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    Seijin Job

    Jiyu Kazehime

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    Seijin Job

    Post by Jiyu Kazehime on 2nd February 2017, 8:28 pm

    A man crossed her in the streets as she went around on sphere island, he was large and rather gruff looking. Yet one should not mistake gruff for intimidating because the features on his face were smooth and his pale yellow eyes were soft, black hair framing his face in such a way that it was given the heart shape visage more often seen on female’s. Actually, if it wasn’t for his thick muscles, his body quadruple her width and the fact he was somewhere nearing seven feet? One might mistake him for an actual chick, since he was even wearing something akin to a dress, an item she had not bothered reading on in long enough that she simply forgot what it was called. Anyways it did not take long for the man to realize she had glanced at him, Jiyu was a pretty easy to pick out sort of girl, considering her clearly not human attributes and general appearance “Didn’t you used to be a rising star” that was the first thing he had to say about someone staring at him without any clear or known reason? Would not be her first response for sure, she would much prefer launching a spell to make some distance and asking questions later. However the wind user guessed each to their own, lifting one hand so her clawed fingertips just touched the black lines gracing her cheeks. “Yeah, so what about it?” Honestly she wished that would not be what had been focused on, it had been some time since she graduated the rank and now she felt somewhat useless because she had not made wizard saint yet. Once, she had promised her Mother she would achieve that dream, do it swiftly so she could open the older woman’s final letter, but it had not happened and she felt bad about it, being asked about her time as a rising star, only reminded herself she was secondary once more. Heck, she wasn’t even an Ace in her guild anymore! Though she’d given it up willing to protect everyone from herself, back when her darker magic, inugami magic, started to emerge and threatened to overtake her very sanity. The cost of her sanity, the full control she now had over those abilities was a weight holding her down, another piece of baggage thrown into her already heavy heart, making her hate her own reflection because her best friend had died for her, sacrificed herself to save the life of someone who honestly might not have done the same. “You name was Jiyu kazehime, right?” This time she was thankful for the intrusion of his voice, it provided the distraction she had suddenly needed, a piece of light to help the woman sprint out of her darkness. The male’s voice asking a very simple question? Was a foot hold, part of a ladder she had needed desperately when he threw the lifesaver she was about to go searching through the streets for. “I already told you that I am myself, what the hell do you want from me prick.” yet she did not respond as if she was grateful for what he had just done for her, the blessing he had given her by not letting her rot inside of her own head until someone bumped into her. Instead? She got snippy and defensive, because it was the only way she really knew to protect herself, the best way she understood to do it. “Calm down bitch.” oh so now he was trying to throw insults….. the slightly angered expression on his face told that story very clearly as she arched her back and leaned back causing her considerable chest to bounce drawing his gaze. Instantly? She called him a pervert in her head, but she already thought that about most men anyways, so it was nothing of importance, but he was looking at her black skin tight halter top a little too closely for her comfort. “I know I am, so your insult is secondary if that.” maybe she should have also told him to watch what his optics tried to consume, but she figured that was not the wisest course of action, clearly she did not need to try to start a fight in the middle of the street on her guild master. Izayuki? Had earned Jiyu’s respect enough to keep the rowdy, wild canine partly in line, keep her from going entirely out of control. “Seriously? I thought a legit dog would take more offense.” damn how dim could this guy be, thinking stating the truth was offensive he was entirely the dimmest bulb in the box and maybe if she felt like starting shit she would tell him that. However for now she felt the need to set the record straight before he tried to convince someone else to use that as an insult. “What is a female dog called?” the confusion in those muddled optics, the lemony things, it was priceless to her and she got somewhat high off it so to speak, smirking as she looked at his quizzical expression. For a little while the wind user let things sit, her canine tail wagging, watching him squirm in front of her, a grin never ending on her face, almost chesire like. “A bitch” eventually he came up with the right response like a child whose teacher stood there until the student gave the correct answer, she was proud of him in spite of not knowing who he was besides for this meager interaction. “What Am I?” now she wanted to see if he could finish himself off, go the rest of the way to the finish line. This time the dress clad man responded tons faster with a confident tone. “You're a dog girl, a bitch.” the female laughed slightly, cocking her head to the side, one hand on her hip the other smoothing down her hair down to the line of her cleavage. “Good boy.” and that was an insult on how long it had taken him to get this far.

    “So who are you anyways.” she really came up with the statement as an afterthought as they leaned against the railing designed to keep people from falling into the sea or something. Of course? There was a good ten feet between them, due to her fear of being touched by a man without her permission, but still it was good to banter around with someone and he had been fun. Black hair ruffled in the wind and from the movement of his head towards the scantily clad mage. “I’m Armel, and of course I already know your Jiyu.” he laughed in good laughter, watching as she got up to stand on the railing, arms open inviting the wind to try and knock her down, something Kazehime knew would never happen because it loved her as much as she loved it. The only other thing in her heart besides the weight and Black Rose, Marschal? Was the wind, it owned her body even though this solid form had given to her by another. She trembled slightly, sitting down on the rail before she could cause herself to fall. “What, something wrong with you girlie?” the mage laughed slightly at his well meant comment, she could never tell someone that she was not alright, because it would be an insult on the mage who gave her life so that she may live once more. Thus, the wind user leaned forward slightly, hair falling over her shoulder as she looked at him with her saddened mismatched gaze. “I’m alright.” of course it was easy for anyone else to see in that moment, Jiyu was anything but alright, that she needed some sort of distraction but would not admit it. Some people’s pride was there down fall, and it was very likely the wind user’s would one day end up the death of her. Though let’s leave how someone dies to the black of things no one know’s, kay? “You need something interesting to do kid?” he was older than her for sure, but the woman had not been called a child in so long, heck it was not even really true anymore, especially since she was ageless right now. Yet Kazehime did not correct the male but stared at him quizzically, kicking one leg as if asking him to keep speaking instead of her giving him something else verbal to respond to. Luckily her hint was taken “There is this fighting tournament in town” she could suspect easily more that his motives were not entirely pure, it smelled like there was going to be another punchline to this whole thing. Against her better judgement she leaned forward, flipping over the bar and doing a handstand on it, looking at him upside down, easily able to see he was much more interested in her striped panties. “And what will I have to do for you in exchange for this?” nothing was without cost, ever, she had learned that long ago as a little ship hopping rat, very young, so she was not about to get suckered into a deal that she did not truly understand.

    The man looked caught, sighting as he leaned over the rail, away from the tempting sight of a woman in a halter top and skimpy skirt doing a handstand. “So there is a decent amount more to it?” instantly she pressed on him, wanting to know just what she would be agreeing to for a few minutes of solace outside of slumber and her own personal realm. In an effort to occupy herself as she waited for the sissy’s response the female lifted one of her two hands from the railing, both supporting and balancing her weight on one hand, almost flawlessly, barely a single wobble as she did this. “Not a lot, but I haven’t much cash flow recently and the torment is one you can bet on.” as she heard him admit it the female looked slightly huffy, one of her legs pulling down so her knee touched her chin as the other went out sideways. Doing gymnastics on a seaside railing of a sheer drop off? Was perfectly sensical. “So you want to bet on me in blind faith that I would win?” the female laughed about it, because truly even if she lost she would not be the major loser if he did bet on her, there was much more risk involved for the man if that was what he desired to do. Waiting for his response Jiyu pushed her hand up off the rail and shot the other one down to grab the rail again, switching the position of her legs once more. Honestly she was curious as to what this man really wanted here, because he was the one with something to lose, it was not adding up to Jiyu. “Well I couldn’t pay you unless you made it to the semi finals.” she had not even been aware he was offering her a job alongside a distraction, in curiosity she walked along the bar on her hands, closer to the thoughtful man. “So I can even get payed, if I just beat some people up?” the female commented, finally letting her leg’s come down, carefully coming to sit perched on the railing again. “Basically, thought this is a very dangerous competition.” Jiyu quirked an eyebrow at him begging the man to go on an explain to her why this was very dangerous, more so than other contests. “Not all of the contestants are human.” he covered his mouth instantly upon noticing his words could be interpreted as offensive considering Kazehime was clearly not human herself.

    “Bet on me than, I might find a partner thought, so if I do make sure to bet on both of us.” the female smirked as she leaped off the railing back to solid ground. The shocked look on his face? Was priceless and she chuckled as her legs carried off to see if she could find someone to do this task with. Not that Jiyu needed anyone else! However these things did become much easier and less strainful on her body if she had someone to stand on the front lines while she dropped her ranged spells on them.



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    Re: Seijin Job

    Post by Seijin on 4th February 2017, 5:29 pm

    Seijin stabs Jiyu and sends her to the shadow realm.


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