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    The Artist of A Hundred Names Part 1


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    Completed The Artist of A Hundred Names Part 1

    Post by MoRueran 7th April 2020, 8:58 pm

    While not very intelligent in most aspects of modern life-- what with the advent of modern mobile technology running in tandem with magic-- Martian Moonie took a distinct liking to Art and its various methods of creation. One artist, in particular, caught his attention when he came upon a large painting that depicted a bustling central road of a much younger Magnolia. In such painstaking detail, the creator of the piece perfectly captured a single moment in the town's past that almost looked ready to move forward. The artist's name was Northerns Astraea Constello, who was likely well into his elder years by now. On his off days, Mars would simply look at this piece and others made by Mr. Constello for hours, with other display exhibits being either confusing modern art pieces or were equally surreal abstract paintings made by individuals who may or may not have been off their rockers when they made the very works that would immortalize their names long after they were gone.

    It didn't seem to dawn on Mars that his quest to becoming the strongest being in existence was ultimately a futile journey doomed to fail, as he too would grow weaker and more feeble the more he aged. Although absurdly ignorant of his own looming predicament, he came to see and appreciate how Art could enable anyone to display a powerful and almost unkillable strength. Ideas were, in a sense, invincible, impervious to the passages of time while the countless many who foster and contribute to such ideas would fall into obscurity. It would be to Mars's surprise that he would take on a request made by the very daughter of Mr. Constello to help her watch over him as he was no longer in his right mind and tended to wander out of the house. As it were, the once acclaimed artisan was now considered a Great grandfather, the very first of his great-grandchildren were a set of triplets who were now a year older today.

    Easterly Constello-Aria, or "Granny Ester" as she's been fondly called by some local kids, had her own ailments to deal with, and her children were currently very preoccupied tending to the needs of the newborn infants. As such, she took it upon herself to put up a request for assistance in her routine care of her father. "Ah... you must be the help I requested...", with shaky hands, the old lady slowly reached into her purse and took out both a piece of candy and what amounted to half of the pay for her commission, "A little something to start ya off and the rest for later..." Granny Ester explained that her father began exhibiting strange behavior recently and has taken to shutting himself inside of his private study. What recent news she heard of her father last time was that her daughter, during a rare moment that she was free from tending to her babies, caught a glimpse of Northern glaring intently at a blank canvas.

    After much of the day was spent making sure that Old Man North didn't up and wander off somewhere, Mars was given the rest of his pay and another piece of candy along with another job offer should he be willing to. Nodding eagerly in acceptance, the apprentice baker said his goodbyes before he scurried back to his own home. Adding to the stockpile of jewels he was building up, Martian found the prospect of being paid to look at art and watch over the actual artist as an ideal setup.

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