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    IIC (Imai)


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    IIC (Imai) Empty IIC (Imai)

    Post by Imai-chi 20th April 2020, 10:06 am


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    April IOTM 2020

    IIC stands for Infinite Improbability Chronometer. A guy was just handing these out at a sci-fi convention in Magnolia Town, claiming each one would "get anyone who wound it into their own space station somewhere out in the universe". It was a very specific way he always said it, and he had a reason. The person using an IIC never actually physically moves. The universe around them does, and the person simultaneously exists in every location in every dimension of the universe for just a moment before they suddenly only exist in one place again: the space station. Other than that, the man couldn't- or wouldn't- explain why several IICs existed, why the space stations were just empty and floating around, or why he didn't have the actual coordinates to any of them, or anything even near them. Each IIC he handed out looked identical, but they always led to their individual designated stations. There was no more information than that. Eerie, right? Still, what harm can there be in investigating? Maybe the mystery as to why they were abandoned can be solved ... for better or for worse. Might at least be a nice place to hide yourself or your stuff ...

    IIC (Imai) ELiF6LK

    IIC (Imai) JI8tcSJ


    Name: So Long!
    Description: By winding the watch exactly forty-two times, the user and anything they touch will be zapped out of Earthland and immediately into their own personal space station. Asking the watch "What's the ultimate question?" will send the user back to the exact spot they warped from. Whether any time passes on Earthland while they are gone depends on if the user lets the watch tick on while on the station or not. Also, when they first arrive either in the space station or back in Earthland, the user could experience some infinitely improbable side effects which might either temporarily change the environment around them or their own physical selves. There's also a surprisingly high improbable probability of a giant whale keeping you company for at least thirty seconds. He can talk, but he's quite baffled by his sudden pop into existence, doesn't know he's a whale, and is gone before he can get used to it all. The user must have OOC permission to use this ability on a player character, a player-owned NPC or an Event NPC.


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    IIC (Imai) Empty Re: IIC (Imai)

    Post by Shen Kadokawa 22nd April 2020, 10:41 am

    IIC (Imai) 7A0mzdb



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