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    Hello Everyone


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    Hello Everyone Empty Hello Everyone

    Post by s6vlamos on 17th March 2020, 12:08 pm

    Hey everyone. A few things about me first. I have been roleplaying for about 4 years in other forums before life and work got in the way and forced me to stop 6 years ago. I was always itching to start again since I have a lot more time on my hands nowadays but I never made that final step and actually post something. You could say I was afraid to commit to a new project only to have the rug pulled from under my feet yet again.
    All of those concerns and insecurities however would end today! The Greek Government, in an attempt to contain the recent virus outbreak, took the decision to close down all businesses and pretty much force everyone to stay at home for the foreseeable future. In these troubling and uncertain times however I decided to look the glass as half full and take it as a sign that I should start roleplaying again. I first tried to visit my old stomping grounds but, to my dismay, all of them have closed. So I searched around for new home until I arrived here. I am a big fan of the Fairy Tail franchise and have roleplayed in a FT setting in the past so it was perfect.
    I haven't checked yet most of the stuff here or how exactly people get recruited to the different guilds or factions so use this thread to say hello it send me a PM if you are interested in roleplaying with me. I haven't made my character yet but that will happen later today after I thoroughly read the character creation process of the forum. If any of you get in touch before I finish I'm willing to make any changes that would make my character fit more with the theme of any guild or faction. I'll also try to use the discord channel you have here since I'm not very familiar with discord in general. Frankly speaking im here to have fun and take my mind off things so I hope you welcome me to this great place you have built for yourselves.

    tl;dr version I'm here to have fun with everyone!

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    Hello Everyone Empty Re: Hello Everyone

    Post by Wren on 17th March 2020, 12:33 pm


    I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy our little community here! <3

    If you join the discord and have any questions, we have a questions channel where you can ask the staff to answer any questions you have about the site stuff, but even if you don't, we have a Staff Questions Thread you can utilize as well <3



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    Hello Everyone Empty Re: Hello Everyone

    Post by Johann on 17th March 2020, 12:35 pm

    Yeah, I feel you on the virus-front. Regardless, I hope you can enjoy your stay here. The forum is honestly pretty fun and easy-going. Still, if you need any help getting started, take a look at the New User Guide if you haven't already, as there is some potentially useful information in there that can assist you in your endeavors. If you have any questions, I would recommend joining the discord server, as our staff team has a pretty much constant presence in there and we have a dedicated questions channel designed to answer any question you might have.

    As for the process of joining a guild, once you make your character you can pretty much freely join any of the open guilds you can find here on the guild information page, which gives you a general overview of all guilds as well as information such as links to their guides. After that, most guilds generally use guild intros, i.e. a roleplay thread where you rp your character seeking out and joining the guild with other guild members, aces, or the guild masters helping out in-character. I hope that helps.

    If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me or the other members of staff for advice. That said, though ...

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