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    KT-113 Azurewrath


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    KT-113 Azurewrath Empty KT-113 Azurewrath

    Post by Imai-chi 20th April 2020, 10:08 am

    KT-113 Azurewrath

    Mythical Weapon

    Automatic Crossbow

    Proof of purchase:
    April IOTM 2020

    This experimental weapon is a modified automatic crossbow embedded with Lacrima technology. Designed with optional arrows that deal spell damage over melee, its various arrows can provide various effects specifically manufactured for combat.

    KT-113 Azurewrath GQFl264


    Name: Projection Enhancement
    Rank: D+
    Category: Auxiliary
    Type: Passive
    Description: The wielder of this weapon will receives a passive buff of 65% to spell speed. The wielder also regens 5% MP per post, this regen does not affect the max MP regen cap and is calculated outside of total regen totals.

    Name: Shield Shot
    Rank: User Rank (Up to C)
    Category: Defensive
    Type: Burst, Buff, Anti-Piercing
    Durability: User Rank Burst Damage x3
    Range: User Rank Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The wielder shoots an arrow into the air within burst range, once it hits the ground the arrow will release a blue plasma-like stream of energy into the sky. The energy stretches outwards to create a dome around the area, shielding everything within it. This shield cannot be pierced by piercing attacks and once activated the wielder and all allies within its range receive an active user rank durability buff (Capped at C Rank) for the remainder of the ability's duration.

    Name: Barb Projectile
    Rank: User Rank (Up to B)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst, Debuff, Piercing
    Damage: User Rank Burst Damage
    Range: User Rank Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The wielder of the Crossbow shoots Barb projectiles, which are arrows that, instead of a pointed tip, have a small metal ball on the end. When fired at a target, this ball explodes, releasing thousands of tiny needles as it does so, dealing burst damage. If the spikes hit a shield, armor, or barrier they will pierce through at the cost of 50% of the ability's base damage. Anyone hit with the spikes will receive a user rank active debuff to spell damage for the remainder of the ability's duration.

    Name: Grappling Shot
    Rank: User Rank (Up to A)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Burst, Mobility, Immobilization
    Damage: User Rank Burst Damage
    Range: User Rank Burst Range
    Speed: User Rank Burst Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The wielder of the Crossbow shoots an arrow that is connected to a thin titanium wire. This wire is locked around the Crossbow itself and allows the wielder to use both the arrow as a weapon as well as the wire as a tool for capturing someone. By swinging the wire from the shot arrow around his target, the wielder can immobilize them for one post. This effect has a cooldown of one post, and the target must be hit again afterwards to be immobilized once more. The wielder can also use the wire and arrow as a grappling hook, latching onto physical objects to propel himself once per post at User Rank Burst Range and Speed.

    Name: Rain Of Arrows
    Rank: User Rank (Up to S)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Multi-Target, AoE, Burn
    Damage: User Rank Multi-Target Damage / User Rank AoE Damage
    Range: User Rank Multi-Target Range / User Rank AoE Range
    Speed: User Rank Multi-Target Speed / User Rank AoE Speed
    Duration: User Rank Max
    Description: The wielder of the Crossbow pulls down a handle with their thumb underneath the crossbow that allows it to hold up to five arrows at once. Each arrow holds a stick of unlit dynamite on them, and these five arrows can be aimed at and shot at five different targets independently. The wielder of the crossbow can decide to ignite the dynamite beforehand or not, which allows him to either shoot five normal arrows at the targets or shoot five explosive arrows at them. If the arrows' dynamite is lit, then they will explode upon impact and deal User Rank AoE Damage. Only one type of Spell Damage can be dealt per post. If not, then the arrows will just deal User Rank Multi-Target Damage. Either way, the arrows will, if successfully hitting their targets, take away 5% of the targets' HP per post for the rest of this ability's duration.

    Name: AP Drill Shot
    Rank: User Rank (Up to H)
    Category: Offensive
    Type: Single-Target, Charge, Piercing
    Damage: Charges 50% of User Rank Single-Target Damage + 25% per post charged up to max 2.5x Damage"
    Range: User Rank Single-Target Range
    Speed: User Rank Single-Target Speed
    Duration: 5 Posts Max
    Downside: Sacrificed one Effect Slot for 25% more Damage
    Description: The wielder of the Crossbow pulls the string as far back as possible before equipping a drill-formed arrow on to it. The string is then pulled a bit further back by the Crossbow's own, automatic system which builds up strain and pressure each post until the user releases the powered arrow. The arrow will begin drilling midair and uses this along with its drill-like fashion to pierce through shields and armors by sacrificing 50% of its Damage. It has sacrificed an Effect Slot for +25% more Damage.


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    KT-113 Azurewrath Empty Re: KT-113 Azurewrath

    Post by Ray Jyx 25th April 2020, 3:50 am


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