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    [APPROVED] Seijin


    The Panda

    The Panda

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    Panda [APPROVED] Seijin

    Post by Seijin 17th February 2012, 4:23 am

    Seijin's Magic

    Seijin is known as the legendary Wizard that can be traced back to the start of the Magic World. This makes it so that Seijin has a vast experience of Magic. Seijin is a master of all arts, from swordsmanship to martial arts. At around X100, Seijin was praised as a God. It is said that Seijin has an infinite amount of Magic Power thus causing him to be able to create anything he wished. Omnipotence, and Omniscience.


    X-Rank: Roast You In Public
    H-Rank: Destroy Your Ego
    S-Rank: IP Ban
    S-Rank: Ban
    S-Rank: Spam Your E-Mail
    A-Rank: Release Your IP
    A-Rank: Steal All Your Jewels
    A-Rank: Delete Account
    B-Rank: Suspend Account
    B-rank: Change Your Username
    B-Rank: Give You Jewels
    B-Rank: Create Guild
    B-Rank: Create Magic
    C-Rank: Create Spells
    C-Rank: Create Artifacts
    C-Rank: Create Items
    C-Rank: Create Lacrima and other Magic Items
    C-Rank: Become A Dragon
    C-Rank: Become A Demon
    C-Rank: Create Events
    C-Rank: Cause Armageddon
    C-Rank: Remove All Your Items
    D-Rank: Sit On You

    General Abilities

    Panda Magic
    This magic is so powerful that no being in any universe is capable of grasping the idea of how epic this magic is. Like seriously dude.

    [APPROVED] Seijin Ninja-panda

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