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    A Sweet Tooth

    Mai Stormschild
    Mai Stormschild

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    A Sweet Tooth Empty A Sweet Tooth

    Post by Mai Stormschild 17th January 2020, 8:26 pm

    Since becoming acquainted with Miss Luna, Mai had not done much travelling outside of Sabertooth. Only during times that Miss Luna was on a job would Mai go out and travel, always ensuring that she would return on time for when Miss Luna would come back from her job. This was one of those times that Miss Luna was out on a job, and Mai had made the decision to go exploring around Fiore, seeing what sights and sounds that she could. Her destination today was Hargeon Town. Mai had seldom visited the port city of Fiore, but she always found joy in the beaches and, more specifically, the seas.

    "♪The water goes splish! And the Mai goes splash! And the splishy-splashy makes my tummy rumbly! Then I gobble water up and I do a fwooshy-fwoosh with my breath and all then meanies start to go away! It makes a big kaboom, and they all feel scared and then they run away from me!♪" Mai sang to herself, skipping along the streets, the latter part of her off-key song drawing strange looks from some of the townsfolk. Stopping in the middle of the town square, Mai took a chocolate bar out of a little pouch tied around her left hip and viciously bit into it, tearing it clean in two. She tilted her head, thinking to herself. "I wonder what other tasty-taste thingies are here?"

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