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    Chapter 1.4: Mail never fails


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    Chapter 1.4: Mail never fails Empty Chapter 1.4: Mail never fails

    Post by Rainer 19th February 2020, 8:49 am

    Magnolia pissed him off more than most other towns he'd been to since leaving home. The people that lived here had no idea how hard some people had it. All the laughing, random festivals, friendly people-- he wasn't ignorant to the fact that some of these people had their own struggles and perhaps were putting on a mask, but to be able to put on a mask was a sign that it wasn't so bad, in his opinion. This wasn't a depressed town, where all the ways to make a living had dried up leaving those too poor to move behind to rot.

    More to the point, he was especially enraged by Magnolia Town because this was the very town the escapees of his home had left to go to. In his eyes, no matter how irrational, Magnolia and its promises of happiness and fresh bread and safe buildings had murdered his town. It had basically murdered his mother and sister. They were still alive, but just barely. They were also the very reason that even someone as prideful as Rainer was stepping foot in this town despite his feelings on it. His ill family needed money, and right now some schmuck in Magnolia wanted to hire him to deliver something. He'd do it, but he wasn't happy about it, which was obvious from his wide-legged gait full of aggressive attitude and the balled fists shoved deep into his slouchy pants' pockets.

    The message to his iLac said the mailman was stuck on a street toward the edge of town. In time he located it, kicking the dead truck's bumper hard enough to scare the older man inside. He hopped out with a bag, limping toward the blond boy to hand it over and explain how to deliver. That explained why the guy couldn't just get out of the truck and deliver them himself. Rainer had assumed it was just a complacent Magnolian. Snatching the satchel moodily, he stalked off down the street. It was easy enough. He knew how mail worked, and there weren't too many houses. He grew more pissed off at hor nice and big these houses were, with their well-manicured lawns and sturdy structures with wooden decorative bits.

    The place he grew up was barely more than a shack. It was all of two rooms. There was the living space where their three beds were up against walls, serving as a place to sleep and rest and eat. The stove at the center was used for warmth and to cook. The second room was the bathroom, which they felt themselves lucky to have since others within their dying town had to go outside to find such amenities. Rainer never thought he was the jealous type, but he was proving himself sorely mistaken.

    Within a half-hour he was finished and returning the empty bag to the man waiting in the truck. Rainer refused to speak since he knew nothing nice would come out, and honestly, he just wanted the chicken scratch pay that was promised. Five thousand jewel wasn't a lot, but when desperate like him, it was better than nothing.



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