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    Feels like I'm home again.


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    Feels like I'm home again. Empty Feels like I'm home again.

    Post by Yuiisai 31st January 2020, 3:41 pm

    The white haired exotic teen was homesick but knew without a doubt she couldn't return back to Midi because who know how many issues there would be doing that. It was really something she could live without, more so as she was actually enjoying the freedom her new life afforded her. It was like the weight had been taken off and she could breath for the very first time in her life. It wasn't that she hated her culture, no in fact she missed it to the point it hurt just to think about it. All the rich and vibrant colours mixing with the tantalising and mystic scents, she wanted to return to that even if it was only for a short time. She however still didn't know Fiore all that well and so was at a bit of a downer and seriously moppy about her home sickness. "Yuiisai..." she heard a voice calling out from down the street within the neutral grounds, she was surprised to see another of her guild in the area but perhaps they needed an ilac too. "Oh, hi.. You seem out of breath, are you alright?" she asked with a bit of concern in her voice "Are you here for an ilac too?" she asked the other woman who just shook her head. The woman was around her age if not a few years her senior and long wavy blonde hair, ice blue eyes and was dressed in a royal blue dress what she would class as something from two seasons or more ago but she wasn't about to point that out. "I'm fine silly." she said holding out a flyer "I was thinking about how you are homesick, so when I seen this I thought of you so asked the black haired mentee of yours if he knew where you where and here I am." she said after catching her breath making the white haired teen blink in confusion that someone would go out of their way to give her a job flyer.

    Taking it with both hands she looked at it "Thank you." she said reading over the job on the flyer it was a request for a midian girl to be some guys girlfriend for a meeting with his parents. There was no other details other than that so it made her tilt her head "Why did you bring this to me?" she asked "Well look at the location." the woman said making Yuiisai look over the flyer once more for the location "Shirosume?" she seemed somewhat confused "It's pretty much midian there. You were home sick so I thou-" she was cut off as mid conversation as Yuiisai hugged her tightly "Thank you so much, this is the best gift I could be given right now." she said her voice seemingly excited "You're welcome, I best get on my way to do my task. Take care." she said with a wave and walking deeper into the neutral grounds. Yuiisai hugged the flyer before almost skipping down the road to get some transport from the neutral grounds to Shirosume. {WC: 518 End of job} It wasn't that hard to get onto a coach the moment that she left the area. She decided to rest on the coach and so when she opened her eyes she was in Shirosume and the coach was just stopping. The young woman waited till it had come to a complete stop and everyone else was off before she got off herself. She smiled seeing the town and felt like she had returned home, of course she looked like she stuck out like a sore thumb so the first thing she done was to go and get some new clothing fit for the area she was in. This would help the situation she believed, she was use to fulfilling this role but it was the first time outside of the pleasure district she would be fulfilling someone's dream at least she didn't have to worry about him wanting to sleep with her. It was the reason she ran away, she didn't want to give something so special to someone she didn't know, it didn't feel right she wanted to give it to someone special. Her heart ached as she thought of that, it was like she was missing someone; but how could that be possible? she had never been in love, she was never allowed that. No courtesan was.

    It didn't take her that long to find a clothing shop and get a few new kimonos before going to get make-up, fans, hairpins and other accessories. She may as well try play the part completely and she had no idea just how long she would have to be trying to do this. Following the directions she got to a mansion and knocked on the door waiting for a servant to open the door. "Can I help?" he said bowing to her, she bowed respectfully in return "My name is Yuiisai, I am here to see the master of the household about a job he posted." she said standing straight "Oh yes, of course. Please come in Yuiisai sama." the young man said taking her bags, slipping her shoes off she walked in and was escorted by a young woman to the lounge "Tian sama, there is a young woman to see you." she said stepping aside allowing Yuiisai to move into the room. Instantly she felt uncomfortable as he started to move around her as if he was inspecting her "Not to be rude Tian san, I am not a piece of meat. I am here to do a task you, yourself have posted after you backed yourself into a corner. Treat me with respect and this will go without any issue." she said her voice was respectful but it was clear she wasn't happy about how he had already treated her. "I just needed to make sure you would pass their standards of beauty." he said making her glare a bit and turn towards the door "You could have decided that without making me feel like nothing more than a piece of meat, farewe-"{WC: 505 End of job} she said but was stopped as he took her hand "Please don't, don't go... they'll be here in the morning and no other has come forward." he said, it tone showed he was desperate. With a deep sigh she nodded, she would hate to be in the situation he was in even if he himself deserved it. "Well we best start giving each other details of our likes and dislikes, I have bought clothing and such that will help me fit in also." she said and he nodded.

    Over the day she gave him information on herself of course she embellished her past so she would be accepted as nobility and listened as he gave her likes, dislikes so on and so forth, they had even came up with a lie of how they had met and dates they had been on. This wasn't normal for traditional families, usually they would decide who their child would be marrying when they come to age. This was just how things had always been so for him to say that he had found someone himself was odd. At the night she bid him goodnight and went to the room she had been designated and fell asleep quickly. It was like she had only blinked and she was waking once more "So early." she whispered yawning for a moment before she stood and went to wash, dress, do her makeup, hair and put her hairpins and such on. When done she was dressed in a baby green kimono with a baby pink and white obi with pink and white sakura petals, her hairpins matched beautifully and her makeup once more making her seem like a doll. Tian looked stunned at how she appeared "Does this please you?" she asked his mouth hung open and nodded she looked to the door as it slid open "Tian sama, your parents are here." the head of the household let him know, the man nodded "I understand, we will go and greet them." he said before looking to Yuiisai "Are you ready for this?" he asked making her nod "I have plenty of practice on fulfilling such roles." she said sweetly walking just behind him as he went to meet his parents. The day went on without issue, she acted very lovey dovey to him, waiting on him as a wife would and even answered questions directed to her flawlessly. The parents seemed to be approving of their son's choice of girlfriend even complimenting her on many of her skills, she of course was humble as she accepted them. She looked to the window and kissed the man's cheek saying she should get home, her own family would want her home before it got to dark. Tian nodded and said he would escort her and excused them from their parents company and escorted her off the premises thanking her for the day and paying her the reward for the job before heading inside once more, even though she disliked how she had been treated in the beginning but she enjoyed being surrounded by the culture she knew.{WC: 519 End of job}

    First Job: wc - 518
    Second Job: wc - 505
    Third Job: wc - 519

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    Feels like I'm home again. 59882_s

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