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    Celestial Spirit Palaces: Atsuai's Love Shack

    Odhran Aegisbane
    Odhran Aegisbane

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    Celestial Spirit Palaces: Atsuai's Love Shack Empty Celestial Spirit Palaces: Atsuai's Love Shack

    Post by Odhran Aegisbane 27th May 2020, 11:16 pm

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    An oddly chilly wind blew past Odhran's face as he sat in the eye socket of the mammoth skull that marked the entrance into Elysium's city. Sin was a land of many contradictions. The torturous hellscape had been more akin to a home than anything that Odhran had seen before. It was a hell on earth, yet there was a strange pleasantness past all of the giant monsters, random pits into hell, and general suffering. Elysium's city was an oasis in the desert of misery, and Odhran reveled in its majesty.

    He felt arms wrap around his neck and a chin rest upon his left shoulder. "You always look so dreamy when you're like this, Od-chan~~" Atsuai's voice purred.

    "I would assume so. Daydreaming does often looking rather dream-y, yes."

    Atsuai giggled. How could someone be so dumb, yet so cute? "Ahaha! You always are such a tease with your jokes. It makes you oh-so-lovely." Atsuai ran her fingers across his chest. "I think you should sit down and relax with your greatest Spirit. Just some alone time between you and me in my own little corner of my own little realm."

    "Well, I could never pick favorite Spirits, Atsuai. That's a bit unfair. But... Scorpio had been talking about how he was arranging for all of you to have little pockets of the Celestial Spirit Realm to call your own. So... sure! I'll join you and see what you have to offer."

    Not exactly how I envisioned it to go, but... "Ooh, you're so lovely all the time, Od-chan~~ We should get going right away. Oh, and as a fair warning, you may want to... not wear as much. My own little play place is a little on the steamy side."

    Odhran slowly got to his feet, confused. "Then why not just turn down the temperature? It seems easy enough. Oh well. I can just fan myself off if I can get a bit warm."

    Atsuai tried her best to hide her frustration with the blockheadedness of her Keybearer, rather deciding to smile as a door materialized out of the air and Atsuai stepped in, Odhran following soon after. The interior of the door opened to a small room with wooden walls and a small genkan leading to yet another door. Atsuai removed her own geta, beckoning Odhran to do the same with his own shoes, before opening the door. Just as Atsuai had promised, the room was steamy, literally and figuratively. A light layer of steam covered the air in its mist, the lightest hints of pink dotting its otherwise white clouds. At the side of the rooms were what appeared to be people of all different sorts, and in various states of undress and drunkenness. At the sides of each room were many rooms marked with many labels, with the door at the end of the hall marking that there were more such as these beyond.

    "Just out of curiosity, what is this place?"

    Atsuai smiled, removing her robe to be revealed in a pair of short shorts and a tanktop. She giggled and cooed, "Why, this is my personal sauna. Atsuai's Love Shack, I so lovingly call it. The people you see here are... well, they are my little toys. Some wayward people get so lost in their pursuit of the afterlife, so, in exchange for a few favors, I can get them to come here. Otherwise I have other Spirits employed. Ones that haven't gotten a Keybearer yet, most of them."

    Almost as if on cue, a being with the signature of a Celestial Spirit, a woman with wings and a tail, fluttered besides Atsuai. "Milady, there's been a few people who've been especially naughty~~"

    Atsuai giggled, sending the girl off with a kiss and saying, "I'm a bit busy at the moment with Od-chan, so you can deal with him how you see fit." Her attention returned once more to Odhran. "Here in my Love Shack, I have a room for every single for of degenerate there is. You can take a look into any of them, my love. I'm sure you won't be disappointed in whatever you choose, but I have something special planned for you and only you.

    Odhran was intrigued. Not in the way one would expect of somewhere like this, no. Rather, he was curious what she meant by "whatever forms of degenerates." He picked a door at random, opening the wooden door to see [data has been redacting for the sake of family-friendly content. Have a safe and friendly visit.].

    "Oh my. To think you would go there immediately. I hadn't pegged you for the sort.

    "How do you find these things? Like, isn't that entirely illegal?"

    Atsuai giggled again, walking her fingers up Odhran's chest. "Why, yes. It most certainly is. That's why I did it. You enjoy the illegal things, right? After all, illegality is the first step to notoriety."

    Odhran smiled. "You certainly know how to play to a man's strengths, Atsuai."

    Especially for men as easy to manipulate as you. I do feel bad about this, Od-chan. "Ahaha, it's what I do best. Please, feel free to take a look through all of these rooms if you so choose. I'm sure you won't be disappointed."

    His curiosity and interest piqued, Odhran did as Atsuai asked and checked each and every single room before deciding to advance on, the mist growing thicker until it seemed to nearly be a fog.

    "I said it earlier, but there are a lot of strange things here. I mean, dolphins? And to think that such a thing was possible with exercise balls. I thought they were much too bouncy."

    Atsuai fidgeted a little. "Of course, Od-chan. I search for only the finest. After all, I don't want to disappoint my dearest Keybearer. Why, it would break my heart."

    "Seems a little dramatic. I mean, you did more than I could've asked for. Most of these things I didn't even know possible. And all of it is stuff you came up with?"

    "Well, most of it. Some of my wandering playmates came up with a few of these."

    "What about the one with the voodoo doll?"

    "So you liked that one? Well, that I'm proud to say was my own creation.

    Odhran smiled. "You are a master of creativity, Atsuai! I should learn more from you. Well, there are plenty more things to learn out there, aren't there? Well, let's so on then."

    Atsuai smiled, watching her Keybearer's figure as he advanced to the next section of her brilliant Love Shack.

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