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    Post by Chelvaric 11th January 2015, 5:03 am

    Pein walked into mangolia for his next job. This time the job was a bit weirder. Apearently this man needed a letter delivered to a person. This person was his school friend but also a very famous person. For some reason he couldn’t deliver the letter to the person and he hired pein in for that reason. He found it a bit weird. But it wasn’t his place to question the job. He had to think of a plan to go inside the stage without that a guard sees him. He thought he had a trick for that. he had to do something so the guards would be busy with something else. He thought his skeleton would be great for that. but first he had to walk to the stage. Not that it was that hard. There were loads of girls running past him to the same place. Not only that but they were wearing the same tshirts and had mostly the same banners. It wear all the name of jacky. Jacky was a new singer who got very popular recently. Mostly young girls were crazy from him. Pein didn’t really get this commotion around one person. Anyway he needed a girl for his plan so he walked in a ally and shouted at one of the girls. “You there I got back stage passes for zackys show you wane buy them.’, he said to one of the girls passing by. She screamed, “yes mister!” and then came closer in to the ally. Pein quickly chomped her neck making her go sleep. He then took a couple of her clothes and the banner. He did lay a blanket on her so she wouldn’t get cold. She was a victim in this all after all.

    Pein walked through the street and ended up at the stage of the concert. It was really huge with a lot of light mages on the top of it to give special effects. He tried to look for the back entrance as he needed to get in zacky’s room. He walked through the crowd of people toward the stage. He really hated all these sweaty loud people. He finally could get through and saw a door with two guys standing in front of it. That was probably the door to the back stage. Okay now for the distraction he thought. He separated himself a bit from the crowd and started to draw some blood of his arm. Time to get his blood line to work. He let it fall on the ground and not much later a circle appeared. Out of this circle a skeleton started to rise. This was his companion for a short while now. He dressed the skeleton in the girls clothes and gave him the banner. After that he gave the skeleton the instructions to rush the stage. The skeleton did as he was asked and the girls waiting seemed to get the idea of what the girl was doing and joined the skeleton in rushing the stage. As all the guards were busy keeping the girls in check he could easily slip into the back stage. It wasn’t to hard to find zackys room. He slipped the letter on his desk and then left the building before anybody noticed him. Well it was an annoying job but it wasn’t that difficult.


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