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    Part-Time Delivery Boy

    Chili Thompson
    Chili Thompson

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    Completed Part-Time Delivery Boy

    Post by Chili Thompson 18th July 2017, 7:50 pm

    Chili sighed, he hadn't been in the Magnolia town not more than twenty minutes and he was lost. He had entered the town around ten-thirty in the morning in the hopes of finding the market area and some how instead of ending there he found himself walking down a street headed south passing houses, apartments, and a pub every once and while. Coming to a stop for a second Chili whispered to himself “Well I could ask for directions or just keep walking and following signs until I find the market.” Lifting his right hand up to scratch his lower jaw slightly. “Or I could find a place to eat........nah I'll get fresh ingredients. For now, I need to keep moving after something to eat I'll get to see what jobs I can get around town. Once I buy a map of this place, of course, don't want to get lost again.” He finished his voice now a low thinking mutter. Chili was drawn out of his thought when he heard a voice behind him yell out. Turning around Chili came to see that the source of the voice was a shorter portly looking middle aged man a few meters away from him. He was wearing a gray uniform shirt with gray pants and a black belt. “You there young man! Can you help me, my mail truck broke down a few houses down and I still have thirty houses to deliver mail to! Could you help me deliver what I have left, I put them in a mail bag and brought them with me.” The man who was now identified as the mail man hastily pleaded “I have very little money, however, I will pay you what I can. Just meet me at my truck when you are done.”  Chili shrugged his shoulders, completely fine with taking on the task and replied smoothly “Sure thing, a few extra jewel always helps and I take it you have a map and a list of your route I can use, so I know where I'm going and who I deliver to.”
    “Yes I do, here take it, the bag and get sprinting.” The mailman quickly said, while stretching out both hands, holding a small map and a list in one and the mail satchel in the other towards, Chili. Chili snatched up the three items, threw the strap of the satchel over his shoulder and took off down the road. “Ok if I'm following this list and map correctly I just head straight south down this road, where I'll reach a four-way intersection and take a left turn left. Hitting houses on both sides of the road as I go.” Chili thought to him self-having passed the mail mans truck couple meters back and was approaching his first house. The mail box was a little version of the house with a yellow flag on the left side of it. He flipped down the front, pulled out the bundle of letters mailed to this address and slid them inside. As he closed the mailboxes front, Chili heard the flapping sound of a doggy door being opened. He glanced up at the house to see a very angry looking chocolate lab. “Good boy, no need to come after me.” Chili said in a calm manner as he began walking down the street again. As he made his way further down the dog rain down to the mail box, turned, and started doing nothing more than barking in Chili's direction. Chili smiled in relief, fine with being yelped at rather than having to worry about not hurting someone's dog while it tries to bite you. As he continued down the path he made good time delivering to the remaining houses and apartments. With not much more animal interruption either. Thirty-five minutes later, Chili returned to where the truck had been to find the mail man there. Walking up to the truck Chili set down the satchel in the back and put the two pieces of paper on top of it “I delivered all your mail. I'll take my pay, and I'm a bit in a rush.” Chili said walking up to the man, reaching out his hand for the jewels. The man gave Chili his reward and his thanks. Chili simply nodded his head at the mail man and said “No problem.” Chili began walking down the street away from the mail truck, having memorized the map he was given Chili was on his way to the market area to get some ingredients.

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