselia’s words were suddenly cut off as the slayer swooped in towards her and pulled the blonde into a kiss, silencing the rest of the silence. Wrapping their arms around each other, the two would embrace and share an intimate moment with each other, before Lena would break it all off, a wicked smile on her face. “I think that’s more than enough to inspire me. Help get the people out of here, I’ll do the rest.”

    With that, she’d charge her magic and dive down towards her foes, her eyes starting to burn as the thought of battle began to stir her animal instincts. She had no idea as to just how strong these lava creatures were but that didn’t matter. The dual slayer had never met a foe who’d been able to defeat her and that wasn’t going to change today. Nothing would survive her onslaught and by the time she was done, no lava monsters would remain. It was a promise and a guarantee.

    Summoning a large water bow into her hands, Lena would let loose with a wild flurry of magical arrows that would instantly start to shred the first wave of monsters, knocking off pieces of them as well as causing them to try and get out of the way. Relentlessly, she’d fire upon everything that moved, while giggling like she’d completely lost her mind. She didn’t use this spell much and she was still trying to figure out how to aim but it seemed easy enough to use, as all she had to do was point and shoot. Landing in front of her foes, she’d briefly channel the weapon before letting loose once again, each arrow plowing through the defences of her foes. They just melted, quite literally in front of her and the path was soon covered with the dead bodies of these beasts. They were only small elementals though and didn’t look like much but still, it was enough to send a message to all of the others and she quickly began to push the offensive, laying waste to anything that moved.

    The elemental beasts that she was facing at the moment were pretty small, at about a couple of feet in height, their bodies looking more like molten rocks than anything else. They weren’t very smart and just tried to rush her, resulting in her just mowing them down with her mighty weapon. She wasn’t sure just how many she slayed as she moved forwards and there seemed to be no end to them. However, they lacked the power to actually do anything to her and she gleefully slaughtered them all, loving the sound of pain that emerged from them as they fell to the ground. In a way, she kind of admired the singled minded approach and would normally probably use the same method herself but in this case, it was just suicide for them.

    The heat was stifling though and she soon started to sweat as she moved through the corpses, her dress starting to stick to her as she proceeded. Even in death, they gave off such warmth and not the pleasurable kind either, making her feel a little uncomfortable. Yet, she did her best to ignore it and focus on the task at hand. The path seemed to be leading towards the volcano and the redhead wandered what just might be waiting for her up there. Would she have to destroy the volcano itself? Was it actually a monster? Or was there some mage pulling the strings? These were questions that she wanted the answers to. Her curiosity was being aroused, as well as her lust for battle.

    The runt sized elemental creatures continued to block her progress and she cheerfully mowed them down, her water bow getting a nice workout. It was a rather large weapon but with her physical strength, she wielded it with ease. She could feel her strength flowing into the gun too, making the damage from her weapon increase. Her mother had always taught her that the strength of the body was what truly made a mage powerful and after so many years of living by that credo, it had actually manifested itself within her. It was bliss.

    A sudden plume of ash would burst from the top of the volcano, followed by a brief earthquake. Lena was briefly staggered but managed to stay on her feet but what was more surprising was the reaction of the elemental creatures, who seemed to panic. The next wave suddenly stopped charging and briefly looked towards each other, before sprinting back up the pathway, heading for the summit. Something was clearly up and the dual slayer quickly pursued, reloading her weapon as she moved. It seemed that these lava creatures weren’t just blindly charging after all and seemed to have some kind of intelligence.

    There wouldn’t be any more targets for the woman until she reached the first plateau, where she’d come across the group of elemental beings who’d fled from her. As soon as they saw her, they’d suddenly merge, resulting in a burst of lava and magma erupting from them as they took on a different form. The woman would watch keenly, before deactivating her water bow and instead drawing out a large ice axe, expecting a tougher battle from this new devilry. The being grew and grew, causing the red haired woman’s eyes to rise as she watched it, a wolfish smile crossing her face at the thought of a stronger foe.

    When the transformation ended, Lena started to laugh with joy at what she was seeing. A large almost bear-like creature now stood before her, its body dripping with lava, its eyes wild with animalistic lust as it watched her. This was going to be a far more interesting fight and the slayer gripped her axe with glee at the thought. It gave off a powerful roar, trying to intimidate her but she held firm, giggling in response and slamming her axe down on the ground in a show of defiance. The woman didn’t know the reason for this sudden change of tactic from her enemies but she threw that thought aside for now. What was important was slaughtering this thing and continuing forward. Everything else was unimportant.

    The lava bear would charge towards her, causing the entire plateau to shake, wanting nothing more but to destroy the woman. Eagerly, the woman would face it head on, holding her axe like a baseball beat, awaiting her target. This was going to be fun and as their gazes met, their minds and bodies became consumed by the fires of combat. The beast was certainly powerful but it was bound to be clumsy and that was what she was looking for, as she swung her axe full force towards the bear as it got into her range, resulting in the pair of them being engulfed by steam as the lava of the bear and the ice from the woman’s axe met, covering the area and shielding them both from view.

    When the steam vanished, the two combatants would be at each other's throats, the bear's claws locked with the blade of the woman’s axe. Struggling against each other, the two would briefly struggle for dominance, before Lena would cause ice to surround the blade, resulting in the bear before being forced to disengage. With a grin, the slayer would then charge towards the creature, swiping her weapon around and unleashing a wave of ice that would fly in the direction of the beast. It would try to bat it off with its enormous paws but inadvertently caught its paw in the ice and had it start to freeze, causing it to roar in panic and rage. Giggling the woman would then sweep in close, leap into the air and wipe down with a mighty two handed slash, striking the animal on its right flank, causing it to freeze even further. In shock, the great beast would unleash a powerful roar that was amazingly able to shatter the woman’s ice, causing Lena’s eyes to widen with surprise, as her ice turned to water due to the bear's heat filled roar.

    “You’re a lot stronger than I thought,” the slayer chuckled, coming in close again and starting to jump around the beast, using her agility to keep the monster off balance, catching it with a few nasty swings of her axe, catching whatever part of its body she could reach. It was sturdy though and managed to spin around quickly enough to catch the woman with a powerful claw attack, sending the woman upwards and leaving a burn mark which went straight through her dress. It was a pretty good hit but as the slayer came back down again, she’d suddenly cause her axe to disappear and instead draw a water  whip, which she swiftly swung down upon her foe. It would strike the bear with a nasty snap, forcing it to leap backwards.

    She was taking a liking to this foe and as she began to crack her whip towards her foe, the bear began to become more wary, circling her and seeming to be far more wary of the whip. Gleefully, Lena would lash out with her with weapon, causing the animal to keep its distance, seemingly fearful of the electric torture device. That realisation brought a massive smile to the red haired woman’s face and as she began to move in, she’d release a burst of water  from her left hand, which struck the bear hard, causing it to back up further. It would rear up in a futile attempt to show its strength but Lena saw right through it and thundered towards her foe, catching the bear with a massive crack from her whip, before following up with a mighty punch, knocking the creatures head upwards, stunning it and allowing Lena to throw it over her shoulder in a mighty show of strength, causing it to crash to the ground behind her.

    Panting and twitching in pain, the once mighty lave creature was now pretty much at her mercy and the slayer began to mercilessly strike it with her whip, again and again, loving the sound of its cries. It didn’t put up much of a fight now and Lena’s powerful lashes soon began to batter through its lava laden hide, dealing heavy damage. Its body would soon be scarred by her weapon and as it struggled to get away from her relentless assault, the woman would only giggle in response. “Come on bear, you started this fight off so well. Let’s see a little more of that animal rage before I put you down. I know you lava guys suck by yourselves but surely together you can put up more of a fight than this. At this rate, I’m gonna wipe you all out in no time.”

    Riled, the bear would roar and roll over, clambering back to its feet and turning to face the slayer, before surprisingly opening its mouth and unleashing a blast of lava that was hurled in the woman’s direction. Thinking quickly, Lena would swiftly inhale before launching a roar of blood in order to counter the attack, resulting in a few moments of struggle as the two attacks slammed into each other. The result was never in doubt though and as the mage’s attack solidified, it ploughed through the bear’s lava based one and struck it dead on, sending it to the ground in defeat. With a last desperate gasp, it would then burst into a blaze of light as the transformation came to an end, leaving only the runt-like elemental creatures that had formed to make it in the first place. Not one of them moved a muscle and so Lena assumed that they were finished.

    With that, she’d turn around and continue her way up the volcanic path, allowing her whips to disappear as she went. The fight with the bear had at least caused a few moments of panic for her and the slayer wondered perhaps if she’d underestimated the creatures a little. Sure, the creature had only put a scratch on her but it was enough to at least make her think. With a frown, she’d look at her dress, now damaged and sighed. She’d always liked this dress and now it was ruined. Using that to fuel her anger, the woman would start to pick up the pace and race up the pathway, her blood claws bursting from her hands as she prepared to destroy every creature in her path. If they were smart, they’d stick together and form the biggest monster they could in order to face her but she doubted that they’d be smart enough to do that. They’d probably just randomly charge her as they’d been doing up until now.

    Her thoughts were suddenly interrupted as a large shadow would loom over her from above, before she’d suddenly be plucked off of the path all together and carried into the air. Angrily, she’d stare up at this sudden intruder and to her surprise, she was now in the clutches of a lava woman, a large pair of feathered wings bursting from her back. Another foe had appeared for her to vanquish.

    Irritated beyond belief by this interruption, Lena would viciously lash out upwards with her right claw, catching the creature's talon and forcing it to let her go. She’d drop like a stone but easily pulled herself out of the dive by summoning her own wings, which she then used to dart upwards towards her latest enemy. It looked like a harpy of some kind although it was difficult for Lena not to notice just how pretty she was. With long lava coloured hair and eyes, as well as a dress that barely covered her form, she looked quite lovely. The harpy lady didn’t utter a word though and simply shrieked, before flying down towards her, wanting revenge for the red haired woman’s earlier strike. Dodging out of the way in the nick of time, the dual slayer would lash out as the pair passed each other, scoring a nasty blow to the harpies body. Screeching with pain, the lady would try to recover and attack again but the attempt was far too wild and clumsy, allowing the redhead to score with two powerful slashes with her claws, followed by a mighty blood enhanced punch to the harpy woman’s body. The damage dealt was decent and Lena finished her off with a powerful right hand to the creature’s face, knocking the life out of her body and causing her to start to drop to the ground. However, the mage would catch her before she could and without any thought of repercussions, she would lock lips with the harpy woman, draining the last of her life force, while replenishing her own health and magical power. Once it was done, she’d simply let the creature’s body fall, crashing into the water below.

    Victorious once again, the slayer would then refocus on her task and once more set out on her wiping out of this strange group of creatures. So far, they’d all appeared to have been made of lava but as she began to scale the volcano again, she pondered if perhaps there were more than simply these opponents. It made sense for them to be lava make kind of monsters but there was more than just lava to a volcano after all and she quietly mused to herself as she flew, her lust for battle beginning to take control again as she ascended. This certainly hadn’t been the plan for today but it was turning out to be quite fun and she knew that she’d have to thank Rosie for the lovely time, after they’d had their own victory party, of course. As she thought about her fairy friend, she wondered if the blonde had managed to get all of the jet-setters out of the resort yet or if they were stupid enough to try and stay put. They should be safe anyway, as none had passed her but Lena was still curious about how things were going. Naturally, the lives of the rich didn’t really interest her but their survival would no doubt make her reward larger, which was something that she was intrigued by.

    Her eyes honed in on the path once more as she flew up the volcano and the sight of movement had her instantly preparing to attack. It looked more like a water creature than fire and as she flew above it, the steam beast would turn around and fire a massive blast of scalding water towards her. Having to evade the attack, Lena would raise a hand, causing a bolt of deluge of water  to come down and strike the area where the beast was firing from. It was fairly agile and managed to get out of the way of the main blast but not enough to avoid getting caught by the paralysis effect, causing it to begin to spasm. Taking advantage, the red haired slayer would create a javelin of ice and hurl it towards the creature, impaling it in the chest and causing heavy damage. It attempted to fight off the effects but as it was clearly weak to ice, there wasn’t all that much it could do. To her surprise though, the creature would suddenly split into two, allowing itself to escape from her paralysis and then reforming into one. It was a clever trick and caused the woman to grin. Smiling, she’d summon a javelin of ice and after pointing it at the creature, threw it towards them, that exploded the moment it got close, dealing enough damage to send it reeling. Wanting to finish it off, Sierra would then fly down towards the foe and shoot it in the head with her water bow, the force more than enough to send it turning into little more than a puddle. The monsters were starting to get a little more quirky now and Lena was beginning to take a liking to this strange crew.

    It had been the first time that she’d used the water bow too and after glancing at it for a moment, she decided to keep it on her for a while, rather than simply release the spell. It would prove handy against any other steam monsters and it did blend awfully well with her ice attacks. There were still more foes to be beaten though and so the trigger happy woman resumed her hunt, returning to the sky and following the path from the air, her slayer enhanced eyes on the lookout for any foe. She assumed that the larger monsters were probably aware of her by now and were no doubt getting ready to show themselves. Well, the fuckers could come and get her for all she cared. Lena was more than ready and with every kill, her power only grew, as did her insatiable lust for violence and bloodshed. She hoped that they were getting thoroughly pissed off by her antics and was looking forward to meeting them soon, when she could quite happily blast them to bits and turn them all into rocks and puddles of water. A fitting fate for those who dared to ruin her vacation.

    The rumblings from the volcano were starting to occur more regularly and the vampire couldn’t help but wonder how long it would be before it would erupt. She wasn’t into geography and didn’t know much about them, besides the fact they exploded after a while and sent hot lava everywhere. No doubt the resort would be completely destroyed if that were to happen although Lena was beginning to wonder if there was anything she could really do to stop it, if it was just the natural time for it to erupt. She still thought that the rich fools who built this place were idiots for doing so and briefly pondered how on earth land they had made so much money in the first place. Lucky perhaps although their luck may have run out now. Still, she’d given her word to Rosie and despite the thought of just leaving that was still in the back of her mind, she’d continue to fly up the large object, wondering what was next for her. It was becoming a little stale at the moment and she was starting to hope that she’d come across something to scrap with soon.

    The thought was perfectly timed as a sudden fire ball would come heading in her direction from above, narrowly missing her and plunging into the water below. Giggling, Lena would look up to see a large fire bat above her, flapping its wings and obviously prepared for battle. Raising her hand, the mage would fire a blast of water that would just miss the bat although the attack was enough to make it think otherwise about just attacking randomly. Swooping down upon her, its jaws would open, its razor sharp teeth blazing with flame as it came in for a bite. Smiling, the mage would throw an ice javelin at the creature as it flew down, catching it right in the throat with the projectile, causing it to spam and freeze in place. Falling out of the sky, it would then fall right into Lena’s clutches as she struck it twice with her blood claws, finishing off the winged rodent and leaving it to fall into the ocean below. It managed to let off a piercing cry before it hit the water and before the woman knew it, she suddenly discovered that the bats had friends, who were now all flapping towards her.

    It was hard to tell how many there were and as they all started to launch flames in her direction, the woman didn’t have the time to count and simply had to focus on dodging and getting out of the way. They were fast which forced Lena to fire her water bow which fired a blast of water into the group, causing a large explosion which managed to knock a few of the flying pests out. Swiping her hands, she’d then unleash a tornado of blood that would burst from below the creatures, capturing them in its horrible clutches and causing them to scream and shriek. The sight brought another grin to the slayer’s features and as her enemies were unable to move, the slayer would once more tap into her magic and fire a powerful blast of ice towards her immobilised foes.. Banging them against each other, she’d then fire a barrage of bullets into the thick of her own tornado, penetrating through to strike her enemies and causing their helpless flapping to cease. Her spells would fade and the creatures would join their ally in the waters below, or at least most of them anyway, as a few lucky enough to avoid her combinations were now running for their lives.

    “Oh no you don’t!” Lena cackled, flying after the creatures and shooting them in the back with her water bow, loving the thudding sound as her bullets reached their marks. Not one of the creatures fought back, terrified of her, making them easy meat for the woman as she blasted them mercilessly. They’d had the nerve to attack her and now they were running away? Well, she wasn’t having that and she chuckled again with joy as the last of the group were destroyed by her lovely water bow.

    Her keen eyes would return to the volcano but after a few more minutes of scaling it, she noticed that what had been an open path up until now was now closed off, with simply a cave like opening awaiting her. She wasn’t going to be able to travel any further using her wings and with a frustrated sigh, the woman would descend and come to a landing, just before the entrance. The cavern seemed to be made out of cooled lava and magma, now black in colour. She assumed that this path would lead to the leader of the band of monsters and as she entered the cavern and began to make her way through the path, she wondered just what creature that would be. Oh, it would die regardless but she was curious about who her final foe would be. A demon? A dragon? Some kind of fire breathing giant of some kind? They were all possibilities and another smile lit up her features at the thought. Her keen slayer senses would be on the highest of alerts now and she couldn’t be more excited. She’d had enough starters, it was time for the main course. After that, she could return to the resort and pick up her dessert, the lovely fairy who had brought her here in the first place. Lena hoped that Rosie would keep her promise, as she truly didn’t want to hurt the woman but promises were important and she always cashed in on hers, no matter what the circumstances.

    The cavern path was teaming with beasts and no sooner had the vampire started to make her way through the maze like structure, she’d come face to face with a large flaming creature who would come ambling towards her. It was a monstrosity, standing at about eight feet tall with flaming claws and a ridiculous grin spread across its features. She’d never seen anything quite like it before and as it came towards her, the woman just smirked in return and unleashed a roar of blood from her mouth, saturating the creature and infecting it with her deadly liquid. Large red blotches would appear all over its rocky skin, causing it to erupt with rage and start charging, lashing out with its razor sharp fire claws. Lena was ready though and was far quicker and more precise with her attacks, nimbly evading her foe, while catching the beast with some vicious body shots. She’d killed so many of these creatures already that she was just in the flow now and every movement of hers was instinctive, dancing around like a professional performer. Her attacks struck with enormous force and the creature was soon backing away from her assault.

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    The Vampire and the Magma Men Empty Re: The Vampire and the Magma Men

    Post by Guest 28th July 2020, 5:38 am

    Lena wasn't having it though and drawing her water bow, fired a bolt into the creatures abdomen, she’d then dart forwards and unleash a powerful combination of punches and kicks, sending the creature flying backwards and crashing against the cavern wall. It was so satisfying as it screeched in pain and as the woman charged forward, surrounding herself with water, they both knew the end was near. She slammed into the beast with such force that the cavern itself shook. Paralysed and helpless, the beast would simply cringe where it lay, allowing the woman to take up her favourite position and batter away at it, punching it repeatedly until it stopped moving completely. A satisfying kill and it was nice to see that her foes were starting to get a little large, even though this one hadn’t been all that strong. Delivering one last punch to the beast, she’d then get off and proceed through the maze, trusting her slayer sense to guide her through. The caverns were even hotter in here and the red haired woman was soon starting to feel the heat again although any sweat produced was absorbed, due to her latent abilities.

    Even with her senses though, it was rather hard to figure out which way she was supposed to go as there were few signs and every passageway looked the same. She’d follow a path for a while, only to find herself back to where she began, which only caused her to become frustrated over time. Patience had never been her strong suit and as time began to pass, she just became more steamed and eventually it reached the point where a scowl had formed on her face, as she continued to barrel her way through the passages. She came across the occasional beast but none of them were capable of speech and even fewer were able to take more than a punch from her before expiring, robbing her of any chance of finding the exit. It was becoming a pain and it was just when she was starting to wonder if she should just blast her way out, when a figure came into view in front of her.

    It was another steam creature although it didn’t attack her at first sight and instead raised a hand as though it was trying to catch her attention. Lena would slowly move towards it until she got within six feet and then came to a halt. The monster would then take a breath and speak, sounding feminine in nature, “Alright, mage. You have done more than enough damage to my kind and I think that it is time for us to come to an agreement. All we wished was for the chance to enjoy the lovely resort built by the humans but instead you decide to wipe us all out. What have you got to say for yourself?”

    “I don’t care what you were trying to do,” Lena chuckled, “My job’s to wipe you guys out and that’s what I’m gonna do. You can either just give up and let it happen or we can do it for fun and I’ll beat you all to death. Make up your mind, steam woman.”

    “Well, you are quite a thug, no?” The steam woman replied, “Need I remind you that not only are you stuck in here but the volcano that we are currently running around will soon erupt, destroying not only the resort but the people trying to escape. It would be in your best interests to just go home woman and let us take over the resort. My master is not pleased and any further insult on your part will cause the deaths of all on this island..”

    “Oh, so there is someone in charge?” the redhead asked, “Well, in that case, I’ve gotta beat you down now so that you can take me to him. You see, I have a lovely fairy woman waiting for me and I’m not gonna let you or your master put her life in risk. She’s mine to play with. So, either lead me to your boss willingly or I’ll wrap you up and force you too.”

    “You will force me too?” the creature snapped, “I would like to see you try. You are not on my level, woman and I suppose that I will have to prove that to you now.”

    Lena simply folded her arms across her chest and laughed, “The people I fight always say that but in the end, they always end up laying at my feet. The creatures of this world are just not strong enough to handle what I dish out and I guess that you’re not gonna be any different. I could do with another fight anyway, since running through these pathways has gotten a little boring.”

    The woman of steam would channel briefly and take on a battle form, surrounding herself with boiling hot water, creating an armour of sorts. It looked quite beautiful really but that wasn’t going to stop the red haired woman from ruining it. To counter the effects, Lena would tap into her blood magic, causing the lovely red liquid to change her look completely, covering her from red to two. Giggling, she’d then come forward and start to lash out towards the water creature, not caring less about the fact that the woman was made of water. Liquid was her bread and butter, which gave her multiple ways of dealing with the situation and with her ice and fear powers too, she didn’t think this would be much of a problem. The two would lash out with claws and streams of water but at least for the first few moments, neither were able to land a hit, as they nimbly avoided the others attacks. It was nice to have a decent foe to fight for once and the slayer’s heart quickly started to beat faster as the battle continued. This was going to be a war and a fun one at that.

    The heat was immense and as the steam creature managed to score the first blow, Lena winced as the blow struck her, leaving a nasty burn, causing a smile to cross her opponents face. The slayer’s expression darkened on the other hand and the accuracy of her attacks began to increase quickly, as did her speed. The hit was causing her instincts to become even sharper and as her ice charged with her fear magic, she’d spin around and deliver a powerful kick to her armour clad foe, causing the woman to briefly screech as the attack made contact. The score was one to one and without any let up, the dual slayer would unleash a burst of ice from her hand, freezing her enemy and making her shriek and spam in pain. Lena loved every moment as the steam creation writhed in agony and the woman put as much power behind the attack as she could, so much so that she pulled out her water bowl and shot her foe with that as well, to increase the pain.

    “Not so cocky now, are you?” Lena hissed, electrocuting the woman, “The smart thing to do would have been to just submit to me, you know?”

    A sickening smirk would cross her features as she continued with her torture, causing the creature to start twitching even more on the ground. Cruelly, she’d then summon her fear whip and begin to crack it, painfully lashing her foe again and again, each strike causing more damage to the last. There was no mercy and the slayer would lose count of how many lashes that she struck the beast with, before she finally seemed to stop twitching and fell silent. She still seemed to be alive anyway, struggling for breath and trying to roll away from the woman.

    “Now will you take me to your boss or do you need a little more convincing?” she asked sweetly, getting ready to lash out with her whip again.

    “I am not finished yet!” the woman yelled, suddenly disappearing and reappearing directly behind the slayer. A water cyclone would appear the moment she appeared, capturing both females in its clutches. The slayer’s eyes widened with shock as her oxygen was cut off and she lashed out in panic, striking the woman’s armour with her blood red fist, before creating a discharge of ice that would strike the pair of them, the water freezing them solid. The pain was horrendous for both of them and both silently shrieked inside their icy prison, the frozen water muffling their screams. A desperate attack for sure but that was what she’d been taught to do. Always attack, no matter what the situation, strike. The electrified cyclone would blast a hole through the caverns ceiling, before finally petering out.

    For a moment, the two enemies would simply stare at each other, face to face, before the steam woman tumbled backwards, defeated. Meanwhile, Lena would simply take a few deep and shuddering breaths, collecting herself after her painful victory. Her dress was well and truly ruined now, which pissed her off but she’d won another battle and that was what mattered. One step closer to completing this seemingly never ended mission. At least now she had someone to escort her the rest of the way and as her eyes turned down towards the motionless figure, she’d walk over and give the steam woman a kick.

    “Get up, you’re not dying until I say you can,” she uttered, cracking her whip towards the woman, which wrapped around the woman’s neck like a collar, causing her to shriek, “Get up!”

    The woman, who was barely able to stand, eventually managed to get to her feet, “Alright, you have your victory. I will show you the way out but must I be treated like this? You won the fight, surely that is eno...ARGH!” The whip would crackle with fast moving water, sending a shock through the woman’s already battered body, cutting her off mid sentence.

    “No, it’s not enough,” the slayer answered, “I wanna see you humiliated in front of all of your peers for losing to me. As a sign of just how stupid you lot are for getting in my way.” She’d then walk around behind the woman and crack the whip again, causing it to extend further and wrap around the woman’s wrists, leaving her helpless. “Now, you’re gonna lead the way out of these caverns and I’m gonna rub your loss right in their faces. Move it, steam woman or else. I don’t have all day and you lot have wasted enough of my time. Mush.”

    Without much choice, her captive would start to walk, leading the slightly weary but excited slayer behind. Things were finally coming to an end and she could get her hands on the fool who led these stupid creatures.

    The duo would slowly make their way through the maze like tunnels, the steam woman unhappily leading the slayer through them. They were as intricate as could be imagined and as time passed, Lena knew that she’d never have been able to find her way through them alone. It was a trap made to confuse their enemies and keep them away from their base of operations but in the end, it had made little difference. Clearly, they’d never met anyone as strong as the vampire before and that thought brought a smile to her face. After today, no one would bother coming through them again, she’d make sure of that. Her captive didn’t say a word and simply kept moving, twitching slightly as the occasional spark would come from Lena’s bright yellow whip. There was no chance that the woman would be able to escape and even if she did, Lena had other ways of binding her captives. All the steam creature could do was sigh and walk on, her fate no longer in her hands.

    “There’s something I don’t get,” Lena asked after a while, “If you were coming to the resort just to enjoy yourselves, why’d you try and attack the local people? Couldn’t you have tried to make a deal or something? Or is your master a big enough moron to think that he owns the island?”

    “He does own the island and that is what I have been trying to tell you,” the woman answered, “The volcano is a part of him and the reason why that it is erupting is because you upset him. We were told to under no circumstances should we negotiate, since the island is already his. Now that lovely building is going to be destroyed because of your desire to kill us. I hope you are happy, woman.”

    “He really is deluded if he thinks that he owns a damn thing and I’m looking forward to teaching him that very important lesson,” the woman retorted, “The resort is gonna survive and the people who built it are gonna enjoy it. At least until I’m done with it anyway. I don’t really care about whether the place actually survives or not but I’m gonna get paid a fortune to save it so that’s what I’m gonna do. Killing you guys to make sure that happens just adds a bit of fun to things. I mean, I’ve already wiped out most of your group, how many more can you have left?”

    “Oh, you would be surprised,” came the answer, “The master is very well defended and the odds are good that you will not even make it out of these caves, let alone face him. You see, the exit is defended by a pair of powerful guardians and once they see how you have treated me, they will beat you to death. This is your final warning, brat, let me go and return home. This matter does not even concern you and it would be best if you left well enough alone.”

    Cracking the whip, the slayer would send a powerful stream of water through the woman, causing her to shriek and scream again as she could do nothing but take it. “Your warnings are pathetic and it would be best for you to just answer my questions without the bullshit. I am actually going to have you live, you know, to watch your master as he gets beaten to a pulp. I will make you watch as I kill everything else in this volcano and only when there is no one left, will I deal with you. I have a fondness for women, you see and you are rather pretty, even though you are just a pool of hot water. I think that I’ll draw you close and drink you. How does that sound?”

    “You call us monsters and yet you are willing to do that?” her captive answered, “You are the monster, not us. I hope that you burn in hell when your time finally comes and…”

    The woman was cut off as the whip tightened, as well as adding an extra coil around her slave’s mouth to force her lips closed. “There, that’s better, now keep walking.”

    Her angry retort now muffled by the whip, the woman huffed as she kept walking, continuing to lead the red haired woman onwards for another fifteen minutes or so. It must have been embarrassing for her victim and the thought caused Lena to giggle more than once, which only annoyed her guide further. To dominate another being was always fun and the buzz that it gave the woman always felt amazing. Her journeys throughout the land had involved her capturing and killing many women, some for the sake of a job and others just for fun.

    Finally a light would begin to shine in front of them as the pair as they turned a corner, revealing the cave exit. It had been a long trip and Lena was delighted to finally be close to the end of her journey. However, her captive had been right at the mention of guards though as standing in front of them would be two sword wielding magma men, each standing at about 10 feet tall and ready for battle. They clearly weren’t going to let her pass but that was just how she wanted it. Another fight was upon her and with one last crack of the whip, she’d let it go, resulting in the weapon tying around the woman completely, forcing her to the ground, wriggling helplessly.

    “Alright, fuckers,” she chuckled, “Whose first?”

    Laughing heartily, one of the guards would step forward, motioning for the other to stand back and watch. “I like your spirit, little one but your reign of terror stops here. We are impressed with your progress and so the least we can do is give you an honourable death. Retreat is no longer an option, as you have dared to capture our master’s loving queen. You must be destroyed, now.”

    With a wide grin, Lena would summon  her ice axe and charge straight into the battle, swinging it wildly, leaping and jumping into the air. She fought like a woman possessed and the sounds of battle could soon be heard throughout the caverns. The guard kept his word and the fight was truly one versus one, with the second standing back, his arms folded, watching every blow. He didn’t even try to free the bound queen, still struggling against the whip, much to her displeasure. They seemed to have some shred of honour after all, not that Lena truly gave a damn about such things.

    Their weapons would clash again and again, causing ice and magma to fly in all directions. His strength was formidable but inferior to hers and in terms of speed, he lacked her grace and savagery. For the first few minutes of combat, they were fairly even but as time wore on, she began to take charge of the encounter. She would duck underneath a mighty swing of his and aim low, surrounding her axe with ice and striking him in the right leg, causing it to freeze up and leave him unable to move. He was still able to swing his sword but his mobility was hampered and after rolling through his legs and swinging from behind, she was easily able to hit him in the back with her axe, causing him to grunt with pain. She’d then smash his wounded leg again, causing the ice to break, before leaping high and cracking him in between his shoulder blades. It was an effective combination and caused him to fall to his knees.

    Yet, he wasn’t finished and managed to teleport away from her and briefly regroup. He was clearly hurt and bleeding from his legs and back but he wasn’t ready to give in and pointed his sword toward her, creating a projectile of flame. Thinking quickly, she vanished into a pool of blood, causing the flaming sword to fly above her and impale the other guard, who’d been unprepared for the assault, knocking him backwards. The first guard would roar with anger at hitting his own team-mate and lumber forward but his wounds were deep and so Lena briefly inhaled and blasted him with a blood demon’s rage. The attack hit him full on, lifting him into the air and hurling him backwards. Taking her chance, Lena would then dash forwards and quickly bring her axe down onto his skull, ending him then and there.

    Giggling, she’d quickly spin around to find the second guard now moving towards her, showing the signs of the miscommunication, namely a flaming blade sticking out of his midsection. He didn’t seem to be as strong as his partner and as he sloppily came towards her. Raising the axe above her head, Lena would bring it down powerfully, causing a wave of ice to burst from it, resulting in the guard being frozen solid, his sword still in mid swing. With another chuckle, the vampire would approach the block of ice and swing the axe towards it, causing the structure to shatter, taking the guard with it. With only bits of him remaining, the mage would simply walk over them and back towards her captive.

    “Well, they weren’t as good as you made them out to be,” she complained, “You never told me that you were the queen of your people either. Someone’s been keeping secrets and I don’t like people who lie to me.”

    Picking up the queen, Lena would then head towards the cavern exit, more than ready to face off against this so-called master. She was beginning to feel though that it could simply end up being another anti climax, given how weak most of the foes had been up until now. When she thought about it though, she probably shouldn’t have been surprised. What could they possibly do against a vampire like her? Sure, they’d managed to get a few hits on her but other than that? Not a whole lot.

    With a sense of ongoing disappointment, Lena would exit the cavern, her captive slung over her shoulder, to find herself inside the middle of a large volcanic arena. There were monsters all over the place and sitting on a throne of lava in the middle was one of the largest monsters that Lena had ever seen. He was a being made of pure fire and as his gaze met hers, there wasn’t the slightest doubt in her mind as to who this was. Clearly, he was the master and king of the band and the large grin on his face swiftly disappeared as he recognised the woman that the mage was carrying over his shoulder. Angrily, he beckoned for two henchmen beside him to jump into the arena to face the mage and without a moment of pause, they both did so, landing about ten feet away from the woman. Slowly, they began to circle the mage, each wielding long spears.

    The volcano would rumble deeply as the master’s anger continued to rise and everyone in the arena would glance towards him. “You have made a grave error coming here,” he roared, his voice as deep as the volcano’s rumblings. “You dare to barge into my home, kill my people and kidnap my wife?! There is no other alternative. Henchman! Kill her! Now!”

    The cowardice of the master pissed the red haired woman off and rather than toy with the henchman as they came towards her, she’d simply draw her water bow and shoot each one in the face with them. The damage was more than enough to kill them out right and they just shattered to bits on the floor, dying before they even hit the floor. She’d come to respect that creature for at least having the nerve to fight and to find that the leader was simply a pussy annoyed her to no end. In her rage, she’d raise her hand, causing an explosion of darkness to strike her as she transformed into her shadow form. Her ears and hands would change to match her new form and her aura would pulse with darkness. The monsters watching would begin to become nervous and fearful, while the master himself would lose the smug grin that had once been plastered across his face. The slayer was angry and that was more than enough to destroy his arrogance.

    “I’ve come all this way to stop this eruption and put an end to your games,” she snapped, flying into the air, while stray pulses of darkness began to strike randomly around her. “At least have the guts to face your death like a man, as your minions have done up until now. They were all willing to risk their lives in order to protect yours and even your beloved queen was ready to do so. She certainly has more balls than you and perhaps she should have been the one in charge all along, given your immense cowardice. I’m gonna slaughter every moving creature here and then I’m gonna tear your head from your body. That will stop the eruption, yes?”

    “You may be strong but I have more than enough allies left to end you. Attack, all of you.,” he answered, looking at the remaining creatures still watching the spectacle. For a moment, they hesitated, before nodding and leaping into the arena too. It was difficult to count just how many there were but they all reeked of fear, now that they saw the woman for who she truly was. The vampire of water, ice and fear, a being from the beyond. None of them wanted to attack first and they all just slowly surrounded her, nervous and intimidated. “Do not be afraid, friends!” the master yelled, “She is only a , take her!”

    Tired of waiting, Lena would start the fun herself, unleashing a powerful wave of blood that would burst out in front of her, capturing more than a few of the beats and saturating them with the beautiful liquid. Shrieking in disgust, those hits would blindly come towards her and she gleefully pulled out her water bow, scoring hit after hit, causing them to turn to little more than dust. Her hands would erupt with water and ice and she soon began unleashing blasts of both, frying and soaking her enemies, in a wrathful flurry that quickly had the arena filled with corpses. They didn’t know what hit them and the woman mercilessly put them out of their misery, while the master only watched, stunned as his last few loyal friends were destroyed. The creatures were soon bleeding hit magma and lava, causing the hot temperature to rise even higher and not a single monster was spared. By the time that Lena was finished, nothing remained but the stench of death and the searing heat.

    In one final act of defiance, Lena would then fly over to where the queen was still tied up, pick her up and would then drop her into the pool of lava. The master roared with rage as his precious wife would sink into lava, her steam body becoming no more than that, before evaporating into nothing. That would only leave the two of them remaining and after a moment of silence, his eyes would darken, as he finally stood up from his throne and jumped into the arena himself, unfazed by the lava. He truly was a behemoth and a giant compared to her. The regal manner of which he had spoken before was now gone, replaced by seething rage and hatred. “You animal,” he spat, “Do you have no heart at all? You have destroyed an entire race for what? Money? Pride? Blood-lust? You do not deserve to live and it now falls upon me to avenge my friends. Listen well, runt. Once you are dead, this volcano will erupt, burying everything and everyone with ash and lava. Nothing will survive, except me. I will live on and remake this place in my image, while your head will be a permanent warning as to what happens to those who defy me. This is the end for you, kid.”

    “So now you want to fight?” Lena hissed, “If you had actually given a shit about them then you would have fought from the beginning but no, you sat on your throne like a pussy and let them die. You’re a piece of trash and every word you speak is pure horse shit. I’m sick of you and this fucking volcano, let’s get this over with so that I can finish this never ending job. There’s nothing else for us to say and I so badly wanna stick my axe so far up your ass that it’’s come out of your throat. No more words, let’s do this.”

    Charging forwards, her blood claws ready for battle, the woman would lash out with an opening barrage that would pepper the master with powerful slashes and strikes. He lacked the mobility to dodge and so simply countered with an immense slash of his own, knocking her backwards and almost out of the sky with the force of it. He wasn’t the master for nothing, after all and before she could lunge back in, he raised a hand to the sky, causing a meteor shower to come crashing down towards her. Lacking in shielding techniques, the best she could do to evade the massive attack was by turning into blood, causing the meteors to strike and batter the arena but leave her pretty much unharmed. It wasn’t a flawless defense and the searing heat of the lava covered floor stung but it was the only trick that she had to avoid the attack. Reappearing behind him, she’d draw her water bow and blast him with a powerful bolt, before darting in close and striking with a water infused kick, followed by a blood covered punch while he was stunned. An effective combination but not enough to finish him, as he simply laughed and swung around with an enormous punch, catching her in the stomach and hurling backwards into the arena wall.

    Taking the advantage, the master would open his mouth and unleash a mighty blast of flame that struck her head on, causing her to screech from the strength of the flames. It sent waves of pain throughout her body but also caused her the blood-lust to swell even further. A giggle would amazingly escape her lips and in answer to his breath attack, she’d open her mouth and unleash an enormous water and ice version, striking him directly and causing him to be knocked off of his giant feet. Lena began to truly wonder why he’d acted so stupidly earlier, given his strength but had to swiftly shake that thought out of her mind and she was quickly on the attack again. She surrounded herself with water and charged towards her foe, gaining speed and power until she crashed into him at full force, knocking them both backwards into the other side of the arena, breaking through the wall. As it turned out, the structure had been there for a reason other than just for staging fights but to protect those within from tumbling into the peak of the volcano. They were fighting on the precipice itself.

    Struggling for leverage, the two would desperately try to get to their feet, the heat reaching almost unbearable levels for the slayer. This was his playground, not hers and she was going to have to end it quickly, she knew that. Getting up first, she’d summon a rocket launcher and unleash a powerful spray of explosives that would home in and explode the moment they hit her foe, causing him to reel in pain and roll over, ever closer to the precipice. Another ability from the enormous weapon would crash into him, sending his enormous closer still. Desperately, he’d turn towards her and unleash a massive blast of flame, taking on the form of a man, with a massive pair of jaws that seemed to grin wickedly at her. There was little time to brace so Lena simply raised her hand and tried to negate the attack. The searing heat clashing against her powerful water, causing the precipice around them to start to rumble and shake. The confrontation only lasted moments but it felt like days to the slayer but finally, she was able to force the attack away from her, negating it completely.

    The drawback was that it had given the master time to stand up and recover. He was panting somewhat and his monstrous frame was beginning to show the cracks from the woman’s attacks but he wasn’t willing to die just yet. As for the mage, she was reaching her limits as the toll of using so much magic was beginning to dawn upon her. Never had she had to use so much during a mission and even a vampire could become tired eventually. Still, it was a feeling that she hadn’t felt for years and it pushed her onwards. Raising his arms, the master would summon a pair of flaming blades, before coming lumbering forwards towards her, his massive footsteps rather unsteady now. The volcano was close to erupting which caused a smile to cross his features. Time was running out.

    Shaking her head, the slayer would create a pair of ice edged daggers, before sprinting forwards into the fray again. They would fight toe to toe with their bladed weapons, the heat and ice splashing in all directions as they fought for that final and decisive blow. There were near misses a plenty but eventually, Lena was able to implant both of her daggers into the creatures chest, as he missed with a dual attack. The moment the blades made contact, ice would begin to flood through his body as the attack took effect and his body began to violently shake. He was finished and all that was left was for her to deliver the final blow.

    Jumping upwards, she’d then deliver a powerful slash across his face and neck, resulting in him screeching loudly. Struggling wildly against the ice as he felt it flow through him, he’d then thrash around, narrowly avoiding the retreating woman, before losing his balance and tumbling into the volcano below. His screaming became more desperate as he descended, with it suddenly being cut off as he hit the lava. All Lena could do for the moment was take a seat on the precipice and watch as the volcano shook one final time, before falling silent, as the eruption ceased. The clouds would part and warm sunshine would begin to peek through, now that the danger had passed. The mage had earned her final victory for the day, her mission was complete.

    Tired but pleased with her efforts, Lena would eventually take to the sky and return to the resort, her pathway back down being far simpler than the way up. The resort had been saved and not a single life had been lost, with the patrons living there all too happy to congratulate the slayer on her fine work. The owners of the place were just as pleased and gave her what was easily the biggest pay day of her life. They just kept giving her jewels until she couldn’t take any more, which was just perfect for her. She still didn’t think a whole lot of them in general but she was willing to put that aside for the sake of the money. They also promised her a free stay whenever she wished, which was also a nice little boost, one that she planned on using whenever she felt the need to unwind.

    What mattered to her most though was what happened next as after the owners and patrons left, it was simply her and Rosie left, sitting in one of the beautiful spas, relaxing after the events of the day. The fairy had kept her word and the two were finally able to share a few happy hours together, much to the slayer’s pleasure.

    “You did a good deed today, you know that right?” the blonde haired fairy chuckled, turning her gaze toward the slayer, “You might claim that you did it for the money but you’re just a softie at heart, Lena.”

    “If you believe that then you must be nuts,” Lena replied giggling, her eyes twinkling, “I did it for two reasons. One was for the cash and the other was so that we could have our fun, that’s it. Speaking of which...” Grinning, the slayer would swiftly move across the water and take the fairy into her bare arms, “I think it’s about time that we got a little closer.”

    “Oi! Lena!” The fairy complained although her tone quickly changed as the mage began to wrap her arms around her, “Honestly, everyone’s going to hear us if you don’t slow down a bit.”

    “Let them hear us,” the redhead answered, pulling the fairy into a kiss. Anything else that they said was drowned out by the pairs giggling and the sounds of the water.

    The fun and games would continue for most of the night and by the time that the two finally said their farewells, they’d both have a lot of fond memories to remember the other by. Their little date certainly hadn’t turned out the way that either of them had expected but it had only made the encounter more enjoyable. Fighting, frolicking and all the jewels that she could carry. What more could the red haired mage asked for? It’d certainly be quite the tale to regale her guild mates with and an adventure that she’d remember for a long time.

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