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    Twilight Time (Part 1)


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    Completed Twilight Time (Part 1)

    Post by MoRueran 19th February 2020, 8:13 pm

    Twilight Time pt. 1

    A brisk nightly wind wafted through the leaves as Martian Moonie made his way to the beginnings of a forest that was near Magnolia. The apprentice baker decided to take on a task that was posted on a Wizard Commissions Board by an anonymous party requesting for assistance in some reconnaissance run. The job posting was made fairly recently and has likely come into existence due to both a rise in people disappearing and sightings of strange figures fully adorned in armor. The earliest signs went unnoticed, as the initial victims were mainly vagrants or reclusive antisocial types, and it wasn't until a paperboy who was fairly known in the neighborhood went missing that a greater degree of concern was fostered. While an air of tension and paranoia arose, many worrying over who might be the next victim or if the perpetrator was among them, business went on as usual.

    It seems that this day of all days, an event was being held where various individuals of repute and power gathered for a celebration of sorts. Martian's boss Billiam Feyson happened upon this piece of information thanks to a friend he knew who worked at the area where the whole shin-dig was taking place. What did an extravagant party being held by high-profile people have to do with the increased disappearances and strange wandering knights? The majority of those present were powerful wizards which, due to their absence, caused some unknown threat to become more emboldened. This was made clear when Mars finally managed to spot a cave in one of the hills where two figures fully fitted in armor were standing guard while some vaguely familiar strangers were carrying wooden crates into the cavernous opening that probably served as an entrance into a network of tunnels.

    The spectating apprentice baker jolted as he felt something tap his shoulder, causing the crimson mad-lad to spin around, only to see a nervous-looking guy in a brown and green camouflage suit as he gestured for Mars to keep quiet. In a low whisper, the shifty-eyed man-- no younger than his early 30s perhaps-- breathed a sigh of relief before he gave the younger interloper further instructions to his task, "G-Good... like y-you're not one of th-them... f-follow me...". Some time was spent getting as far away from the hill as possible, with the anxious stranger spending every minute of his travels in fear and paranoid that he might be caught by whatever was present at the hill. Only when they entered through the gates of Magnolia and entered into a small out-of-the-way restaurant did the man heave a sigh of relief. Now more relaxed, the supposed client placed his green camouflage hat on the table, revealing his short messy brown hair and stubble of a beard. Overall, he was taller fellow than Mars, and rather lanky, appearing like someone who was prone to accidents despite the nimble swiftness of his movements during their return trip.

    "Thanks for the help over there buddy", with a cheerful start, the stranger quickly took hold of Mars by one of his hands and shook it vigorously, "the name's Sharr Gabald Egress... or Shaggy for short... what you did for me just made you a hero in my book". A waitress soon came over and then gave the two a couple of menus, with Shaggy's eyes lighting up in obvious glee, "Ho-ho boy I'm starving enough to eat everything on the menu". Pausing for a moment, the older man took a quick look at Mars before adding, "Can't tell fill ya in on an empty stomach, some chow now and then the nitty-gritty after". What soon followed was a literal gorge fest from both of the dining oddballs, the young manchild centering his appetite on the fried foods like fries, mozzarella sticks, and onion rings while Shaggy actually followed through as he ordered and easily ate everything on the menu twice over.

    "Ok... ugh... the stuff going down there is...", the man took the time to stop and let out another belch, "it's like really heavy over there man". Long story short, Sharr and his four other associates were a meddlesome group of concerned citizens who were quick to notice the earlier disappearances and were even more expedient at taking action when some of their friends and family started turning up missing. From what he's learned, there was supposedly a small group of guildless mages who banded together to create a criminal market and started calling themselves the Knights of Shaded Heavens. It seems their rendezvous beneath the blue led to their base of operations being located in the hills. The missing townsfolk were likely either kidnapped or somehow coerced into helping them through some means, but to what end even Sharr didn't know.

    "Here, like, take this as a downpayment because I really need some help with this". Like that, Mars finished the job. At least until he was needed again. As for Sharr, he went off to rejoin his group after they were forced to split up to escape capture.

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