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    iLac Scavenger Hunt

    Aliarey Casady
    Aliarey Casady

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    iLac Scavenger Hunt Empty iLac Scavenger Hunt

    Post by Aliarey Casady on 25th June 2020, 8:37 am

    Job Info:

    Job Title: iLac Scavenger Hunt (1/4)
    Rank: C
    Job Location: Crocus
    Solo Word Count: 1,500
    Group Word Count: 3,000
    Additional Requirements: You must have an iLac to do this job
    Job Description: Out of the blue, you receive a message on your iLac from an unknown source. At first your iLac freezes when you go to read it, but the screen glows a soft pink color when you finally open the message.

    You have been selected to play a game. This game is simple, you must find all the items on the list. When you find them all, you’ll get a prize. The catch is… You have to use our app,Terminus, to track the items for the hunt.
    You need to find:
    ~ Four Bolts
    ~ Six Sidings
    ~ Twelve Screws
    ~ Screw Driver
    ~ Three Circuit Boards
    And finally
    ~ The instructions of how they go together and how your iLac works with it.

    After you find all the pieces and put them together, you’ll be able to play a game where you find little virtual creatures and can play it while you do your other jobs~! Where the items are, are completely up to you. Have fun hunting!

    Reward: C-Rank EXP, 15k Jewel, Access to Hidden Hints job, a new app on your iLac called ‘Terminus’, and the add-on you put together to play with!

    Job approval pending


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