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    Through the silver haze

    Miyu Strasalli
    Miyu Strasalli

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    Through the silver haze Empty Through the silver haze

    Post by Miyu Strasalli 9th February 2020, 10:33 am

    Miyu tugged her jacket tighter as she pushed her way through the snow. She was lucky that she had the sense to ask for directions in the nearby town, if not for them then she wouldn't have found the path and would have been stuck wandering through the piles of snow. A glance to her side showed that it was a much better idea to follow the path, it had almost no snow and was brightly lit. No reason to take the dangerous path before she even made it to the guild...

    The guild! Miyu felt the excitement bubble within her. She was finally going to join the Silver Wolf wizards guild. After working for so many years of work her goal was finally within reach, she was about to go and apply to be a member of the guild that was one of the top research guilds in all of Fiore. It was good that it was so cold out, she could blame her shaking on the cold and not from her excitement. A glace up showed the snowstorm that she had read about, apparently it protected the guild from threats alongside some wolf spirits. If she wanted to get to the guild she would have to prove herself to the wolves, and of course she had no idea what that would entail. Her best bet would probably to prep her summoning stones in case she needs to fight, Ifrit would probably be her best bet in that scenario... His flames could be strong in cases like that. Or maybe she could go for a kinder approach and summon Sedna? She helped Miyu talk her way out of plenty of bad situations in the past.

    Her contemplation was forced to stop when she noticed that she was getting incredibly close to the storm, it was time to show them that she was good enough! Taking a deep breath, she sucked in some snowflakes and began to cough. After taking a moment to remind herself how to breath she stepped into the storm. The snow that whipped passed her stung her eyes, she was beginning to regret not bringing any form of eye protection. But there was no point worrying about that now, she just had to keep going. A few minutes passed with only the sound of the snow whipping passed her, until she noticed a blue shape in the distance. That shape slowly grew larger and larger until she realised that it was a glowing blue wolf running towards her. It must be one of the guardians that she had heard about... She stopped in her tracks, raising her hands to protect her face from the snow while looking the wolf in the eyes when it got close enough. This was the first test and she refused to run at the first hurdle.

    It simply stared at her for a moment before turning and walking away. She just stood there confused for a moment, did she pass the test? Her answer came when the wolf turned back to look at her, only moving again when she moved to follow. Yes! She must have proved to the wolf that she was no threat to the guild, even if she didn't know how... But it didn't matter, she was back on track to reaching the guildhall. She followed it through the snowstorm and into a calmer area, there must have been some kind of magic stopping it from reaching there. The wolf continued to lead her for a few minutes until she reached a singular path where it sat down and looked at her. It must want her to continue on her own. She could do that!

    She continued down the path until she saw a building with the Silver Wolf guild mark on the front. Running up the last few stairs she pushed her way inside. "Hello? Is anyone here? I'd like to join your guild!" She called into the building, hoping that some member heard her.
    Leona Jarnefeldt
    Leona Jarnefeldt

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    Through the silver haze Empty Re: Through the silver haze

    Post by Leona Jarnefeldt 9th February 2020, 10:48 pm

    -Silver Wolf Guild Hall, Guild Mistress' Office-

    After the harrowing adventure in Midi where Leona had to clear a cemetery of an undead army threatening to march on Chiba at the behest of the same necromancer that Leona had encounter in Priestess Sumika's temple several months ago, Leona was taking a break from her travels for a day or two. She had some paperwork that needed to be taken care of before she took on another job that required extensive travel. She also had to wait on Shoki to be repaired by Ieyasu, the blacksmith in Chiba who had alerted Leona to the threat to his village and had informed her that he had the necessary skill to repair Shoki and restore it to fighting condition. That project promised to take at least a week, so Leona would just have to be patient and await word from Ieyasu that Shoki was ready to claim.

    Wearing her green, white, and gold outfit with Argent Gloves, Leona reviewed the stack of paperwork in front of her. It was slow going because each piece of paper seemed to have a subject that urgently needed the Guild Mistress' attention. About half of it was actually serious; the coffee supply was running low, the blacksmith needed about a dozen new hammers to replace those worn down by use, and the library still needed updated books on vampires. Leona would have to address each of those concerns one at a time. However, her study of the paperwork was interrupted by the presence of a magic signature in the area... in fact, it felt like it was coming from the guild hall foyer.

    Leona stood up, pushed her chair in, and walked away from the desk to go to the foyer and greet the prospective new mage.

    -Silver Wolf Guild Hall, the foyer-

    Leona walked into the guild hall's foyer and listened carefully because she heard faint echoes of a human voice calling out. Leona paused near the fireplace and heard the voice again, a voice which sounded female. The voice sounded a third time and this time the Wizard Saint could clearly make out what was being said.

    "Hello? Is anyone here? I'd like to join your guild!"

    That was Leona's cue to greet the newcomer.

    "Hello there! I'm Leona Jarnefeldt, Guild Mistress of Silver Wolf!" Leona introduced herself to the new person, walking towards them all the while.


    Through the silver haze KjmbioC

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