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    ADVENTUUUUURE! Oh...and saving sacrifices...

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    ADVENTUUUUURE! Oh...and saving sacrifices... Empty ADVENTUUUUURE! Oh...and saving sacrifices...

    Post by Supreme One Magnus 10th April 2020, 3:49 am



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    Job Information: Save the Sacrifices!
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    For better or for worse, today would be the first time Magnus was responsible for the safety of another member of the guild - a new guy named Sojiro Sakura, who was an alien or something - and he was taking this surprisingly seriously, although it was hard to tell if that was due to the level of responsibility that was on his shoulders right now, the fact that he'd no idea what his guildmate was even capable of - he'd not been allowed to fight him - or if it was due to the nature of the job they'd taken; they'd had to travel to a place called Desierto outside of Fiore to try and stop some lunatic from sacrificing innocent people to summon a demon. Whatever the case, Magnus was not his usual cheery self.

    As the unlikely duo stepped off of the boat that they'd travelled on, they were met by a well-dressed albeit lightly dressed individual, someone who'd clearly prepared for the scorching heat. "You are both the Fairy Tail mages I presume?" he asked. Magnus nodded. "I am Magnus Gyre, and this is Sow-jee-row Sah-koo-rah" he replied, trying his best to get his companion's name right.

    The well-dressed man raised an eyebrow at the wild man's attempt but continued on nonetheless. "Grand. I assume you know the situation but I will clarify it to ensure there is no confusion; there is a madman named Bladdi Maccoi who has kidnapped a group of people from the town not far from here. He's currently travelling due east through the deserts. We know from experience that he has a fascination with demon-kind and we fear he may be intending to sacrifice those people in an attempt to summon one such monstrosity. We lack the magical man-power to handle the situation and thus we have turned to you." the man explained. Magnus understood most of the words, enough to understand the situation at least. "Due East..." he muttered and looked from side to side. One side had more town whilst the other was desert, so it made sense that the latter was East according to the man's information.



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