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    Post by Ahote 5th July 2020, 12:48 pm

    That day, Blanche approached Jericho in the guildhall, telling him that the Chairman wanted to see him in his office. Without hesitation, Jericho had followed her as she lead him to the second floor. As he stepped into the office, Jericho felt both unwelcomed and familiar with the room. He had been in there a few times before, but he always felt like an intruder when he walked in—like the distance between him and the door would always be smaller than the distance between him and the man behind the desk, the Chairman. He is sat in his chair, nursing a whiskey as he glanced up at Jericho's intrusion. For the most part, his expression is blank for with a hardness to his gaze.

    “Jericho,” the Chairman begins curtly, sitting up in his leather seat. “Glad you’re here. I have a job for you, should you choose to accept it.” He indicates for Jericho to take a seat and nudges a thick paper file across the mahogany desk. “Jaquez De Chellis. That’s your target, officially he’s the Chief Executive Officer of Culgate, it’s a company that specializes in Oral Health Care, however, that is just a front from his substance manufacturing. There was a recent incident with one of his factories, resulting in the death of his employees, stolen product, and the factory being burned down. One of our Clients was responsible for this, and would like us to ‘redirect’ his blame.” He paused, taking a sip of his whiskey before he continued.

    “There is another drug syndicate ran by Archibald Talluto, he and his faction are known rivals to the De Chellis family. Our client wants you to misdirect De Chellis so that he blames Talluto, with any luck they will take action against each other. Two birds, one stone as they say. The details are in the file, good luck and as always; Cover your tracks.

    Jericho, stoic as ever, said nothing during that entire exchange. Quiet and polite, Jericho was flipping through the thick stack of paper as it was slid over to him, although appearing as if skimming, picking apart details he knew he'd need. And just as the Chairman finished, so did Jericho as he flipped the file shut, standing up from his seat and beginning to make his way to the exit.

    "Of course, Chairman. As always," said Jericho, opening the door and stepping out onto the other side of it so that he would face his superior, dipping his head in farewell as he closed the door shut, "I was never there."

    The next day, Jericho had woken from his slumber abruptly. It was early in the morning, so much so that the sun had not even risen yet. Next to him in his bed was, well... someone. Nowadays, Jericho had been adding more and more to his plates of tasks and people to do, and somehow the workaholic was able to make time for it all. Between Boomslang, his guild, his friends, and his flings, there was little time left to spare for himself. But it's not like he minded. Quickly, he had shooed the person out of his chambers, and as soon as they left, he made arrangements to head for Talonia.

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